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Found 168 results

  1. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  2. Having not been to a meetup in over 3 years now, and really craving the experience of seeing other dolls in person and meeting people who share my interests, I’ve been wondering if anyone would be interested in a Chicago-area casual mini-meetup somewhere? I’m fully vaccinated (the 2-week mark after my 2nd shot was on June 9th), but I’d still only be comfortable if everyone else was also vaccinated and wearing masks just in case. I don’t have any doll friends I can ask, let alone any in the area, so I hope this is the right place to ask. I live around Valparaiso Indiana but I don’t mind going to Chicago since it’s fairly close by and I assume it would be more convenient for other people. We can decide what specific location and date/time is best after we’ve established who’s interested, but feel free to suggest somewhere you think would be good if you have something in mind.
  3. Besides the obvious answers of "you'll quickly end up with more than one," and "they'll take over your whole life," what's something you wish you knew about Dollfie Dream dolls before buying your first one? Since I still only have one DD myself (though I have a DWC head on the way already...), I don't really have any big thoughts yet. However, I've collected dolls and figures for almost 10 years now and looking back at some of my first purchases, I know there are some things I wish I had known then to make more educated or just different initial choices, so I'm curious to see what the more 'established' veteran collectors (and newer ones, too!) have to say!
  4. Hello! I was wondering if any of you knew where i can find cute accessories or travel props like a neck cushion? I am looking for something like this! I looked on etsy and other doll sites but i had no luck at all > < I’m also looking for those cute fluffy hairbands! if you know of any places that could sell that kind of accessories please recommend me some, i would love it! i’m really looking for lots of different accessories (wands, rements, floaters,..)
  5. xtedvisuals

    Xenoheart Visuals - Photo Thread

    Thanks for coming! I will leave photos of my Dollfie Dreams here. At the time of this post, I have 13 Dollfie Dreams (with Y'shtola to become my 14th next year). I could leave commentary of what was going through my mind during the time I took the photo. I will start with Scathach-Skadi, my most recent Dollfie Dream! Fate Grand Order (Dollfie Dream Sister) Scathach-Skadi by Xenoheart Visuals, on Flickr This was when she first arrived home! I dressed her up and immediately put her in front of my camera. No real thought was put into it other than just to announce on my social media: "I got her guys!" Don't forget. You serve me. Fufu. Scathach-Skadi (FGO) by Xenoheart Visuals, on Flickr During this photo, I was testing my 70-200mm F2.8 lens not just for doll photography but for other genres as well. Needless to say, that lens is heavy! Thankfully Skadi was a great model for that day. Yes, I guess I serve her. Umu.. Ice Cream is excellent! by Xenoheart Visuals, on Flickr Main purpose of this photo was to finally make use of the ice cream that came from the "bread set" by dolFun.jp! Their food items are a big draw for me! I will slowly post the others here! Enjoy everyone!
  6. cartoonautopsys

    Baron Zemo Custom DDS and DDH-09 Mods

    Hi! First time posting, and doll newbie! I'm an artist by trade and have only been in the doll hobby for maybe 3 years, the vinyl doll niche starting this year alone! I wanted to start a thread to show the heavy customization project I started a few months back; So let me set up a timeline! Late-May to Mid-August 2021; I won this lot of scrap parts off eBay for dirt cheap. The owner stated it was for parts only, but I figured I would attempt to Frankenstein her back together! Over the next few months, after being kept in a box for a few more as I waited for parts to arrive, I managed to MacGyver her back together. Her right thigh frame was missing entirely, so I was able to find a set of d3 leg internals to replace the missing components. I had to shorten everything to fit the DDS's stature, but she fits together alright, aside from a small gap in her thighs, and a wiggly lower leg on the right. I also replaced her broken shoulder joints, gave her new wrists, and fixed her broken arm. Pre-mods, the lot of parts I got; All one piece!! October 2021; For the head, I got a damaged DDH-09 head off Facebook in the Summer, where the original owner had attempted to cut the eye flash out themselves and it sort of turned into a bloodbath. I smoothed the eye holes and did a faceup, and kept the doll as a girl for a bit. Originally I intended on having my custom Zemo be a 70cm resin doll, with an April Story Elder body I got from my friend. I even custom sculpted him a head, trying to make him look as much like the actor Daniel Bruhl as possible. However, I much prefer vinyl dolls, and my interest in the project faded.. Until I remembered I had a poor DDS laying around I was doing absolutely nothing with! (After I got a DDdy Towa, she was no longer my only baby) So this week I began adding apoxie sculpt to the DDH-09 to make the mold more masculine and mature looking, attempting to stylize the actor's face a bit too. So far he's looking very Ghibli-esque, and I really like it! Still sanding to make everything smooth before I paint, as I don't have an airbrush to help cover the mods, so I need everything to be as smooth as possible. Concept and references! Original Faceup, you can see how thick the eye wells still were, and how large I had to sand them to sort of cover up the gouges from the original owner. I made the eyes myself. First pass of apoxie! Soon I want to get a SS bust from the Volks store (following luciaxtrix's post modding a DDH-07 and SS bust!), along with a set or two of large hands; But for now I'm going to focus on the head and start sewing some clothes so he isn't stuck in girl clothes for much longer! I know this isn't a standard post but thanks for looking!! I really just wanted to share all I've been doing ^_^
  7. After many years of toying with the idea, I have finally purchased multiple dolls while in Japan. Specifically, I have a first gen Miku, a MDD and shall also be getting a DDB. On the plus side, I love all my new dolls. On the minus, they need to move thousands of miles when I go back to the US in September and so I’m interested to hear if anyone else has dealt with this, and/or has thoughts on the best ways to do it. So far I’ve thought of a few options. 1. Have the moving company handle them - concern here is I’ll be shipping by boat I am not sure they’d do well with months in transit. Though I will note that the moving company will have insurance for damages. 2. Carry them on my return flight - likely the safest option, but carryon space is at a premium. Dedicating space for all three dolls might be tough 3. Ship them via DHL/FedEx/UPS to my parents house and then ship them again to me - Likely the most expensive option, but would get me my dolls whole faster than option four. Again risk of damage in transit but can also be insured. 4. Carry on the heads and boy body parts, ship or let the moving company handle the rest - Currently I find myself leaning towards this as it has me keeping the parts that are difficult to replace but taking a risk on those that I can easily get again.
  8. Oculae

    Oculae's Hybrid Lab!

    My collection is pretty eclectic, but it's one I'm very proud of! Almost all of my dolls and parts are secondhand, with a couple of very rare exceptions that I'll point out as part of the doll's introduction! And every single one uses parts from other companies. First up is Eiran, my #1 favorite boy! He's a Smartdoll Eiji head in Milk, with a factory faceup that I added to slightly. An extremely lucky secondhand find from a collector on Instagram, who had originally got him directly from the outlet store from what Danny now calls the Chaos section! This head is currently with Synthetic Ephemera for a resin wig commission, so for the time being I'm using an unmodified Suzaku head for him: He was originally on an Obitsu 50 boy body, but another lucky secondhand find let me snag a like-new 55 body from the owner of a closed-down French toy store, which I then added 60cm arms and legs to in order to make a 60 boy. He uses Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, and Obitsu 65 hands interchangeably depending on what hand pose I want, so depending on which hands he's using, he often reps all 3 major vinyl companies at once! Second is my oldest and most sentimental vinyl, Olive! She is a Gretel47 head (a rare purchase directly from Parabox) with an Azone frankendoll body consisting of the lower half of an AZM3 body, an Azone G bust, and Angel Philia B type arms. The AZM3 abs and the B's buff arms really give her a muscular, outdoorsy look that I love, a vast improvement from the stock Obitsu 50 body I had her on originally. The faceup is my own work, and if she looks a little like Smartdoll's Resilient, that's intentional! I bought her as my first specifically because I really wanted Resilient at the time, but she just financially wasn't doable for me, so I referenced her faceup to make my own! I like Olive a lot more than her inspiration now. ^^ Next is Erato, my demon girl! She's a DDH-01 custom on an Obitsu 50 body! As you can see, she uses DD hands as well. She's a nice low-budget alternative to a DDP, and wears the same size clothing! She's also the first and only resin character I had that I completely reshelled into vinyl when I switched over. Next is Ambrosia, the real owner of that Suzaku head Eiran's borrowing! He's another old character of mine shelled as a doll, and is on what I call my "desperation hybrid" body. When you find an Obitsu 65 torso on Mandarake but only have 60cm limbs available, you make do! I plan on seeing if I can get DD Dynamite thighs to work with the rest of his parts, their thickness would probably save him a bit from his sad "skinny legs" look. Poppy is next, and notable for being my first foray into modding my own heads! I bet you can guess what I did to her. She's a custom Gretel47 on an Obitsu 40 body with an Angel Philia flat bust. The head and body were purchased direct from Parabox, but the bust wasn't! Last, but certainly not least, is Euphemia, a hybrid with a resin head! She is a Doll Chateau Snowborn head on the old 3-part Obitsu 60 body before they switched over to the ball jointed version. She was another new purchase, and I'm extremely grateful Denver Doll Emporium had the head in stock after Snowborn was discontinued by the ccompany. Her body is secondhand from a collector on Ebay. I color matched her blushing and did her faceup myself, it was a real labor of love. If any other resin catches my eye, this is absolutely what I'm going to do with them, because the whole reason I went to vinyl was because of its rock solid posing! I have a few other dolls, but they're either in pieces and not in a good state for photographs, or in storage and not in a good state for photographs. I'll share them as they're made presentable again. I hope you enjoy my collection!
  9. FabledAlyssum

    DD Yukino v2 is home at last!

    After around 8 or 9 years of wanting her, I've finally managed to get a DD Yukino 2nd Ver. I got her from Dollyteria for a fairly low price (she had a good bit of staining on her lower torso/legs). Unfortunately, the frames in the thighs have cracks (not mentioned in the Dollyteria description...) so I'll probably just let this body be stain testing and dark outfit fun I guess. Her wig is a bit messy so I've been cleaning it and trying to re-style the bangs... but I'm so glad she's home! and the little chibi version of her on the box is so cute!!
  10. BonBoop

    Family photo!

    with the arrival of snow Miku the other week, I decided it was time to do an updated “family photo” of my collection! Top Row, left to right: Sakura, Miku, Rin, Yuki Bottom Row, left to right: Mayumi, Nene, Chiyo, Bon, Rem, Rinko
  11. I just received two new dolls. A Dollfie Dream D'Coord DDH18 who I shared over here. And a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 - who I will share here. I have taken tons of photos over on my blog here: https://www.geekysweetie.com/dollfie-dream-dream-choice-ddh26-m02-slim-dds-boy-arrival-unboxing-comparrison/ - Where I show the DDSB slim boy with all of my other various sizes of dolls - and also image dump a bunch more pics of my DDH18 for those interested in her too. I used a proxy service provided by Sophie Bear to bring home my new dolls. - Thanks again! My DDH26 is on the DDSB Slim Boy body and has M02 faceup. He is Fresh or Flesh color. He is wearing the new F11/11-2 Wig and new WK-24 eyes. I forgot to buy a body suit for him so I haven't dressed him yet, so he's still in his undershirt and boxers from Volks lol. Also FYI this new wig has a black wig cap so you'll definitely want a wig cap underneath the wig. Thankfully, I had a few wig caps on some of my other dolls with lighter colored wigs so I was able to steal one of those. Here are some of my favorite photos of my new boy. Also when it comes to pairing him with girls, height and width wise, I think he's absolutely perfect with DDP, but my only 2 DDP are super baby faced and anime style, while the new DDH26 is almost similar to smart doll's semi-real line. The head is smaller, eyes smaller, nose larger, etc which makes him look not quite right with my girls. I also think he's fine to pair with MDD or Azone Iris Petite, where as with my other boy on the regular Dollfie Dream body, he looks a bit pedo with the smaller dolls lol. The Slim boy is much better for couple pairing with smaller dolls, but be careful which facesculpts you use. I kinda want to get another Slim boy now with a super cute anime baby style head - to make into like some shoujo manga characters - like Yukito from card captor or similar young anime boys - which would look much better with my young looking girls. Many more photos on my blog. Thanks for looking
  12. Xenokitten

    Dollfie Dream D'Coord DDH18

    I just received two new dolls. A Dollfie Dream D'Coord DDH18 pictured below. And a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 - who I will share in a moment. I have taken tons of photos over on my blog here: https://www.geekysweetie.com/dollfie-dream-dream-choice-ddh26-m02-slim-dds-boy-arrival-unboxing-comparrison/ - Where I show the DDSB slim boy with all of my other various sizes of dolls - and also image dump a bunch more pics of my DDH18 for those interested. Thanks to my proxy: Sophie Alice aka Sophie Bear for helping me bring home my new dolls. My DDH18 is a tan DDP with M02 Faceup and a beautiful Teal wig. This wig looks green to the eye but photographs much more blue - especially in sunlight. She is adorable and might be my new favorite doll. Here are a few of my favorite DDH18 photos:
  13. AlisonVonderland

    AlisonVonderland's Dolls

    Hello! I'm still a bit new here at this point. But I was very excited to start sharing pictures with you of some of my dolls. Since I have a lot of hybrids I thought a mixed photos thread might just be easiest. First up let me introduce Summer: ddh04 (painted different color) on smartdoll cocoa cortex body. Eyes made by me, Faceup by me, the hair she's wearing here is made by me too, as is her dress. I felt like she was a kind of out there idea at the time but oh how glad I am I did this because I just love her so much
  14. TheWhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit's Photo Thread (^.^) Updated 03/09

    After a lot of procrastination I'm finally going to create a place for all my girls photos. I have been a little extra horrible at giving them proper attention lately, so I am hoping this will keep me in check. I don't usually take enough photos at once for full photo set posts so this makes the most sense. Anyway, the weather is finally improving a smidgen, so Saber and Miku went out on the deck this afternoon! I'm so ready for more consistent nice weather, this winter was way toooo long.
  15. pinkbun93

    Getting Back Into the Hobby

    Just one modest picture of two of my husband's girls that I took last night. We are both trying to get back into the hobby again after having taken a few years away from it. Life just got too busy for a while. One of my favorite things was sharing pictures, so I thought I should give that a go again. It might just be one simple picture, but it was a lot of fun to take. I miss having (semi)local doll buddies!
  16. I welcomed my Dollfie Dream Boy via Dream Choice about a year ago now. I used Japan Doll Direct as my proxy. I reviewed my process and the doll itself as well as height comparisons with other dolls on my blog: https://www.geekysweetie.com/doll-review-volks-dollfie-dream-dream-choice-dollfie-dream-brown-skin-boy-proxy-japan-doll-direct-review/ Here are some of the pictures of my DDH16 Tan Boy. He is on the taller of the two available Dollfie Male bodies. In these last photos his (blue dream choice) eyes were starting to fall inside his head. The dream fitter tool thing isn't very good. I switched him to some etsy green eyes I had and put them in with Mack's Ear Plugs.
  17. Griff

    Es Came Home!!

    Back in May, I came across a game on the Play Store called "Alter Ego." Since then I've become completely in love with the game's main female lead, Es. After a few months of debating on it, (and saving up my paychecks), Es has finally come home. I commissioned her head from ShinesWorkshop on Etsy. If you like how pretty her face is, I would recommend you hit her up. She did an absolutely amazing job on her face. The Official Alter Ego Website. Also features a picture of Es on the main page. And so, I present after months of waiting: Es! Her wig is a little messy, I may have been having too much fun posing her beforehand. Forgive me! ;w; Oh, and what's this? In the same day, I got this Hatsune Miku plushie delivered, so of course she got to join in! As I was setting up some photos to welcome Es with my other dolls, our cat came to visit! Miku and Aki needed to introduce themselves, of course! Kinda based this pose off the fanart on the right. Pretty happy with it. Es loves books. The one thing she does is read throughout the whole game. Also based on a game sprite, sorta. She's probably wondering which book she should start reading first.
  18. QueenAnna

    2B is here!

    2B finally came, I didn’t like her wig, so I put my Angel Philia Ellie’s wig on. I’ll probably buy a different wig for her.
  19. Orenjiina

    Orenjiina’s Photo Collection

    Hi there! I’m trying to be more active in the community and interact with my dolls more instead of just staring at them in awe everyday. So I thought I’d start trying to take more pictures of them. I am by no means a photographer and I know I’m in desperate need of some stands but I hope you’ll enjoy my little collection with me as we grow and evolve! Thanks! These are my Azone HAF Madoka Magica dolls. I bought both of these preowned through Surugaya. I only recently opened Sayaka and while she looks great, she was an absolute nightmare! Her plastic armor and shoes both had platicizer peak and the paint came off and stained everything. I had to use dream rescue on a few places on the doll and a stain pen to save her shirt, stockings, and cape. The blue of her outfit stained her arms too and I struggled to put her shoes on. On the other hand, Madoka was a dream! They’re both a bit big for me since I love the MDD size the best. Hence why I am shelling the PMMM girls as MDDs. I had previous shown Sayaka here. She’s pretty much done. I’m really happy with how she turned out. This is my first time showing Madoka though. Madoka needs a bit of work still. I want to update her faceup and trim and style her bangs. I also need to make or find a ring for her and paint her fingernail. Then she’ll be finished! Lastly, I have Mami but she’s far from finished. Her wig needs some love and I need to figure out how to make her spiral curls. Once I get a body for her I’ll be working on Homura as well and then a Kyoko further down the line. I also have more imminent plans for a Cardcaptor Sakura MDD as well. One day I’d like to tackle other magical girls too. MDDs are just the cutest!
  20. Luden333

    White thigh high socks?

    Seems like something that would be available but I can on find etsy stores with a month ETA on them and I looked through the lists on Dollmoon but none of the shops have any of these socks. This is the look I’m trying to do: https://imgur.com/gallery/KQSK5Et
  21. Starr

    Fantasia Gray.jpg

    From the album: Fantasia

  22. Starr

    Jin says Hey~.JPG

    From the album: Dollfie Dream Boys~

  23. Starr


    From the album: Fantasia

  24. Im new to Dollfie Dream and I did a noob attempt at a face up which came out "alright" but I would like to get better. Any tips and tools?
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