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Found 168 results

  1. Huuu, its so long ago since i posted or photograph or do anything else in this hobby. But atm its wintertime in Germany and i do have a lot of time... And thanks to god i never sold some of my girls. (i know why!) I have 5 girls left (plus one BJD, one Azone and one Pullip) and still love them. They are displayed in my livingroom, best place to see them every day, even when i dont have that much time doing anything with them. Maybe some of you remember me. For all others, hi i am from germany and in this hobby since.....5-6 years? I dont know anymore. And sorry for my english, its maybe a little bit rusty...
  2. Hi!!! Im new to the site annnnd new to owning a dollfie dream doll. I have the maid version of Rei Ayanami and I love her so much. I have a few questions that may have been answered before but I see a lot of these posts are a little um...outdated...so some answers may have changed. 1.) (Bit dumb) I purchased my doll for around $600 and she was very very gently used. She only has 1 small light yellow place, and her outfit had never even been taken out of the package. Eyes have original glue in them and wig is new too. Was this a fair price or was I a bit overcharged? 2.) Where do you recommend buying clothes? Since she is a regular DD-M the official DD site doesn't have as many options as I'd like and most etsy stores I can find have prices higher than the DD site. I'm just looking for pj's and a casual outfit for her, not like a costume or wedding dress. 3.) Holy cow why are the travelling bags so expensive? And that's all for now. I probably have more but I really just wanted to get a post out there to see how active the community is thank you everyone!!
  3. sdrcow


    From the album: Dollfie Dream Karin

  4. ShadowXM1

    Just got to the Hotel

    Well, it's that time again; for my dad and I to make the trip from Okmulgee, Oklahoma to Denton, Texas and catch the fall concert of the UNT 1 O'clock Lab Band and go music hunting and more! I decided to take my eldest and my Anime Princess with me this time, seeing as Yukino's been feeling kinda depressed that Volks has decided to discontinue her model, so getting out seemed to help and Mikuru is always eager come along if it means a road trip, in other words get away from Aoi's Tsundere attitude. We JUST checked in at the La Quinta Inn here at Denton, Texas and crashed after a long busy morning.... IMG_0030 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Y - "Mikuru is that all? Did we get everything out of the carrying case papa brought us in?" M - "Yeah, but sheesh Yukino, you think we packed enough stuff?! Papa and Grandpa only said they'd be here today and tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon they were headed back home." IMG_0031 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Y - "Hey, a girl can't have too many accessories, plus it's compact enough that papa could carry everything alright seeing as he packed light this time." M - "Well, since you put it that way...." IMG_0032 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (Looks like they packed quite a bit! O_O ) IMG_0033 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Wow, Yukino even brought K-9! IMG_0034 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_0035 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "By the way, did you remember to remind Saber, Sasara, and Mariko they were in charge while you and papa were gone?" Y - "Yes, don't worry, everything's taken care of." IMG_0036 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Hi girls, how are you getting along in your new temporary surroundings? M - "PAPA!!!! HI!" ^_^ Y - "Hi papa! And yes! Everything is so nice! This room is amazing!" Yeah, this La Quinta that we usually stay in is always well kept...Good heavens! Uh, girls you um think you have enough stuff with you? IMG_0037 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Y and M - "Of course! A girl can never have too many accessories now can she?" they both giggle. Uh huh, though I guess should be one to talk seeing as I usually pack more than you do, USUALLY.... IMG_0038 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "By the way papa, thank you for the sunglasses, though I don't think we're going to need them at the moment." You're welcome dear, and yeah probably not now, but they will come in handy I promise. IMG_0039 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Y - "Wow it IS getting cloudy out there! I really hope you and grandpa don't get caught in a rainstorm!" M - "B-b-but it's November Yukino!" o.O IMG_0040 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr True, but it's not unheard of to have rain around here at this time of the year, Mikuru. M - "I -I keep forgetting how different this is from Japan!" IMG_0042 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr By the way, Yukino, how are you feeling? I've been pretty worried about you lately after reading the news on Volks. Y - "I'm better, but I still can't believe they decided to cancel my model...I guess I wasn't a very popular model." Oh? You were my first model of choice when I started this hobby, that should account for something. IMG_0043 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Y - "Oh please don't say that papa...you know I love you, even more so for choosing me to be your first daughter...I....just need time that's all. Really, thank you for bringing me along with you. I know you didn't have to which makes it even more special to me." You're welcome Yukino. IMG_0044 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "So....um papa, how long will you and Grandpa be away from the motel room?" We'll probably be back around 10:30 to 11:00 pm so yeah. M - "Wow! Too bad Yukino and I can't come with you!" Oh I know, and I'd love to take you two with me but you'll be safer here in the motel. IMG_0046 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (looks at the clock) Okay girls, we gotta go, have fun while we're gone. I love you two. Y and M - "Bye papa, have fun, you AND grandpa!" (That's all for now, more to come later!)
  5. ShadowXM1

    Vampire Princess Minako

    Not too long ago Mina was bugging me about doing some photo shoots with her, and seeing as it's the Halloween season once again, how could I refuse her request? It all begins one night in the man cave of myself and my dad... IMG_2945 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2946 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr By the way, I made the coffin you see, both outside, and inside. I used some specific pieces of hardwood from Lowes, as well as wood glue and black stain, and some mini hinges from Hobby Lobby, some quilted fabric for the interior and some satin fabric for the pillow and the jewel and ornament I got from Hobby Lobby. IMG_2947 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr A lot of hard work, but it paid off I think! I know Mina likes it... IMG_2948 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Oh wait! something's moving! IMG_2949 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "Hmmm Ah another night to have fun with..." IMG_2950 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "(sigh) What a boring sight...no décor what so ever, he really is slipping...though I guess I shouldn't be TOO hard on him, that timid little flower, Yukino, said he IS busy with college at the moment. IMG_2951 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Ah there you are Mina, you're awake finally, I have to say for a vampire you've slept in a bit. M - "What do you mean I slept in? What time is it?" About 11:35pm. IMG_2952 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "...…………………………………" Mina? IMG_2953 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "Hey no pictures! I don't remember giving you permission to photograph me. >.> " Oh well....sorry. IMG_2954 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "Ugh....what did I DO the other night? I'm still woozy..." IMG_2955 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "I recall the girls and I going out and having a fun night on the town, had an argument with a sasquatch, and convinced that gang of obnoxious skin walkers and wendigos not to follow us home under penalty of death...but after that...UGH!!! I'm drawing a blank, a complete BLANK!" IMG_2956 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (Isn't she lovely?) IMG_2957 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (Oh, by the way, aside from her high-heeled boots, I made everything you see on her going total gothic style was a LOT of fun!) IMG_2958 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (I need to do a little bit of work on the inside, but still...) IMG_2959 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2960 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (A few shots of the interior of Mina's coffin) IMG_2961 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr (Sitting on top of her coffin) IMG_2962 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2963 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "Since you're photographing me, how about you photograph me in my birthday gift you gave me last year hmmmm?" Huh? Ohhhhhhh right! Okay sure why don't you go get it? A few moments later.... IMG_2964 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "Eat your heart out Count Dracula." Oh boy.... IMG_2965 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2966 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr M - "By the way, I'm getting hungry and since you're my keeper, that's your responsibility you know?" There's some blood packs in my mini fridge in my room I'll get some for you in a moment Mina. M - "Mmmmm, yum...or I could just take it from you...I've done it before you know while you were asleep." Wait what!? How? M - "Ooooh do you REALLY want to know how?" On second though...no. (LOL that's all for now! and if I don't post anything at that time, Happy Halloween everyone!)
  6. Hello everyone! Well, i am Blossom!! And like i’ve wrote on my profile i actually fell in love with dollfie dreams while i was in holidays in Tokyo! After thinking a lot whether i was ready to pay that much for dolls i got weak and decided to collect those adorable MDD!! So now I’m patiently or not so patiently- waiting for my first MDD, a liliru that i decided to name Ichigo! And of course i’m really happy about Arle’s re-release because i really wanted to get her! So i hope i can get her when she’s re-released and.. that’s about all i think!! oh, i forgot to say that i used to collect Pullip dolls and i have one paradoll as well! byebye
  7. Hey there! I posted last week about my first faceup. Lovely friend gave me some tips on a smooth paint job so I tried again today! Heres the finished product of my head for my doll Bon: Hoping her wig arrives this week! Also hoping to order her body end of this week.
  8. Hello everyone!! So, i’ve been going through this questions & answers thingy for days and collecting lots of information for my mdd who is not ready to arrive yet!! and i was wondering if there’s any store list for mdd clothes and shoes, i haven’t find anything like that here but maybe i didn’t look at the right place though > < i’m curious about shops or sellers other than volks where i could buy really cute well made sets, that kind of things! please help me out ♡
  9. ShadowXM1

    Something is here!

    Hallway Demon by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Things won't ever be the same around here from now on!
  10. bigpalebluejuice

    ALA 2020 meet up?

    Would anyone be interested in a meet up at Anime Los Angeles 2020? Not sure if there is already one planned, but I would love for there to be one!
  11. bigpalebluejuice

    Hello All!

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad I became a member of this forum, it's so cool to see so many people with similar hobbies together! My doll family currently consists of five members: Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku, Dollfie Dream Sakura Miku, Dollfie Dream Kagamine Rin, Smart Doll Symphony, and Smart Doll Valiant. I would upload a picture of them, but I can't seem to do so, it keeps rejecting my URL? Anyways, its so nice to meet you all!
  12. Meowjima

    A Happy (Early) Halloween.

    Decluttered and repacked my dolls today to put in a safer place. Figured I'd dress them up for one last photoshoot I am actually tempted to have these two cosplay as Asuka and Rei sometime next year - either that, or bunny girls, though I would have to find a way to hide Chii's ears under Rei's bob without it looking too odd. I also wanted to put Chii in something different for once, although I really do love the quality/look of her uniform. This was also the first time I really got the chance to compare them side by side and notice the differences in DD and SmD bodies. And as you can see, I gave my SmD some new eyes, or at least temporary ones.
  13. UnderOrange

    Introducing Suzume!

    I'm pretty proud of how she turned out, considering I do faceups so rarely. Her eyebrows ended up uneven but her wig covers that up nicely, lol. She's a DDH07 head on the DDf3 frame
  14. I did my first doll mod (ddh-01) and anime face up yesterday! I have a question if anyone can answer- to get that nice smooth look, do faceup artists use paint thinner or just water down the acrylics? I’m thinking of wiping this and trying my hand at it again this up coming weekend. This is a custom doll of one of my characters btw!
  15. I want to purchase a DD Ram , but I’m afraid that it’s going to take long before arrival. Does anyone know how long it takes? Thank you. Ohana
  16. Is it your un-birthday today? It is , Right ? Well, It happens to be mine too! ♤A very merry un-birthday to you and to all of your dolls!♧ ♫Let's all congratulate ourselves and celebrate our un-birthday together at this nice Alice themed cafe with some treats or tea.♪ Event location: Sugarbuzz Cafe Address: 6386 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807 Time: Sat September the 7th 4:00pm - 6:00pm (takes place during the volks tea party) Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/462913547613761/ Come join us at our Independent Tea Party Alternative! ♤ This is a chance to meet some local So-Cal doll enthusiasts while enjoying some treats or tea. It will be held at the same time as Volks' Dolpa LA Tea Party, in the same city of Anaheim. (We are not associated with Volks or Dolpa in any way. This is simply a fun alternative for those who could not afford or otherwise attend the official tea party.) ♡ Please only bring one (or two dolls max) with you as space will be limited. We recommend bringing a doll stand, but if you don't have one available, we will be providing a table cloth for the dolls to sit on. ♧ We will have a small display area with a few props for your dolls to pose with. Please be very respectful of the props and keep them in the general area during the event. ♢ You and your doll(s) are welcome to come dressed in the Alice in Wonderland theme, but it is not required. Do keep outfits family-friendly as this is a public space. ♤ There will be an Alice and doll themed trivia game that we will be playing with attendees upon arrival. Depending on your answer, you may win a scale "Drink me" bottle prop or an Alice in Wonderland special pin set that we have created for this event. Some pin sets are scaled specifically for dolls, and some are scaled for people to wear. ♡ Be prepared to spend a few dollars at the cafe. Everyone is expected to purchase something, even if it's just a small drink or cookie. ♧ Please RSVP here or on Facebook so we know how many people to expect. The event may be capped at a certain number due to space restrictions. If you change your mind or otherwise can't attend, please let us know so that someone else may take your spot. ♢As this is a public setting, we ask that you please be respectful and mindful of other guests in the cafe. ♤ We kindly ask that you do not touch someone else's doll without permission. If you need a doll moved, please ask one of the hosts of the event first. ♡ We are not responsible if anything should happen to your dolls. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on your own doll. - All of our volunteer event hosts will be wearing specific rosette ribbon pins so you can spot us apart easily from other guests. Please come to us with any questions you may have or concerns you may have during the event. Below are the following pin designs available for trivia game participating guests: (Pin badge art credit goes to: @Stellalina here on the forum) background for pin design by
  17. So, I recieved a doll in the mail, it had been in transit for three days and when I had received it, the feet had a slight grey to it. I gently rubbed at it with a magic eraser and the vinyl started turning dark grey. I didnt see pics of her feet before buying but the seller said that there was no greying before they shipped it. It was neatly wrapped in bubble wrap. A few hours have gone by and the dark color is only getting worse. Has anyone experienced this before? Image of the foot stain.
  18. fallingdolls

    Sit With Me?

    I walked in on Miki watching my laptop. (ignore the your/you're ^^') Miki is a dollfie dream Marai!
  19. Sailor Moon, as a series, has meant quite a lot to me over the years, so when Volks announced their Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream in late 2017, I was pretty excited. I was lucky to have a successful lottery entry, but after the doll arrived... there was a lot of other stuff going on, and I didn't even open her. As time passed, I felt guilty when I saw the sealed box, and I started to think that I ought to sell her... and then Volks announced Mars and Mercury. I decided to try for them both, and I was lucky enough to be successful once again! Now that they're here, after the somewhat muddled Volks International invoicing and shipping delays, I took some time to do a box opening for all 3. Three large boxes! I had quite a time hauling Mars & Mercury home... they arrived at my office on the same day, and the boxes barely fit in the IKEA bag I brought! Toting them home on the train was definitely an experience... XD Who's in the first box? It's Sailor Moon! (It seemed only appropriate that she be opened first, since she arrived first. Here's the box! It's the drawer-style. Unfortunately, my box suffered some rough handling during its voyage, and one corner is pretty crumpled. (This was visible on the outside shipping carton as well.) Nothing inside the box was damaged. And the first look inside! She's packed like a Dollfie Dream, ribbon belts holding the plastic-bagged doll to an insert, not cushioned or bubble-wrapped like other dolls. I know that her face hasn't been the most popular, but I think she's very cute! Underneath the doll are her papers, accessories, wig, and outfit pieces! And this is everything she came with! Uniform, extra hands, boots, wig, papers, and a box with her plastic accessories! Another view of the uniform, boots, and the accessories tray removed from the white box. She came with a lot of gloves, several of them custom designed for the extra hands, so that she can do some poses fitting for the character. And here are the hands! I love the variety of extra hands, but I must say I'm terrible at the process of actually replacing them on the wrist structures. This is the accessories tray, with the top removed for a better look. The tiara is just set on top; it was in a plastic baggie and taped to the back. This tray would fit a much shallower tiara, but they went with a different design than they originally intended, it seems. And here's her wig! The odango are rather odd-looking from any angle other than straight-on. I'm hoping I can eventually get her another wig for more general use... I don't want to risk damaging this one! And here she is, removed from the plastic bag! She has the Dollfie Dream Sister standard body, not to the new f3 that Mars and Mercury have, as she was released before it was introduced. It's normal skin and medium bust, which does match Mars and Mercury. Another picture of her face, this time without the plastic bag in the way! I like her eyes a lot more than I expected to... Here she is, dressed in the uniform! (I got lazy and put the mitten glove on one hand...) She doesn't have one of the crescent moon charms on her boot, because the hook snapped off when I tried to affix it! Thankfully it was an easy repair with a dab of nail glue, which I keep on hand precisely for this kind of thing. It was drying when I took this picture. Usagi is watching while the other box openings continue. And now, on to Sailor Mars! Another picture of the box; this one didn't suffer any major bumps on its journey. On the inside it's basically identical to Sailor Moon's packaging. I like the makeup and face of Sailor Mars a lot more than I expected to, given the promotional photos. Her eyes seemed much more angular; I'm happy with how they look on her. All of her goodies are tucked below the insert that holds the doll! Here's everything from inside the box—uniform, high heels, wig, white box of accessories, and booklet! I really like the fabric and colour chosen for her uniform. It has such a lovely sheen! I had a hard time capturing it well for this picture. Her wig is very dark, so I couldn't get too much detail when it's flat like this. It has a nice violet sheen, just like Rei's hair is usually illustrated. Sailor Mars is on the Dollfie Dream Sister f3 body, normal skin and medium bust. I can't really tell much of a difference from this and the previous body on Sailor Moon, but maybe that's just because I'm not an expert. I'm really happy with her face! She's darling! Obviously she needed to be dressed into her uniform! (A warning, though... there are some stains on her forehead and above her ears from wearing her tiara for these box-opening pictures! This did not happen to Usagi or Ami... I think putting tape on the back of the tiara would be a good idea to avoid this fate for anyone else.) Now Sailors Mars and Moon are ready to welcome their next teammate, Sailor Mercury! (Although canonically, Moon and Mercury would welcome Mars... ;D) It's another box very similar to the others! No damage here! She's in her box exactly the same way that Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars were packed. Honestly, it's pretty efficient. Underneath the insert with the doll is a sea of blue! She's somewhat monochromatic compared to Sailors Moon and Mars. Sailor Mercury comes with her uniform, boots, wig, a box with accessories, and booklet. Her uniform is the same style and fabric as Sailor Mars, but in Mercury's signature blues. I wasn't sure about her wig, at first glance, but when it's worn by the doll it's a very nice representation of her character's hairstyle. I do wish it didn't have a black wig cap, however. Sailor Mercury has the exact same body as Sailor Mars—Dollfie Dream Sister f3, normal skin, medium bust. I think Ami is my favourite out of all three! I feel that she really looks like the character and she looks adorable to boot! She seems like she could be really versatile, even with the blue eyebrows. Here's the third sailor soldier of today's box opening in her uniform and wig! I think she looks wonderful. Here's a quick side-by-side of all three dolls. I can't really see much difference between Sailors Mars and Mercury vs Sailor Moon, even though they share one body type and she has the other. I know that the internal frame is slightly different, but it isn't outwardly visible. Here's all three! Now that this happened, I have to say that I'm happy that I didn't sell Sailor Moon... I hope I can find a place to keep them displayed together. It brings a smile to my face to see the trio. If Volks releases Jupiter and Venus I am definitely doomed! XD What's this? Oh right, their school uniforms! I entered for these in the same lottery as Mars and Mercury, and they arrived on the same day as the dolls! When they're not fighting crime as pretty soldiers, they're ready for the trials of teenage life as schoolgirls. ♥ Thanks so much for reading! ♥
  20. finnleo

    Trinket Milinda (lingerie warning)

    Well, This time around its simple enough stuff... Milinda's head on Luka's body that happened to be available at the moment to take the trinket jewelry for a show. Outfit wise I again succumbed to the easy route with the very old Nynj55 bustier set, which had gone through its rotation cool down period. Tried to keep things classy, and finally I think I have my camera dialed in.. so here you goo... milinda043 milinda042 milinda041 milinda040 milinda039 milinda038 milinda036 milinda035 milinda034 milinda033 milinda032 milinda031 milinda030 milinda029 milinda028 milinda027 milinda026 milinda025 milinda024 milinda023 milinda022 Thanks for looking...
  21. TechnoHornist

    PSO2's Heroine Has Arrived!

    Greetings! About a month ago, my Matoi arrived, little angel number 12! It's almost surreal to have one of my favorite characters from Phantasy Star Online 2 in official doll form. There are 3 characters I absolutely adore from PSO2: Quna, Jeane, and Matoi. Having one of them in official doll form is enough to send me over the moon. I never thought this would ever happen, but now it has, and I couldn't be happier to have one of my favorite heroines from one of my favorite video games of all time in official doll form! Here she is, after a solid hour of agonizing how to make a Shapely L uni-torso upgrade work and actually dressing her! A closer look at her lovely face. While you can't duplicate her in-game look perfectly, I think Volks did a wonderful job conveying her soft-spoken personality and gentle expression. And of course, a better look at her upgraded assets! It took some creative work to get her bra to fit and stay secured in place, since the straps couldn't stretch far enough around her back on their own. Remember this: outfit bust guidelines are just that: guidelines!
  22. Join us for again for an informal meetup at the Torrance Mitsuwa Marketplace! Bring your Dollfie Dreams, Azones, & Smart Dolls as your favorite anime characters! This is your chance to dust off their default outfit or dress them up as a completely different character! (and as always, if you can't think of anything, just bring them in any outfit you like!) Hopefully you'll have recovered from Anime Expo, so come on by, and while you're here, grab some snacks from the market or lunch from the food court! Come say "hi", even if you don't have a doll. We're just a bunch of friends getting together to hangout, with our dolls. These are fun, no-stress, no-pressure, simple meetups. We'll be meeting inside at the long tables near the gift shops / DVD rental place. Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019, from 1 PM – 7 PM Address: Mitsuwa Marketplace - 21515 S. Western Ave., Torrance, California 90501 Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/361592794707009/
  23. PrinceWolfe

    How Hard Is It To Remove Dirt

    Hey guys. I'm getting my third doll in the next month or so. I'm shopping on Mandarake and one of the dolls i'm looking at has some dirt on her, the item description says there's dirt on her legs but other than like two or three small dots of dirt i can't really see anything else. So if the pictures are just to hard to tell from how hard would it be to remove dirt from a doll. It really doesn't look bad honestly just small minor stains
  24. I haven't done one of these before but I thought it looked like a potentially fun way to track what I'm hoping to do here! So I got into Fate faaairly recently, starting with FGO, and then Fate/Extella, and with Extella, I really, REALLY came to love Nero. She's a delight and incredibly charming. So I've never really done a character doll before, but this seemed like a fun place to start. I thought about just buying the release Volks did of her a few years ago, but the faceup really doesn't do it for me? Like, she's cute, but she seems really subdued in comparison to her personality. vs I think I might be being weirdly nitpicky here? But either way, I wanted to change the faceup and I felt bad doing that to an older, limited doll since I know plenty of people do like the default?? It's silly but I don't want to take that from someone in a situation where there's definitely a finite number already floating around! So I ended up doing a preorder split for the new Saber and I'll wipe THAT faceup and get it redone to something that IMO captures her personality better. Longterm goals are to get a few of her outfits, like her original red dress and the bride outfit/s. For now, she's getting that little red dress (ETA: the actual term for the dress is banned on the forum??). On that note--if anyone happens to know where I can track down her sword, legit or replica, let me know! I've heard they're on taobao but I haven't figured out what exactly to search yet. My ultimate wishlist would be to get DDs of Gudako(FGO FeMC), Mash, Astolfo and Gudao/Ritsuka(FGO MC) too, but that's uh. A long ways away I think. I'll update this as I move along, though I don't think I'll have anything very exciting to show until those dolls ship in a few months!
  25. (In which Nio tries to find a secluded spot to enjoy her precious, favorite melonpan.) [Comfy Nio noises] [Happy Nio eating noises] "Oho, so that's where you were~ Lemme join you!" "I literally could not trust you less, I will end you if you touch my snack." "I just missed you, dingus." "...really?" "nope lol" "I WILL KILL YOU, HANDS OFF THE GOODS!!!
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