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Found 106 results

  1. So i was thinking but i’m not sure, would it be possibe to get apoxie sculpt to stick to the vinyl if i molded it roughly, let it dry aside, glued it back on and sanded it? I’m not exactly sure how it’d work since i’ve never modded a head but i’m interested in seeing if this would work.
  2. [Chichi9521]

    Re-homing my dolls

    This is my first post to this new site or maybe ever in the community, I got my first Dollfie in 2014, Hatsune Miku. I also proceeded to get the Snow Miku too... now I absolutely love them, I love them so much that I find it super duper hard to think about this. Due to my current situation I have been contemplating giving them a new home, someone who will appreciate them more than I do currently, but it's also so hard to think about. I don't do much with them anymore, change their clothes etc. but then I also wondered what do other people do with their dollfie's? Do they keep them on display or are they regularly played with. I'm just having a pretty rough time. Really I just wanted to get my thoughts out my head and get opinions on what I should do, or if you've ever been in a similar situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do
  3. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  4. Cazzie_Bliss

    A Fourth Arrives!

    Haruhi - "I am the great and powerful Mrs. Kitty! Bow down to me, inferior cats!" Tsubaki - "No! We will not surrender to your ways any longer!" ---- Haruhi - "Then I sentence you to death by petting!" Tsubaki - "Noooooo!" ---- Setsuna - "Sorry for interrupting your play-time but... we have a guest." Haruhi - "Another one?!" Tsubaki - "Neat! Where is she?" ---- Setsuna - "Over by the Mandarake box. She was too shy to come and say hello. What do we do?" Tsubaki - "You stay here, I'll handle this." ---- Tsubaki - "Hi there." ??? - "Um... H-hello..." Tsubaki - "What's your name?" ??? - "Yūna." ---- Tsubaki - "That's a pretty name. I'm Tsubaki, but you can call me Tsu-chan." Yūna - "Tsu-chan..." Tsubaki - "We're all really very nice. Would you like to introduce yourself to the others?" Yūna - "Will you come with me?" ---- Tsubaki - "Of course ~ ! Even though I've been away, I am the eldest so if you ever have any problems, you can come to me. Understood?" Yūna - "Um... yes." ---- Tsubaki - "Guys! She came out!" Yūna - *hides* Setsuna - "Thank goodness." Haruhi - "I am the great and omnipotent Haruhi! Bow down before me, mortal!" ---- Yūna - *bows* Tsubaki - "Aww, Yūna, no..." ---- Setsuna - "Haruhi! That was bad, you'll scare her off again." Haruhi - "I'm sorry! It's muscle memory!" Setsuna - "That's not how speech works. Go and apologize" ---- Haruhi - "Um... are you ok?" Yūna - "Was my bow not good enough? I'm sorry..." Tsubaki - "..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Yūna - "It's... It's ok. I shouldn't have taken you so literally." Tsubaki - "Haruhi is from another world so she's not quite familiar with our customs yet." Yūna - "I see..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm super sorry. Please come and play with us." Yūna - "Ok, Haruhi. That sounds like fun." Tsubaki - "That hug looks pretty nice..." ---- Setsuna - "Welcome to the family ~ I'm Setsuna." Yūna - "I'm Yūna." Tsubaki - "It's... it's a massacre." Haruhi - "I warned you." ------- Number 4 has joined the family! They multiplied rather rapidly these past few months. Yūna is a Dollfie Dream Dynamite with an S bust modded on. I was told it was a DDII bust but I'm started to think it's actually a DDS bust. However, I feel a quiet girl is exactly what we needed to balance out this party. Below are two snaps I took of Yūna before I let her run loose with her sisters: ---- I think that's me done for the year in terms of new family members ~ but never say never
  5. TheWhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit's Photo Thread (^.^) Updated 10/11

    After a lot of procrastination I'm finally going to create a place for all my girls photos. I have been a little extra horrible at giving them proper attention lately, so I am hoping this will keep me in check. I don't usually take enough photos at once for full photo set posts so this makes the most sense. Anyway, the weather is finally improving a smidgen, so Saber and Miku went out on the deck this afternoon! I'm so ready for more consistent nice weather, this winter was way toooo long.
  6. miraclelovely

    my first dollfie!

    She's finally here! After not moving in shipping for a little over two weeks, she finally started moving on closer! I was honestly terrified for when she arrived because I wasn't sure if she would be in better or worse shape than the confusing listing+photos... and it turns out things were much better than I was expecting! Manaka's school uniform is in perfect condition, doesn't even look used... The shoes are ugly but I mean they were in the photo listing anyways, so I don't care. Her wig is actually amazingly cute, and I'm going to use it a lot for her I think. There are stains on her but they're thankfully in very unnoticable places, and not too dark anyways so I'll probably try and fix those myself later on. The one thing that does bother me just a little is that her neck is super loose and her head can't really stay upright unless she is upright. Otherwise it just wobbles and flops- but I do remember reading something with the older dollfie heads and issues, so I'm wondering if that's whats up? I'm sure its fixable, and it doesn't bug me too much for the moment anyways. I also figure I should ask how to use the secret joint things for better posing on the DD2? I do actually like the body and I don't really have funds to replace it for now so I may as well learn how to make the best use of it! Now that the text block is over, here are some photos of my very first dollfie dream, Komaki Manaka! (btw I'm 100% never going back to resin now. Vinyl dolls are SOOOOO much nicer and this is after only a few hours with my first one LOL!) I also ended up buying her a cute bear costume on Mandarake... Because I LOVE bear girls and I wanted something that definitely wouldn't stain her so she could chill out in it for a while. It was cheap because it was missing some packaging and it's PERFECT. She's just waaaay too cute man! I can't believe she's just actually in front of me LOL Dunno why this pic is so... grainy? but AAAHH! I cannot contain my joy over HOW CUTE she is! I guess it really just was the crappy photos that Mandarake posted making her look SO yellowed. Her joints do have some yellowing but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Overall, super worth it. So glad I took the risk and bought her because it worked out perfectly, she's my absolute favorite of my dolls from the moment that she arrived. I just love how well dollfies hold their poses T_T so perfect.
  7. Cazzie_Bliss

    My First Returns ~ !

    ??? - "Hello? Is anyone here? Mama?" ---- ??? - "It was such a long trip too, I thought someone might come to greet me after all of this time away." ---- Setsuna/Haruhi - "SURPRISE!!!" ??? - "Ahh!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- Setsuna - "Yes, welcome home. I'm fairly new here but I've heard a lot about you." Haruhi - "Yeah! Mama has been talking about you all week! So we came up with a plan to throw a celebration party for you." Setsuna - "We had planned to get a cake but... it didn't work out." ---- Tsubaki - "I've heard about Haruhi, but you seem to have arrived while I was on the flight here." Setsuna - "Oh! I'm Setsuna. I came from Belgium so I know how bad flights can be. You came from America, right?" Tsubaki - "Yep, that's right! I've been living with Papa Billy during my studies, however, we felt it was time that I returned to Mama." ---- And I am forever grateful that you were able to come back to England, Tsu-chan. Was the flight okay? Tsubaki - "It was fine ~ I had all of my Hello Kitty friends to keep me company and I was insta messaging Mamimi the whole time." ---- Haruhi - "You've been studying abroad for 7 years, right Tsu-chan?" Setsuna - "You really catch on quick to nicknames, Haruhi..." Tsubaki - "Indeed. I left England back in 2013, so, this makes me your big sister! I also have the oppai to prove it." ---- Haruhi - "Is that how aging works in this world? But I'm over 200 years old... this can't be right." ---- I'll leave you girls alone to get to know each other. I'm sure Tsubaki is tired from her journey here. Tsubaki - "You're leaving already, Mama?" I have a present for you later, Tsu-chan. Since it's a welcome home gift, I'd love for it to just be us two. ---- Tsubaki - "Oooh! A present! I'll be looking forward to it." Play nice, children ~ ---- Some Time Later: ---- Tsubaki - "So how long have you both been staying at Mama's?" Setsuna - "It's been about a week for me." Haruhi - "And just over a month for me." ---- Tsubaki - "Well, I'm glad that I've come home to you two. Before it was just me and Mama, which was nice, but sometimes it was a little lonely." Haruhi - "You won't be lonely with us around! Isn't that right Se-chan?" Setsuna - "Of course ~ we're your family now. Did you have any sisters during your time in America?" ---- Tsubaki - "Oh man, yes! It started with about 14 of us and now there's over 100! It was fun to meet them all. However, it's really nice to be back here too. It's a lot more pink than I remember though." Haruhi - "Isn't it great? I really like it." ---- Tsubaki - "Oh, do you guys like Hello Kitty?" Haruhi - "The cat on Mama's curtains?" ---- Tsubaki - "Yeah. I used to collect these, perhaps you two could help me collect more." Setsuna - "These are cute." ---- Haruhi - "What if I started an even bigger collection than you!" Setsuna - "Haruhi, this isn't a competition." Tsubaki - "I appreciate the spirit ~ but we can share these now." ---- Okay, my errands are complete. Are you all getting along? Haruhi hasn't cast any spells or summoned 50 more girls to make Tsu-chan feel more at home? Haruhi - "That's a good idea..." Setsuna - "Haruhi, please don't." Tsubaki - "We've been getting along swimmingly, Mama! I think we'll be thick as thieves faster than you can say meow." That's good to hear. Once again, I'm really happy to have you back with us Tsu-chan, I hope you won't get too home-sick. ---- Tsubaki - "Aww, Mama. I'll miss everyone so much, that goes without saying, but my home is here. I've missed you as well." How about a group photo to commemorate this special day of Tsubaki's return to us? ---- Setsuna - "That sounds like a lovely idea." Haruhi - "Let's do it!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- ---- ---- And because words can't describe how grateful I am that Tsubaki was able to return ~ here's a selfie of us together! Here's to many more shenanigans, these girls are growing in number fast.
  8. Besides the obvious answers of "you'll quickly end up with more than one," and "they'll take over your whole life," what's something you wish you knew about Dollfie Dream dolls before buying your first one? Since I still only have one DD myself (though I have a DWC head on the way already...), I don't really have any big thoughts yet. However, I've collected dolls and figures for almost 10 years now and looking back at some of my first purchases, I know there are some things I wish I had known then to make more educated or just different initial choices, so I'm curious to see what the more 'established' veteran collectors (and newer ones, too!) have to say!
  9. miraclelovely

    is it worth it?

    theres a Komaki Manaka listing on mandarake right now for like $600+ in my currency, but the description of it... sounds pretty bad. i don't really care about the condition of the body or accessories much anyways, and i'm only really after the head. but is it worth it? what if the head is actually quite yellowed and damaged? i can't really tell because the photos are so bad, and i also don't even know the usual market value of this doll anyways. i figure asking here is the best place because i really want to play it safe and not make a regrettable purchase for a fairly large sum of money. sorry if i'm asking this in the wrong place, or if it's inappropriate for me to ask, but in the case that this actually IS a good deal, i don't want to miss out on it.
  10. Hello! I was wondering if any of you knew where i can find cute accessories or travel props like a neck cushion? I am looking for something like this! I looked on etsy and other doll sites but i had no luck at all > < I’m also looking for those cute fluffy hairbands! if you know of any places that could sell that kind of accessories please recommend me some, i would love it! i’m really looking for lots of different accessories (wands, rements, floaters,..)
  11. miraclelovely

    Where should I be looking?

    Hi! sorry if I'm posting this wrong >_<" i'm looking for a komaki manaka head and i've checked on many different sites but i can only seem to find very expensive full dolls.. and if they're not super pricey, theyre falling apart and still very pricey for the contents. what's the average sale price of this head anyways and where should i begin looking to find it? i really want her to be my first dollfie!
  12. I fell down a rabbithole recently about all the crazy stuff that Danny Choo has done in the past, and as much as SmD Mirai is adorable, I don't want to buy from them. My questions are is there a DD head that looks similar to the Mirai head, or is there a way to mod one to look somewhat similar? Thanks!
  13. AveragePigeon

    When Does Volks Restock?

    I'm very new to this, but I really want to find a DDH-06 semiwhite head, but Volks said it's out of stock on their website, and I'm aware it's a very dumb question, but when will they restock things? Should I just reach out to them, or is the head fully out of stock and I should look second hand? Thank you so much!!
  14. So I was on the Volks Japan store site, looking to see if they restocked this item, as I have heard (not a lot) some good things. But on the USA store, it says "out of stock" but as of today 7-2-2020, the dream rescue is completely missing from the site!? Is it just me? Am I missing it? Also does it even work that well to think about trying to find some / wait around for it to return??
  15. Recently I went through the process With my proxy of obtaining a tanned mochi-ashi MDD! She just arrived two days ago. she’s a DC-H-21. She obviously came with the basics of a dream choice: • wig • eyes • slip dress + undies (which were bigger then the typical MDD undies!) I also decided to get the newly released elf ears as well in the medium size. These come in 3 sizes! It’s been mentioned a lot online, but these ears are only available for the 20 and 21 head. The ears are specifically sculpted for these heads! The literally just click into place and are very sturdy. I’m so excited to have this doll. She’s absolutely precious and the chunky legs are to die for! she’s the 5th addition to my family, and the 3rd MDD addition! as for my proxy, I went with @sophiebabybear on Instagram! She was awesome to work with and had my girl shipped to me within a week of payment and her being built. Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy my new girl, Mayumi!
  16. Singer Yuna

    Steampunk Ladies aka Time Force

    From the album: Steampunk Lovers

    Yosora’s Momo and Rin and my four bodies
  17. Meowjima

    The girls got new outfits.

    I'm working on creating a set for them/the others. I have a feeling I might have to buy one more than originally planed in about a month.
  18. blossom

    Sakura Miku

    Hello~! hm, i was just wondering if any of you think it will still be possible to get Sakura Miku at a reasonable price in the future? Or even from a friend shop? i know she might appear on mandarake someday but some dolls are rarer than others, right? So what do you think about it? I’ve seen some Yayoi appear on a friend shop not too long ago and even on mandarake at a good price! Would it be the same or is Sakura Miku rarer/more popular than Yayoi?
  19. AveragePigeon

    Buying Used Dollfie Dreams?

    I've been drooling over Dollfie Dreams for years, but the price of buying new is way out of my budget, and when recently getting into Mandarake for 1/6 scale dolls, I saw they had a section for Dollfie Dreams. Seems like things are relatively inexpensive, around 28,000 Yen for a DDdy body. I wondered if buying used was a reasonable choice for budget, or if I should just save up to buy new? Also, I've seen a lot of heads that are shiny, like this one: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1145946138&ref=flist&lang=en. What causes this? Is it fixable? She's such a good price that I don't want to pass her up, but I'm also very uninformed when it comes to Dollfie Dreams, so I have no idea if this is a sealant problem, age problem, or something that's super strange.
  20. Hey! I'm manaphyyy and I live in Oregon. I've been collecting dolls for almost 3 years now, but mostly stuck to the resin bjd side of things. However I'm really getting into vinyl dolls lately and wanted to get to know more of this side of the doll hobby. Currently, I have a DD Hatsune Miku and a SmD Genesis (shown below), and I've been really eyeing one of the new MDD Mochi Ashi girls I'm excited to be here and happy to meet everyone!
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