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Found 46 results

  1. I've been considering putting together a custom Dollfie for a while, but what complicates this is that my vision would be one with similar coloring to a Dollfie Icon. Specifically its the unnatural skin tones like the blue, purple and green. While I love the Icons, but I am more interested in putting together a MDD for this kinda project. I would also just feel real guilty if I wiped on of their faces for any project, they are just so pretty lol. So that's where my question comes into play. Does anyone here have any examples of custom dyed dollfies, what supplies you would need, or any tips on how to go about dyeing one? I know its possible, as I've seen a custom dyed Miku online a while ago. I don't have any saved photos on hand nor any info on how they went about dyeing her, so I am just left a bit lost. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated !
  2. Shirayuridolls

    Frieren custom faceup and outfit

    Hello 🎶, I wanted to share my custom Frieren painted by me Shirayuri_dolls on IG. I used a ddh-09 SWS that i modded with melted vynil. I've worked hard to give her a special look that captures her spirit based on this artwork by Nagi : Her complete custom outfit was made by my mother. She also wears custom eyes designed by my friend. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do! 🤍 Some pics of her : I’m willing to make Himmel when his costume is ready ! Wish you all a magical day 🌼
  3. Mitsuna


  4. Mitsuna


  5. Mitsuna


  6. usagisea

    Usagi Sea’s Imomodoll Customs

    Hello! I’m starting a thread with my custom Imomodolls because I’ve been painting a lot of them. Here is a Gawr Gura I made for starters! (o^^o)
  7. Mitsuna

    Kamiyama Shiki custom

    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki from Summer Pockets
  8. Mitsuna


    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki from Summer Pockets. Leg warmers from TOA Claris
  9. Mitsuna


    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki from Summer Pockets
  10. Mitsuna

    Kamome & Shiki

    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki and DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  11. Mitsuna

    Kushima Kamome

    DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  12. Mitsuna

    Kushima Kamome

    DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  13. Rajke

    EpicDollFair 2023

    Today I have visited EpicDollFair 2023. It was also the first time that I went somewhere with a doll with me. At the beginning I kept her in her back until I came by a booth were custom Blythe dolls were sold. These Blythe dolls contain a very interesting mechanism with small ropes on the back to change the eyes (four different pairs of eyes were attached in the head). With one of the ropes eyes could be closed. Never seen an eye device like this one before. In the photo you see Pip looking to the right side. That is because she is impressed by the face up and body blushing of this girl: She is a gorgeous girl. Both Blythes were for sale. It is unknown if the booth owner successfully sold her. During my talk with the shop owner, she noticed the doll in the bag that I was carrying. Feeling a bit insecure I took out Shisha Sosei from the bag and from that moment I kept her out of the bag during this fair. In the beginning it felt weird, feeling a bit ashamed but that improved really quickly and in the end the thought of walking with a doll in public faded away. Please note that most photo’s have been made with Shisha in one hand and my phone in the other hand. This has some influence on the quality. Apologies for the inconvenience. I visited a lot of booths and by some booths I also made photo’s. By this booth in the bag there were very nice Resin girls on display. The owner really love to create tattoos for her girls and I can tell you, she is very good at that. The details for example in only the hands is amazing. Also the nails have been painted too. I really love the old Chitose and I had to make a photo of her. She is wearing a dress made by her owner. This booth also sold buttons that you can place with magnets on your dolls outfit. I have bought 10 of them in the Star Wars theme and think these are very cool. 3D printing is a technique that was highly present. One of the items coming forth from 3D printing is the wheelchair below: Shisha doesn’t need one (yet) but who knows. Maybe at some point one of the girls needs some support. The wheelchair is an incredible detailed piece of art and I love all details about it. The chair is adjustable to fit multiple sizes. A few booth’s further there was this girl sitting on a well made 3D printed chair. There is a lot of details in it and it looks very sturdy. The only thing I personally dislike is the color of the chair. But that would be an easy fix with a brush and paint. At the same booth there was also this girl doing some quality napping. I think K2’s Chitose would really love this bed that is made of a wooden tray. This girl took it easy during today’s fair. Sometimes you see outfits that are impressive. The one below had so many details, the longer you look the more you see. I love the head and the small gears. I met a guy that walks around with two impressive girls. One of these two is easily recognisable as a Navy from the Avatar movies. Everything is handmade and both are 3D printed with resin (if I understand the owner correctly). This Navy doesn’t have her dark blue stripes yet, on the photo’s of his earlier projects I could see how the result looks with them and it looks amazing. Outfits for them are a bit of a struggle. Mainly because of the uncommon size. Yes, she is tall. Despite that she doesn’t weight more than Shisha. Also I came across this lovely girl: She started as a blanc girl and I think the wig, face up and eyes looks gorgeous. Her dress (which she received today because of the difficult doll size) compliments with the hair accessories and with the doll in general. Her eyelashes are also a nice detail. I really love the girl below. She has a gorgeous sculpt and intense gaze. Her owner plans to repaint the horns. In my opinion I do like the current horns. But who knows, maybe a repaint makes them nicer. Last but not least: The loot I took back with me. I know that some of my girls want to play the guitar. So I bought a few. Shisha demanded cigarettes because every succesful celebrity and artist has her unhealthy addictions after succes. So in other words: She was trying to came up with an excuse for starting smoking. Also there was a Photo Booth that resulted in some souvenir photo’s. They even had a Polaroid. Last there was an interesting Smartdoll girl up for adopting. I adopted The Mandalorian and Blurrg yesterday so she has to wait. This is the way…………… ….. to end this blogpost. Seeya next time. Rajke
  14. GremlinBonDD

    DDH 19 - pastel zombie faceup

    One of the finished heads from recently. Commissioned to make a pastel Kawaii zombie girl!
  15. I finished my Mini Dollfie Dream's faceup today! I think she turned out really well. ☺️ Can't post photos yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to share haha. 🤳
  16. GremlinBonDD

    DD Meiko repaint

    I need to remember to share my faceups here more… 😓 I recently finished this repaint of a DD Meiko head. She was really fun to paint… she’s got a nice sculpt that could work for anything to be honest. I’m hoping to eventually buy her myself so getting the chance to repaint her was a nice way to figure out how I’d customize my own!
  17. Hey, so I've been wanting to do doll faceups for a while, and am finally ready to jump in. I am just wondering what type of pencils/brand I should use. I have noticed that a lot of people also use watercolour pencils instead of regular coloured pencils and am not sure why? Also, is Mr. Super Clear just for primer or also a sealant? I appreciate any recommendations!
  18. Hi everyone~ I was wondering if I could get any advice on starting a Dollfie Dream custom project! This is my first doll, and my idea here is to make it as an addition to a character shrine. I have an anime figure collection and I'm trying to make a Holo shrine (Holo from Spice and Wolf) but I don't have a 1/4th figure to add to the lot (and I don't like the one that was released recently). Hence the need for a custom doll! After doing my research I figured an MDD or DDP body would work best since anything bigger might look strange with my figures but now for the rest... I'm torn. For reference, these are the previous Holo custom dolls I have found during my search: Made by Daniel Ting who used the DD Saber Alter Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/884-yuan/ who used a DDH-06 on a DD-II body Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/4858-roxanne/ who used a DDH-16 on a DD body until they could get a DDS body These are all amazing. Huge inspirations. And also much bigger than what I'm looking for. ^^" At first, I was considering using a DDH-07 since it looks the most like Holo to me. But after asking other doll collectors on MFC, I realized that head would look out of proportion on a DDP body (the largest body I'm considering). So I thought DDH-06 might be the next closest thing? (DDH-02 and DDH-05 would be my next options) Also! I love Iori's head too which I discovered from this thread: But I can't seem to find her. And the sold out ones on Mandarake are a bit over my price threshold for just a head regardless... 😕 Any advice?
  19. KingyoNingyo

    Custom Dyed Entropy (ver. II)

    So I submitted my experiences with dyeing a SmD to Neep's thread in this forum. But in the end I wasn't happy with how everything turned out, so I bought another body and a much larger dye pot so I could do everything at once and make sure it all turned out even. This time I had to match my pre-dyed head. Thankfully I remembered my dye formula from previous experiments and with a bit of tweaking I got her done this weekend. Today she was reassembled and all dressed up. It's so nice to finally see her as I'd envisioned her! Parts list: Cinnamon Entropy head, tea body Rit DyeMore formula (final version): 1 tsp racing red, 1.4 tsp peacock green, 1/2 tsp frost grey in 10 cups of water.
  20. So, I am wondering for future, how could I make some night elf doll char. (she has som kind of backstory already just will need avatar) Except blue Smarties or Dollfie Icons - I dont think I could win "click war" I am doing research what is on market and how much is customization possible/required. I have seen some experiments with dyeing on our forum with vinyl. Not sure about resin. I wouldnt like to destroy any of thoose two materials. Some photos, since not everyone may know how night elves look. The skin color is not mandatory, night elves have many vairations of skin tones. Height is not also much mandatory, she can be in classic SD size. Even night elves are higher than humans. Wig and and scar and any other stuff are subject of in-game change. Theese visual features are not required for avatar. edit: ears not needed will find some external (or try to make some)
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