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Found 168 results

  1. Warning: The wording of my post might look strange to you as I’m sleepy and have a question! Hi! I want to buy a blank DDH-07 to permanently modify in order to create a custom look for my first BJD, a female Obitsu 60 (unnamed), to use for when she finally arrives at her new home in 2-3+ months. However, I’m having issues finding guides on permanently modifying DDH (or even Parabox-Obitsu) eye sockets by reshaping and resizing them with a craft knife and sandpaper. Is it possible to reshape and resize eye sockets without messing it up to the point it becomes unusable in the first place?
  2. Meowjima

    The girls got new outfits.

    I'm working on creating a set for them/the others. I have a feeling I might have to buy one more than originally planed in about a month.
  3. ateliervanilla

    I just got my Dollfie Dream Pretty - Ribbon!

    I placed my order through Volks USA on a weekend, got her four days after!! So fast!!! I named her Bree! Now, my only struggle is where to find apparel for her size... I heard that apparel for Obitsu 50cm works for DDP?
  4. darkangelxix

    Portraits of Beauty

    So here are my two beautiful vinyl girls! Smart Doll Melody arrived first and Volks Sakura Amamiya arrived a few days later! I was right. I cannot decide which I like best because I like them both! Both have strong points that I love.
  5. PrinceWolfe

    Dollfie Dream Boy

    I may be using a proxy service to get myself a Dollfie Dream boy through the Dream Choice, The character im thinking about using for this doll is Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. I was just wondering what head sculpt would look best for him? Also any websites that sell victorian outfits for dolls?
  6. monkeypizzasonic

    Tigeress! (Shines Workshop ddh07)

    Showing off my new girl from @InMoreShines She's so fierce, I love her! More of the outfit (+ cat photobomb). Showing off that I actually got her the larger bazongas as well*, it's hard to tell under the coat. *Which were a pain in the a$$ to switch on, and I think I'm getting an extra chest frame part so I don't have to do that again. Bonus pic: hanging out with my other anime vinyls. I think Rose (the Tinyfox) might end up being her unofficial little sister, they have a similar vibe.
  7. kaoru

    Clothing Help

    So im very new to the community and i have another post up about eyes and was wondering about clothes? Im getting the DD-f3 body and im struggling to find clothes for it, does anyone have any good site or titles for what i should be search/looking out for?
  8. kaoru

    Eye Sizing

    So im starting to buod my own custom doll and im super new to it all (even this forum so my apologies if its been asked)! I was wondering what size eyes, clothes and wigs to get? The head im getting is the DDH-06 and the body is a DD base body (DD-f3)! Would anyone be able to help or explain?
  9. ateliervanilla

    DDS Mio Honda dressed up as Futaba Sakura

    Hello everyone! I previously had my Smart Doll Infinity wear Futaba Sakura's outfit, but I felt that my Mio Honda would also fit the character! The costume set is from Dollremi.store, the miniature headphones, glasses, and Switch lite are from SakuraDollStyles in Etsy!
  10. Orenjiina

    *A Magical Addition* - Miki Sayaka

    I didn’t think I’d be posting again so soon but I was lucky enough to find a good deal on a MDD body for a floating head I had on YAJ! I wasn’t sure what I would do with her at first but then I got the idea to shell her as one of my favorite characters from Madoka Magica! I recently saw someone’s adorable Cardcaptor Sakura doll and wanted my own magical girl. I also tried my hand at modding my floating head’s face up. I’m not thrilled so I may try again. I have a few other changes to make but I’m rather happy at how she turned out. I hope you enjoy!
  11. PrinceWolfe

    New Clothes!

    Finally bought a new outfits for my Hatsune Miku DD and Luna, my Smart Doll Felicity. I can't wait for it to arrive, it's my first time buying from Doll Heart, I'll definitely post pictures when it arrives! If anyone here has any experience with Doll Heart I'd love to hear it and If you have pictures I'd love to see them!
  12. Breanna

    Some recent pictures of my Miku DD :)

    I also have a doll instagram @bre_dolls_1998 if you would like to follow me!
  13. It's been really cold these past few days here in Oklahoma! Not to mention Texas, Arkansas and several other places here in the USA. It's just now warming up again where I am, so I thought I'd show everyone that I'm not frozen, and neither are my girls, in fact they're getting ready, like me, to introduce some of their newest siblings, some of which you'll see in this post. The scene starts on an afternoon, relaxing in the man cave... IMG_3093 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "Ah, Mirai, Brenda! Everything okay?" Mirai: AOK papa, the youngsters are having fun sleeping in or playing hide and seek, though Yukino said for me to tell you, you'd better get the bedroom cleaned up again, it looks like a hurricane went through it....sheesh what were you searching for? "Uh, a few things, but I ended up making a mess, so I'll get it taken care of soon." Brenda: Father unit, you have promised before, but you have illogically forgotten your promises too. I believe Yukino used the term..."threatened to cut your game lifeline off if you did not perform maintenance duties on the room in question" if memory serves me correctly, which it does. "Yes Brenda I know; I need to get to it and I will." IMG_3094 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Well, Yoko seems to be busy cleaning her sniper rifle... IMG_3095 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Aaaaaaand Towa is fast asleep AGAIN I see... IMG_3096 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Mariko is watching the outside seeing the snow melt as well... IMG_3097 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Aoi is on her SONY Vaio, enjoying the new high-speed internet... IMG_3098 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr And so is Hatsune-san with her sister Miku Append... Append: Hi Mr. Papa Manager Sempai Sir! Miku: ... Append: Onee-chan! Remember he's our new papa! No need to be shy. Miku: ... Append shrugs at me. IMG_3092 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "Well I WAS going to ask if any of you need anything...but it doesn't look like you need anything at the moment." Mirai: Nah, we're good, we're just happy to be in another room again. Brenda: Indeed, although I do believe the little ones would appreciate your company this evening Father Unit. "Brenda, I know you're an android, but you can call me papa, or dad, or daddy if you want it's fine." Brenda: I will file these options into my memory circuits for further evaluation... "Oh boy..." That's all for now, sorry it's so short, but the next one will be longer. Thanks for looking!
  14. miraclelovely

    my first dollfie!

    She's finally here! After not moving in shipping for a little over two weeks, she finally started moving on closer! I was honestly terrified for when she arrived because I wasn't sure if she would be in better or worse shape than the confusing listing+photos... and it turns out things were much better than I was expecting! Manaka's school uniform is in perfect condition, doesn't even look used... The shoes are ugly but I mean they were in the photo listing anyways, so I don't care. Her wig is actually amazingly cute, and I'm going to use it a lot for her I think. There are stains on her but they're thankfully in very unnoticable places, and not too dark anyways so I'll probably try and fix those myself later on. The one thing that does bother me just a little is that her neck is super loose and her head can't really stay upright unless she is upright. Otherwise it just wobbles and flops- but I do remember reading something with the older dollfie heads and issues, so I'm wondering if that's whats up? I'm sure its fixable, and it doesn't bug me too much for the moment anyways. I also figure I should ask how to use the secret joint things for better posing on the DD2? I do actually like the body and I don't really have funds to replace it for now so I may as well learn how to make the best use of it! Now that the text block is over, here are some photos of my very first dollfie dream, Komaki Manaka! (btw I'm 100% never going back to resin now. Vinyl dolls are SOOOOO much nicer and this is after only a few hours with my first one LOL!) I also ended up buying her a cute bear costume on Mandarake... Because I LOVE bear girls and I wanted something that definitely wouldn't stain her so she could chill out in it for a while. It was cheap because it was missing some packaging and it's PERFECT. She's just waaaay too cute man! I can't believe she's just actually in front of me LOL Dunno why this pic is so... grainy? but AAAHH! I cannot contain my joy over HOW CUTE she is! I guess it really just was the crappy photos that Mandarake posted making her look SO yellowed. Her joints do have some yellowing but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Overall, super worth it. So glad I took the risk and bought her because it worked out perfectly, she's my absolute favorite of my dolls from the moment that she arrived. I just love how well dollfies hold their poses T_T so perfect.
  15. ~ Singer Yuna's Fashion Monsters ~ And the girls made chibi using a picrew generator: Rin Kagamine 2B / Lirean Mint Hanayo Koizumi Maki Nishikino Anzu Futaba Nagi Hisakawa Kaede Takagaki Sacra Siesta Sayu Takamura Mayu Takamura Mayu Tamano Ariel Daytona Raposa Fontioso Catra Nekochan Blanca Eólica Pri Precious Aoi Koizume Alessandra Sarja sales-chan sales-chan Junko Enoshima Magic edition Rise Shiburin Anastasia Kaede Saber Alter v.2 Yuki 2B Minako Aurora Sacra Mint Ofelia Mayu Tamano Raposa Ariel Hime Ane Pri Precious Aoi Koizumi
  16. Yushimi

    Hello There~

    Hello, I'm Yoyo! I've been more a part of the resin community and always held off on DDs --- and I don't know why. Now I'm trying to craft a character using a Beatrice head on a DDIII body that I was able to pick up from Dolls Point. O_O Crazy how I can go from 0 to 100. Anyway, I've really fallen in love with vinyl, and I'm hoping to make it back to DP during the summer so I can pick up a tan doll. I'm interested in doing faceups and body blushing (I'm a tattoo artist irl), and I'm also excited to learn to mod. I'll be practicing with epoxy sculpt (not on the Beatrice though, of course). Anyway thanks for reading this idk if we can share IGs or anything but just in case I'm @johanna_tattoos
  17. miraclelovely

    DD Marya

    so, after getting my Manaka i started to look into more dollfies, more in depth to see who i might want to add to my collection down the line. Marya really stood out to me, but whenever i search for her name in EN or JP, hardly anything at all even comes up. i've been checking for the last few months to see if she'd pop up anywhere for sale as well, because i really do enjoy her sculpt and default faceup a lot (as well as the outfit and wig she comes with), but i've also seen nothing in that regard either. basically, i'm just wondering how uncommon is this girl? is she just not popular because she's a Volks original character? if anyone reading this happens to have a Marya, feel free to post some photos of her down below! i just really love that soft and sweet expression she's got. i feel like it would match so well with Manaka ^^"
  18. Hi folks! Been reading the forum as a guest for a few weeks as I'm building up my first doll (after years of wanting one!) and I have a couple questions about the DD-f3 body before I make the jump and potentially buy one. I bought a standalone custom DD head to start off with (the head was what started all of this, really...) and I don't want it to float around body-less longer than it has to lol. I was originally looking at a Obitsu body for my doll since I read about how the 47/48 cm bodies had amazing articulation/range of movement, but after reading up on the DD-f3 body, it seems pretty much on par with Obitsu articulation. (I had read that the DD bodies were limited in some areas compared to Obitsu. This post I found a while back gives you an idea of what I was looking at, though it compares the older DDII [rather than DDIII] to Obitsu, so I imagine it's a bit outdated.) Can anyone who owns/has handled both compare and tell me which one is the better of the two in that regard? I want to use my doll for photography so I want to be able to move them around pretty freely. My big concern (if I can word it that way) is the knee joint - apparently larger Obitsus (50 cm+) can't bend it all that far, so I'm wondering where DD stands on that front. Aesthetics of the body itself aren't an issue for me. I'm also a figure collector, so visible joints and etc. don't bother me much. I mostly just want to know if the extra cost of a DD-f3 is worth it - there's quite a big jump in price between the two bodies, after all. Also, do the chest/bust parts on the Volks site all fit the DD-f3 body just fine or were they made for the DDIII body? The character I'm making a doll of is supposed to be really flat chested, so I was looking at getting a S bust or even smaller, but I want to make sure it all fits. The head I got is a DDH-03, which I've read is one of the smaller DD heads Volks makes. Does that mean it would look out of proportion on a standard DD body? Should I be looking at a smaller body instead? On that note, what wig size does this head require? I'll need to make my own wig for my doll, and while I've found a place to buy hair wefts and such, I'm not sure what size of wig caps I should get for this head. Sorry if these are dumb questions, but since I don't own any dolls yet I don't have much to compare to/much first-hand experience with them. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you!
  19. TheWhiteRabbit

    Night Time Unboxing: Mash

    After roughly 12 days in transit Mash finally showed up at my door today! I took a few unboxing photos (low lighting, sorry it's night time here) No customs fee this time around was a nice change for me lol. Box is pretty standard, though a nice navy color Box Contents Her outfit components. Her outfit is actually quite nice, the grey dress is white lined in full and has metal clasps and hooks rather then just thread. The inclusion of the flesh tone tights for under the dark ones is fantastic and her shoes are super cute. Mash herself is ADORABLE. Dress without the hoodie Let's look at Fou. Definitely has a creepy-cute situation going on. However, way cuter then the promo photos (also has a posable tail) DAT wig. First photo is straight out of the package with no styling. It needs some work for sure, but quality wise I was expecting worse. It's manageable. After some fussing and styling aid Her glasses are pretty cute, however they feel REALLY fragile to me and I'm paranoid about them marking her face. This is my first doll with glasses, and i think I'll store them for the time being lol. I am overall very pleased with how Mash turned out. I look forward to playing around and finding her style, and getting some proper photos. Thanks for looking, hope these photos were a bit helpful to anyone looking to buy/waiting on Mash
  20. So i was thinking but i’m not sure, would it be possibe to get apoxie sculpt to stick to the vinyl if i molded it roughly, let it dry aside, glued it back on and sanded it? I’m not exactly sure how it’d work since i’ve never modded a head but i’m interested in seeing if this would work.
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