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Found 43 results

  1. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica Photo Thread

    Today is Ludovica's birthday! Well, the anniversary of her getting her faceup finished, anyway. 😅 On May 13, 2023, the first iteration of this character -that would be Chibi Ludo- was finished. She's now grown to encompass two dolls and two virtual characters, and I'm very proud. 🎉🎊🎂
  2. Giallo_Gatta

    Assault Lily?

    I was just wondering if we had any other fans of the Assault Lily media franchise on this forum, and what your thoughts on it, if any, were. ⚔️💐
  3. I found an Azone Russian Blue doll at Goodwill, I'm having trouble figuring out where I can buy replacement parts/clothes for her. She has a completely missing hand, her other elbow joint is broken, a foot is broken off, and the clothes are in pretty poor quality (+not all the items she should come with ofc).
  4. Giallo_Gatta

    New Picco Neemo Bodies?

    I was looking at Azonet today and discovered these, Picconeemo bodies S-M. Interesting!
  5. CreationOdyssey

    New Azone Pookie Bon Bon!!

    Did anyone else get her?!? I’m absolutely obsessed with her!! I wanted two, one to be regular and one to custom but everywhere but AmiAmi (my go to) is sold out. I love her face sculpt especially her perky lips! Reminds me of Camilla D’Errico art work so much!! If I can still only manage to get just one then I will probably custom her, although I love her look I don’t see her fitting in well with the rest of my girls.
  6. DollBound

    Two of Three

    Here is a picture of two out of three of my girls. My other girl is off getting a face up but I cant wait for her to get back so I can show you all 3 together... More pictures will be coming 😁
  7. InariPassenger

    Sugar Cups ~Little Milky Cat~ UNBOXING

    I received probably my favorite Sugar Cups doll! She is so cute it hurts! I'm getting addicted to them! You can watch detailed unboxing on my YouTube channel! ===>YouTube <===
  8. I'm looking into making a few custom PureNeemo dolls of some of my OCs. The problem is, while bodies are plentiful, (what a weird sentence out of context...), I cannot find listings for blank heads made in the PureNeemo scale. Does anyone know of any different brands that might have noggins that'd be a good fit? I'm going to use PN2 Feel M Girl in White.
  9. chantelle

    DDdy Spoons Thigh Mod

    I saw this post where this person puts spoons inside the thighs of the DDdy and AZO2. From my understanding, I believe its to prevent the thighs from popping out by filling up empty space. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it go? (note: embed states the pictures are sensitive but its just images of the spoons and the inside of the thighs)
  10. InariPassenger

    Sugar Cups ~Peppermint Time~ UNBOXING

    I received my new Sugar Cups cutie and made a detailed unboxing of her! Please watch the full video on my YouTube channel 💕 Get Ready For Some Serious Cuteness - Sugar Cups Doll by Azone by Inari Passenger
  11. ateliervanilla

    Azone Enma Ai as Wednesday

    Enma Ai was available on the secondhand market (particularly on Mercari). I slept on it for a bit, but she won't leave my mind. She is too pretty for me to pass on! I love her as she is, but I feel that with her sculpt, she'll fulfill all my dreams for edgy female characters. For now, I had her dress up as Wednesday! In the future, I'm seeing her go as Tomie by Junji Ito as well.
  12. Hi guys I just recently brought my first parabox doll which is the anzu 110cm doll, im from the uk and the shipping method is ems I was wondering if anyone else has ordered her and if they got charged custom charges x
  13. Kittencat28

    Please help me locate!

    There’s a specific Azone 50cm that I’m desperate to find! She’s from afterschool play. I’m not sure what the name of her is and I’m having trouble finding info/sales posts for her anywhere. She is dark haired, has yellow eyes and a green wicked smile. If I could figure out how to post a photo on here I would lol. Please help me find her!
  14. Hi everyone, I wanted to share my hybrid ! I 'm obsessed by the AZO2 curves and wanted to give my angel philia a body update Things to know : The AZO2 is not in soft vinyl and my angel philia is. I try dif configuration as i wanted to keep at least the tummy/tight or tight in soft vinyl but that wasn't possible 😕 the pieces wasn't really compatible with the tummy/tight or just tight of my angel philia, proportion was way off or just wasn't even fitting 😕 Anyway, i decided to then change bust, torso and tight and the end here is the final result. I think it actually look super good on both 😄 Left is the azone with Angelphilia bust/tummy/tight and right is my AP with the AZO" bust/tummy/tight hope that help I don't own the left one anymore but if you have question for the right one let me know ^^ Here is:
  15. asukakanea

    My new Azone doll! Sahra ala mode

    So this past Tuesday my new doll arrived from Mandarake! It took me a while to take pictures of her, because I was so busy. I was so pleased with her when she arrived! Sahra was technically used but she was in an unopened box, the box had minor damage but I didn't even notice it. She's an older doll from 2014, so there was a little stain on her legs from her black bloomers. other wise she's perfect.
  16. plasticyears

    New Azone 22cm body!

    One of Azone's staff members has just shared these pictures of a newly developed 22cm girl body. She has quite a different look to the previous bodies. She looks more mature! What does everyone think? I like her a lot, but I hope the proportions aren't too dissimilar so she can fit most already existing clothes.
  17. chef_mai

    Pure Neemo Characters

    This is a topic for keeping up with the licensed character dolls in Azone's 1/6 line. --- Azone just announced a third character for its 1/6 line of Gochiusa dolls after wrapping up the 1/3 line a couple years ago. First, there was Chino, then there was Sharo. And now there's Cocoa. Hopefully, they'll do the full gang of 7 since I'd love to get a Maya one. (Previously)
  18. (Disclaimer: I'm a customer with no affiliation with the company. I no longer own these parts as of 2023.) What does Dollypop make? Dollypop makes aftermarket outer skin parts for Obitsu-based dolls, most notably: A 3-piece torso that greatly improves upper-body flexibility for posing Thick thighs similar to those found on AZO2 and Angel Philia Pre-assembled 48/50cm Obitsu bodies with said parts Dollypop's parts are made from a moderately soft, thin vinyl similar to what Obitsu offered prior to the switch to semi-rigid vinyl. The softness is key to achieving the flexibility that's advertised. Like Azone and Angel Philia, Dollypop contracts out production to Obitsu. Who's this for? Dollypop caters to a few specific needs: Those who want a more flexible, poseable doll Those who want a curvy doll similar to AZO2 or Angel Philia. 3-piece Torsos Dollypop's main product is a modular 3-piece torso consisting of: Chest parts ("bust") Abdominal/belly parts ("abs") Hip parts ("hips") The pieces are sold separately to let you mix and match for your needs. Dollfie, Obitsu and Smart Doll offer 2-piece torsos that split between the chest and lower torso (abs + hips) for a balance between aesthetics and flexibility. Dollypop splits that lower torso piece into 2 separate parts (abs + hips) for better flexibility when bending the torso around the waist. This comes at the expense of aesthetics, and if that matters a lot, seamless silicone dolls are probably what you'd want to look at, but they have their own set of challenges. + = One noticeable gain in flexibility is in bending the waist and sitting down without the doll reclining or losing the pose, as it often does with AZO2 in particular. However, a sitting pose with the legs folded in, while improved over before, isn't as flexible as it could be. However, the biggest gains are in the torso itself. By increasing the pivot points to two, this allows each part of the torso to pivot INDEPENDENTLY from each other. In the middle photo, I'm rotating everything above the hips. In the third, I'm rotating the waist to the right, then rotating the bust back to the left for a an expressive, "S" shaped pose. (Sorry for the underwear choice. I didn't have something suitable at the time of this post.) Hip/Waist Measurements Dollypop torsos have slimmer waists for improved flexibility. Because of this, loose or high waisted bottoms may sit low, directly on the hips. The 60cm hip part is used in lieu of the 50cm hips if you want a "curvy" girl or are converting from AZO2. However, you must still use the 50cm abs part to connect to 50cm busts -- the 60cm version won't fit. Busts Dollypop offers 5 bust sizes (50SS - 50SL - 50ML - 50L - 50 Huge). Although the busts will nominally attach to Obitsu and AZO2 torsos, they may gap or do strange things when the torso is bent due to a shorter height. This table tells you roughly what bust is equivalent to one you already have from the perspective of clothing fit. For example, a 50ML will fit like an Obitsu Medium / AZO2-C. The 50 huge can be seen at different angles in this DollDreaming review. This Twitter account has many clothed pics of the 50 huge. Thick Thighs Dollypop sells thick thighs similar to ones by Azone (AZO2) and Angel Philia. They're similar in thickness to AP type-H but appear slender due to a gentler curve and longer length (1cm longer than 50cm Obitsu). Besides the added girth, the Dollypop thighs improve the range of motion in the lateral direction (side to side) to match up with what a human can do. It's much easier to swing the shins to the side when seated. Because the thighs are made from soft vinyl, they deform, making them more apt for poses where the legs or shins touch. However, if you want the most flexibility to squat or kneel, this isn't it. Dollypop thighs can only be attached to the Dollypop 60cm hip part (as well as Angel Philia C/H torsos). They won't attach to the 50cm hip part or to a vanilla Obitsu or AZO2 torso without heavy modifications. Now for some pics with Mai! The longer length and curvier cut looks great with a mini-skirt. The longer legs give a different impression. As expected, the thighs fill out shorts better too, to the point where she has trouble slipping into her Azone pair of denim shorts. On the left is AZO2, and on the right is with the Dollypop thighs. Buying Guide (Prices are an estimate. The exchange rate fluctuates, and prices have risen since writing this post.) How to Buy Dollypop ships overseas via EMS and Surface. They accept Paypal or Bank Transfer. They only take orders via e-mail, but the owner is friendly, responsive and will send you back a response in translated English. The website uses frame-based navigation. Open the individual pages in a separate tab to translate them. Website Catalog Contact / Order Information Twitter Here is an e-mail template you can use. Pick your desired bust and hip size in the entries with brackets. Hi, I'd like to place an order. - 1x [50SS / 50SL / 50ML / 50L / 50爆乳] (chest parts) - 1x 50腹 (belly) - 1x [50腰 / 60腰] (hips) - 1x [太腿] (thighs) <-- DELETE THIS IF NOT BUYING Name: Address: Payment: [Paypal or Bank Transfer] Shipping: [EMS or Surface] Thanks! Need Help? Ask here first if you have simple questions. Those of us who own Dollypop part will do our best to answer them. If we fail to get you an answer, e-mail the owner. They communicate in Japanese and will e-mail back a response both in Japanese and machine-translated English. How to Install the Parts In short, it's easiest to install if you disassemble your doll. I did not need a blow dryer, but you may need one to remove the existing parts. You do not need it to insert the DP parts since they are already so soft. Remove the head. Remove the arms, then the bust. Detach the chest skeleton part from the spine. Use a twisting motion. This makes the abs/belly part EASIER TO INSTALL. Detach the knee / shins / feet from the thighs. Remove the thigh skin from the hip joint. This may require a blow dryer. You could instead remove the entire thigh instead, then the skin, but I've found that the groin joint has a tendency to fracture when doing this. Now, you're left with the torso and spine. First, remove the 2 hip joints. Then, this is the hardest part. Remove the torso skin from skeleton. What worked for me was getting one peg side inside the skin, then pulling out the rest from there. Now, you've disassembled your doll. First, insert the hip skin around the skeleton (the reverse of step 7). This will be considerably easier! Then insert the belly skin over the spine. Re-attach the chest skeleton part. The sternum will sit over the belly skin. Now, insert the bust. Then the arms and head. Finally re-assemble the legs by putting back the 2 hip joints, the thigh skin, then finally the knee joint. Further Reading (I ended up not following this, but this can be useful): https://dolliehsanctuary.com/sanctuary/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11764 Troubleshooting I can't attach the Dollypop thighs, or they have a tendency to fall off. On a 48cm body or even a 50cm body, the thighs may easily detach. If your doll is 48cm, you'll need to buy a replacement knee joint. If your doll's 50cm or you already have said knee joint, adjust the "upper bone's" position -- pull out the upper rod from the knee joint and re-insert it shallowly.
  19. I made this thread for the purpose of showing off my 1/6 anime dolls. I collected these before I got into DD, and I'm especially fond of the old, rare or otherwise unusual little companies that are no longer around/no longer making dolls. I also love to photograph them, so here we go: That's most of them! I only have 2 of these elf girls, the blonde one got a reroot and is now blue...but her hair really needs a cut and restyle since these pics, so maybe posting these will motivate me to do that. I also have to sort out their wardrobe...seriously, it's OBSCENE how many clothes and props they have.
  20. My website host destroyed this post by dropping my images. I'll restore them in the future once I've figured out a reliable way to get them back up. Rules: This topic is intended to be SAFE FOR VIEWING, so there will be NO doll nudity. Thanks! This topic contains writeups for outfits I own that fit well [or not] on MDD, 45, 48/50cm Obitsu-type bodies, including AZO2 and Angel Philia. Disclaimer: While I've done the best I can to ensure the accuracy of my posts, I make no guarantees about what clothes will fit. Please check with the vendor before you buy! 2024 Update: I no longer own half the outfits here and no longer own any curvy bodies. Going forward, I'll focus on comparing clothing fit between MDD and Obitsu. Quick Links AZONE (AZO2) AZO2 Duffle Coat AZO2 Bunny Hoodie AZO2 Simple Tee AZO2 Striped Tee AZO2 Pullover Hoodie AZO2 Zip Up Hoodie AZO2 Cut & Sew Camisole Set AZO2 Off Shoulder Sweater AZO2 Summer Uniform AZONE (45cm, 50cm) 45cm: Knit Sweater Dress 45cm: Summer Uniform from Is the order a rabbit? 50cm: Camisole Dress / Cardigan Set 50cm: Summer Sailor Uniform 45cm: Camisole Set 45cm: Swimsuit VOLKS (Outfits for MDD/DDP) V-Neck Tee Sailor Suit (Mini) Rena Ryugu Uniform Set Striped Parka Set Halter Dress Set High School Girl Set (Navy Vest Version) White Button Down Shirt Unicorn Hoodie Set (Blue) & Cat Hoodie Set (Pink) Fishtail Parka Set White Rose Elementary School Jumper Uniform Sporty Casual Set Olive Suspenders Set Milky White Knit Dress Set High School Set (White/Pink - 2022 Version) VOLKS (Outfits for DDS/DD) Khaki Jacket Chiffon Suspenders Set Athletic Festival Set (Gym Clothes) Sailor Suit (SS/S) Natsuki's Summer Uniform (S/M/L) Sailor Swimsuit Set Weekend at the Amusement Park Set (partial set) Denim Bikini Set Pink Down Coat Set LITTLEWONDER.JP LittleWonder 50cm Jumper Dress LittleWonder Boat Neck Tee LittleWonder Sailor Blouse LittleWonder Cardigan, Ribbon and Skirt LittleWonder Dress Shirt + Tie SHOES / SOCKS Volks Striped Socks Volks School Loafers (Mini) Volks Fluffy Boots (Mini) HDP Loose Socks ACCESSORIES Azone School Bag Angel Philia Stand BODIES / PARTS Angel Philia Type-C body Angel Philia Type-C5 bust --- (Not Reviewed Yet) --- Imoneko Silicone Bust for O50 Imoneko Silicone Torso for MDD JP DEALERS Polkadot Lingerie (DD SS) Chocomero Lingerie (MDD) velvet*paw Sailor One-Piece (MDD) Kagikakko "Not Doll" Parka (MDD) Petit Marie Summer Sailor Uniform (MDD) OTHER MAKERS (TTYA, Nine9) Nine9 Oversized Flannel TTYA Gym Shorts (DD) TTYA Raglan (MDD) TTYA Denim Shorts (MDD) Visuadoll Denim Salopette Clothes for Azone 45cm Many MDD/DDP clothes will fit readily on the Azone 45cm body (Iris Collect Petit). The fit will be similar to MDD (M) rather than MDD (S), so watch out on tight fitting garments made specifically for the S bust (Japanese dealer clothes). Tops will run shorter and can sometimes barely cover the waist. Clothes designed for Obitsu 48/50 will run long in the sleeves for tops and longer for bottoms. Tops on Small/Medium Busts (Obitsu S/M, AZO2 C, Angel Philia H2/H/C1/I) On normal sized busts, you have many options. Azone tops fit the best. Short Sleeves - Many MDD tops will fit, but the hem may be short Long Sleeves - Tops designed for Obitsu & Azone will fit the best. Long-sleeved MDD/DDP tops will be too short in the sleeves and may run short in the torso. Besides Azone, LittleWonder carries tops made specifically for Obitsu. (Difference in sleeve length between MDD and Obitsu tops) Tops on Large Busts (Obitsu L, AZO2 G/I, Angel Philia G/C2/C3) Your options are limited since these sizes are too big for most MDD-sized clothing and not sized properly for SD & DD-sized clothing. Most clothing that fits well will be from Azone's AZO2 line. Baggy MDD clothing can sometimes work. LittleWonder also makes clothing for this size. Some DD clothing may fit acceptably if it's sized for SS/S/M, but tops will run long on the torso and wide around the neck and shoulders. Bottoms on Obitsu 48/50 Many MSD/MDD skirts fit readily on these bodies. Besides Azone, LittleWonder makes a line of compatible skirts specifically for Obitsu 48/50. Some MDD shorts fit, but I've found that getting them past the legs is a challenge. Nine9 and TTYA make shorts, but between the two, I've had better luck getting the Nine9 ones up and less luck with the TTYA denim ones. Bottoms on Angel Philia-C Angel Philia C has moderately slim hips but thicker legs. They'll fit into most MSD/MDD skirts, but they'll sit a little bit higher and run a little shorter. No shorts will fit on AP-C. MDD shorts won't pass through the legs unless they're designed for Mochiashi, but DD shorts will be oversized. If your girl wants to wear shorts, avoid this size. Bottoms on AZO2 + Angel Philia H/I Shorts Buy DD-sized shorts. The Azone denim shorts, while simple, are cheap, easy to find and fit well due to their elasticity. TTYA or Nine9 make nice pairs, but they can run tight on Angel Philia. Skirts AZO2 skirts fit the best. They slip up the legs and are just the right waist size. I don't recommend MDD skirts on AZO2 and Angel Philia. Getting them past the legs is tough. They'll be micro-mini length unless that's what you're after. DD-sized skirts will look oversized. Compared to MDD and Azone skirts, they flare out and run considerably wider. Avoid SD-sized skirts. The waist is too wide, so they'll fall down and sit unnaturally low. Shoes (just get Volks MDD shoes) Obitsu feet are advertised as 6cm in size vs 5cm for MDD and 5.5cm for DDP. However, I find that Azone-made shoes run small, despite being made for Obitsu feet. Every pair of Volks MDD shoes I've gotten fits well, especially those that are advertised as fitting both DDP & Mochiashi feet. Non-Volks Shoes made for MDD are hit and miss. (I check the fit on Azone, Volks and other shoes in a dedicated post) Measurements Disclaimer: These measurements were pulled from a mix of sources + my own measurements as a basis for comparison. I don't guarantee their full accuracy. Azone AZO2 Hips: 23.5cm Waist: 14.0cm Bust (C/G/I): 18.75cm/22cm/23cm Arm Length: 15.5cm Thigh Circumference: 14.8cm Angel Philia Hips (H/C): 23.5cm/21.5cm Waist (H/C): 14.0cm/13.8cm Bust (H2/H/C5): 19cm(?)/20cm/21cm Arm Length: 15cm Thigh Circumference (H/C): 15.5cm/13.6cm AP torso numbers run 1cm higher due to a "thick" trunk but are shaped similar to Obitsu S/M/L busts. "C" torsos are close to O50 dimensions and wear most O50/MDD bottoms while "H" torsos wear DD bottoms like AZO2. MDD Hips: 18.5cm Waist: 13.5cm Bust: 15.5cm/17cm/18cm Arm Length: 12cm Thigh Circumference: 11cm (13cm for mochi) Dollbot Hips: 22.0cm Waist: 14.5cm Bust: 17.0cm (S) Arm Length: 12.0cm Thigh Circumference: 13.5cm Azone 45 Hips: 21.0cm Waist: 14.0cm Bust: 17.5cm Arm Length: 13.5cm Thigh Circumference: ~12.5cm (estimate) Obitsu 48/50 Hips: 20.0cm Waist: 13.0cm Bust (S/M/L): 17.0cm(?)/18.5cm/20.25cm Arm Length: 15cm Thigh Circumference: 12.8cm Volks DDP Hips: 21.0cm Waist: 13.5cm Bust: 17.5cm Arm Length: 13.5cm <-- (This is MUCH shorter than the Obitsu, so watch out when buying long sleeve shirts that fit a DDP) Thigh Circumference: ??? DDP vs MDD comparison photo - Arm length up to the wrist is about the same - Upper torso length is the same. Lower torso is longer. - DDP is most similar to Azone 45 but with longer legs and a differently proportioned torso. - Foot size comparison
  21. Like it says on the tin - my first doll!! I've wanted an anime-styled doll for several years now, and I'm so excited to finally be the proud owner of one. I actually got her last week (feels like I've had her for so much longer), but I wanted to be patient about getting photo insertion privileges (lol) and also... I just hadn't gotten around to it until now haha. I've barely seen any talk about this series of dolls in the forum, so I thought it might be interesting if I described my experience with unboxing her and dressing her. If you want to skip all that you can go ahead and scroll down! Maybe I'll turn someone with only a passing interest into a fan lol. Without further ado then... First here is the front of her box. She is the direct store version! I found that the reason why the box is all wrapped up in plastic is because this is actually the slip cover for the actual box, which is plain white. An attempt was made to slide the cover back on the box after she was dressed and set up on my shelf, but that attempt failed and the slip cover ripped... it's a really tight fit. I was pretty upset about that. Anyway, Opening the box, lifting the bubble wrap to reveal her, and finally emptying the box of its contents: my doll, her wig, every last bit of her clothes, and the magnetic disk stand she comes with. So, about dressing her, I had a bit of trouble with this... I've said before that this is my first doll so I'm not sure what's typical, but when taking off her hands in order to put on her blouse, her right hand slid off like a dream, but her left hand was a nightmare to wrench off. She just didn't want to let go of it, and I accidentally ended up taking out the inner "bone" of her lower left arm before I finally popped that thing off. I was so afraid I broke her or something omg... I jammed that part back in, got her blouse on, and put her hands back on... and she seems fine, so hopefully she is. Also, her shoes! Her shoes are adorable, but putting them on her feet was a production in itself. I could barely get them on her! They felt like they were too small. I barely managed to get one of them on fully (with her heel actually in the shoe). The second one just wouldn't let her heel in and I let it be. I had some difficulty putting her wig on as well, but I'm willing to chalk that up to me just being new to this. Her wig was crooked the first time I put it on her, so I took it off her and put it back on and it was easier the second time (and not crooked). One more thing: almost all of the plastic pouches that her clothes individually came in ripped when I opened them. Have you ever tried removing the plastic film on a TV dinner, and it split apart instead of cleanly coming off? That's pretty much what happened. I thought that might be noteworthy. After (almost) all was said and done, here she is! I said "almost" because she is barefoot and notably missing her purse and cape as well. That magnetic disk stand is quite strong, even through her cute white knee socks, but her shoes have heels and of course the magnets aren't so strong as to work through them. As for her purse and cape: the purse was actually the only item I didn't really care for out of her set, and while I do like her cape, I'm just admiring her without it right now. Please be assured I do plan to put her cape on her at some point, as well as use a proper stand so she may wear her shoes! Also, please forgive the lighting: I have a good overhead light, as well as a window letting in sunlight, but my phone pictures are gonna look the way they're gonna look. That's it! I'm so incredibly happy with her. My pictures aren't the best, but I feel that simply no picture does her justice, especially her metallic eyes. I love having her on my bookshelf, I can just look up from what I'm doing and see her there. It's almost reassuring in a way... She's just so beautiful and lovely. She was absolutely worth it. I was thinking I would rename her to Flora... you can do that, right? Thank you for looking ~
  22. samseramsamsam

    Azone 50 Leviathan

    Fastest delivery ever! It only took three days from Japan! (takes a little of the sting of the shipping costs away...) First order of business was a stain protection suit (yes, I am paranoid). Also, I added panties to the 'outfit' 😉 Will the cute little gloves stain her hands...? I have no idea how to put the cute boots on XD and I can't pull the stockings high enough to attach the strap. Also, the original horns gave me enough grief to use my own.
  23. CaraOReilly

    Cara's Life

    I'm going to be making stories about Cara's life and share her story. So here is the first one I've made where she is trying to read: Hope you enjoy, more to come!
  24. CaraOReilly

    Meet Cara O'Reilly

    Hey everyone! So I guess this is where I post pictures of my doll... Here name is my username as she will most likely be the only one I have for quite a while. Anyway, her story is that she hales from County Cavan in Ireland. She is a high school student who has an interest in history and will be starting he final year soon. Here she is:
  25. So, my new (new to me, she is "used") Iris Collect Sumire arrived today, but after looking more into the clothing that is available or apparently the lack there of I'm worried that I will not be able to get any other outfits than the clothes she comes with. Does anyone know what clothes actually fit on the azo2 body? If I buy clothes for the DD/DDS will they fit despite the fact that the Dollfie is like 7cm taller? I'm just having some doubts about my purchase now... I'm currently at work so when I get home and open the box with her in it I'll probably not have doubts anymore especially since I'm coming from a recast minifee... Anyway, any information about where to look for clothes would be awesome!
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