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Found 195 results

  1. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  2. ateliervanilla

    Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu | TW: Death

    Trigger Warning: Death A little dosage of pain once again for fellow Steins;Gate fans. Such is the reason why we have to achieve the perfect timeline.
  3. Hello everyone! I've really wanted an MDD for a long time now, but I didn't want to commit $500+ to one either. Then I found this blog post where someone put a Dollfie Dream head on 1/3 & 1/4 Dream Fairy bodies with good results. After going to the DBS official AliExpress store (they aren't recast, they make their own original dolls), I found that they have anime style dolls too. I was wondering if this body: Would fit with a Dollfie Dream head. Thanks!
  4. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki's Magical Garden

    Hello! I'm hoping to start a thread to show the dolls I've gotten (if that's alright!)~ Mostly DDs, but I have a few Smart Dolls I might get around to taking pictures of eventually Hopefully I'll have all of them posted here by the end of the month! (And hopefully I've figured out how to use Flickr by then... ) As of right now, everyone's using random wigs and eyes until I get their final ones in September (hopefully)! I'm trying to experiment with editing a bit on phone pictures according to each girl's style Here's Vera Lexington, my DDdy Towa! She likes lolita outfits and she'll probably have a big of a magical girl theme! She's wearing the Volks Peach Pink Lolita (?) DDdy outfit! It came with my secondhand D'Coord It's missing the hat, but it's still pretty cute! Her wig is this one from Volks! And her eyes are her defaults (Volks Animetic Type-J Akane 22mm) Sorry if the quality isn't that great I don't have my DSLR right now, but I'm honestly convinced my phone takes better pictures at this point since it's just an old Nikon D3300
  5. After a lot of procrastination I'm finally going to create a place for all my girls photos. I have been a little extra horrible at giving them proper attention lately, so I am hoping this will keep me in check. I don't usually take enough photos at once for full photo set posts so this makes the most sense. Anyway, the weather is finally improving a smidgen, so Saber and Miku went out on the deck this afternoon! I'm so ready for more consistent nice weather, this winter was way toooo long.
  6. Hello, all! I'm new to looking into vinyl dolls and I've been eyeing a couple of the standard models, and I keep coming back to Towa. But, I'm kinda sculpt-blind, I can't tell what sculpts look like under faceups and it's especially bad with anime style faceups. So, I was wondering if anyone happens to have a picture of Towa blank? PS, I know that someone made a thread requesting a blank Towa picture at some point, but it wasn't answered in the thread and so, no picture for me to look at. They mentioned wanting to close that thread, so I figured I'd just make my own instead of bumping that one. If that was the wrong thing to do, sorry! Thank you for any help!
  7. Suiseiseki

    DDS DC-H 24 M01 Tan skin

    I ordered her a few weeks ago from Ayumist and got a surprise package today! EMS tracking doesn't like to update I got her on the DD Sister body. I have another DC-H 24 in semi-white, makeup #03. To my surprise, makeup 01 has painted teeth as well, which I never really saw in the promo photos (and that's actually why I originally got an m03) I can't seem to get a good picture of her teeth that doesn't look cursed so... take this one Next to my SWS DDdy 24 M03: Tan is an absolutely gorgeous colour in person! I was pleasantly surprised, I expected it to be much paler from what I've heard. The lighting is bad, but this is (from left to right): Flesh, Tan, Semi-white
  8. Oculae

    Oculae's Hybrid Lab!

    My collection is pretty eclectic, but it's one I'm very proud of! Almost all of my dolls and parts are secondhand, with a couple of very rare exceptions that I'll point out as part of the doll's introduction! And every single one uses parts from other companies. First up is Eiran, my #1 favorite boy! He's a Smartdoll Eiji head in Milk, with a factory faceup that I added to slightly. An extremely lucky secondhand find from a collector on Instagram, who had originally got him directly from the outlet store from what Danny now calls the Chaos section! This head is currently with Synthetic Ephemera for a resin wig commission, so for the time being I'm using an unmodified Suzaku head for him: He was originally on an Obitsu 50 boy body, but another lucky secondhand find let me snag a like-new 55 body from the owner of a closed-down French toy store, which I then added 60cm arms and legs to in order to make a 60 boy. He uses Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, and Obitsu 65 hands interchangeably depending on what hand pose I want, so depending on which hands he's using, he often reps all 3 major vinyl companies at once! Second is my oldest and most sentimental vinyl, Olive! She is a Gretel47 head (a rare purchase directly from Parabox) with an Azone frankendoll body consisting of the lower half of an AZM3 body, an Azone G bust, and Angel Philia B type arms. The AZM3 abs and the B's buff arms really give her a muscular, outdoorsy look that I love, a vast improvement from the stock Obitsu 50 body I had her on originally. The faceup is my own work, and if she looks a little like Smartdoll's Resilient, that's intentional! I bought her as my first specifically because I really wanted Resilient at the time, but she just financially wasn't doable for me, so I referenced her faceup to make my own! I like Olive a lot more than her inspiration now. ^^ Next is Erato, my demon girl! She's a DDH-01 custom on an Obitsu 50 body! As you can see, she uses DD hands as well. She's a nice low-budget alternative to a DDP, and wears the same size clothing! She's also the first and only resin character I had that I completely reshelled into vinyl when I switched over. Next is Ambrosia, the real owner of that Suzaku head Eiran's borrowing! He's another old character of mine shelled as a doll, and is on what I call my "desperation hybrid" body. When you find an Obitsu 65 torso on Mandarake but only have 60cm limbs available, you make do! I plan on seeing if I can get DD Dynamite thighs to work with the rest of his parts, their thickness would probably save him a bit from his sad "skinny legs" look. Poppy is next, and notable for being my first foray into modding my own heads! I bet you can guess what I did to her. She's a custom Gretel47 on an Obitsu 40 body with an Angel Philia flat bust. The head and body were purchased direct from Parabox, but the bust wasn't! Last, but certainly not least, is Euphemia, a hybrid with a resin head! She is a Doll Chateau Snowborn head on the old 3-part Obitsu 60 body before they switched over to the ball jointed version. She was another new purchase, and I'm extremely grateful Denver Doll Emporium had the head in stock after Snowborn was discontinued by the ccompany. Her body is secondhand from a collector on Ebay. I color matched her blushing and did her faceup myself, it was a real labor of love. If any other resin catches my eye, this is absolutely what I'm going to do with them, because the whole reason I went to vinyl was because of its rock solid posing! I have a few other dolls, but they're either in pieces and not in a good state for photographs, or in storage and not in a good state for photographs. I'll share them as they're made presentable again. I hope you enjoy my collection!
  9. Cazzie_Bliss

    Cazzie's Photostory Thread ~ !

    Decided to take inspiration from Tierparkzone's thread to make my own lump thread for my photo stories compared to lots of different ones. I also tried adding speech bubbles to the photos compared to just having text. Was strange getting used to doing, haha! Anyway! Let's kick it off with the arrival of a new girl So yeah ~ We are now 3 once again ~ !
  10. Singer Yuna

    Cool idols+Anzu

    From the album: Toxic Idols

  11. Singer Yuna

    Toxic Idols

    From the album: Toxic Idols

  12. Ravendruid


    From the album: Ravensdottirs

    Pretty sure this is the cutest picture of Yuriko, ever!
  13. Pit

    The Fire keeper reveal

    I love dark souls 3 and after getting my first dollfie (recently), the idea of creating "the one who sworn to help the ashen one with his deadly journey", called "the fire keeper", was born. Now it's more like a personal project that I want to achieve, so this is the concept. First. Who's the fire keeper? It's a crucial npc that helps the player in the game. Here she is: Body image: And this is a fanart (which I don't own), that resembles more or less an anime style that could work on a dollfie: So, I was thinking I could use a semi white-skin base body dd III with the kos-mos head. For the crown, I'd like to use some brooches holding it on the wig, and made by some kind of soft cloth so I don't hurt the face paint. About the outfit I'm still thinking. Any suggestions?
  14. My Volks animetic eyes collection with the new website renovation I almost lost track of this pic! for future references: https://www.dollfiedream.tokyo/dd_en/item/eyes/ My eye collection updated 23/1/2020 Type A 22mm akane Type D 16mm ruri Type E 24mm akane, 20mm black Type F 20mm black, 20mm akane Type G 24mm apricot Type H 24mm apricot Type I 24mm sakura, 22mm ruri, 22mm ruri, 24mm rurikon Type J 20mm bright green, 20mm apricot Type K 20mm bright blue, 20mm apricot, 22m violet Type M 22mm violet Type N 22mm violet, 22mm bright blue Type O 20mm bright blue, 22mm violet Type P 22mm akane, 22mm bright blue Type Q 24mm ruri Type R 20mm bright blue Type S 22mm black, 22mm violet Type T 22mm black Type U 24mm bright blue (DD 22mm in T, 20mm caps x2 in F, x1 in E, 22mm x1 in I, 24mm x1 in H) Limited collaboration DD eyes: 20mm Rise, 20mm Yuki, 22mm Saber alter v.2, 22mm Rin Shibuya v.1, 22mm Anastasia, 20mm KOS-MOS blue, 22mm Mariko, 22mm Sakuya, 22mm Haruka, 24mm Rin Kagamine
  15. ateliervanilla

    DDH06 Marin

    I'll be posting here my progress with my custom Marin Kitagawa, from the show My Dress-Up Darling (DDH06 in flesh, on a DDSIII body). I've worked on sculpts with more narrow eyeholes, but that's also because Marin was doing her typical "grin" and silly smile. For my custom, I wanted her to look cuter. I've done multiple DDH09s and while it may be suitable, I was also curious with the DDH06 sculpt. I took the chance to get it from Volks USA before it went out of stock. For her faceup, I actually got the inspiration from DDS Ram from Re: Zero with the subtle pink eyeliner. But of course I gave her a gentle smile. I was a little hesitant on whether I'd like to give her more "worried" eyebrows but I just left it slightly angled. I've known Marin to have a strong personality so I didn't want her to look "soft". I'm currently waiting for her new wig and earrings. I couldn't find bjd neckties for 1/3 size anywhere (if you know any, please let me know! I'd be very thankful!), so I feel like making it myself at some point. I'm also considering giving her a manicure, but I didn't want to limit this doll to just Marin so I might get another pair of default hands for that. More to come!
  16. ateliervanilla

    DD Miku's Leather Parts

    How do you deal with Miku's leather parts in her outfit? I noticed that it's starting to get sticky and has those cracks when it stretches.
  17. I recently had my original Miku, so she has a spare pair of hands. I decided to use that pair on my newer DD f-3 SWS custom. Here's how it looks: But if you look closely, I can tell that there is a difference: While this doesn't really bother me, I guess at least I can see what age does to a SWS DD. I have a DDS Mio Honda and she's aged pretty well, but I don't have newer flesh parts to compare the skin color. Feel free to share if you also swapped out parts within your newer and older dolls!
  18. Suiseiseki

    DDdy Miu Amaha arrival!

    This weekend I placed an order on Mandarake for the Miu Amaha I've been eyeing for over half a year now. She arrived today and I'm absolutely in love! Unfortunately it was dark by the time I opened her, so I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow... Pannya! Surprisingly, her shirt doesn't seem to stain. It looks like it may have been washed? Perhaps her previous owner treated it to remove excess dyes. She's my first DD on the DDII frame as well as my first hard headcap (🥲 pried it off with a butter knife and hair dryer.... should I just buy a blank head to steal the headcap from it for her??) I'm very happy with her! Not sure how I'll style her yet, so I'm keeping her as Miu for now. She marks my 9th DD and 13th Volks doll! Almost double digits for DDs
  19. Not sure if this was already posted before, but I wanted to share my experience with both the official Volks Miku wig and Cotindoll's Onion Green Miku-styled wig. I have not styled the official Miku wig out-of-the-box, while I have used a flat iron gently on the Cotindoll wig (because it arrived totally poofy and the fringe might have warped due to the AZ heat ) These photos are from my Google Pixel 4a. None of these are post-processed. Just under my room's night lighting. So here are my two Mikus side-by-side (left is my custom SWS DDH09 Miku, right is the official Miku): From afar, the wigs look really identical. But if you look closely at the Cotindoll wig, it appears to be shinier: The official Miku wig is more tame and matte: Let's take a look at the back of these wigs. They are still very similar, but with slight differences. The Cotindoll wig: The official Miku wig seems to have been tied in some sort of a "cross", and has short strands by the bottom left and right. I'm not sure if it's just the very dry AZ weather and the way these wigs arrived, but the official Miku wig was softer to the touch. But at the same time, it had less volume than Cotindoll. Personally, I do not have a preference. When it comes to the color match, virtually I don't see a major difference. It wouldn't photograph well, but the Volks wig appears to be a little darker. Cotindoll wig with flash: Volks Miku wig with flash: Overall, I think the Cotindoll wig is an excellent brand if you want to use another wig for Miku, or a custom Miku. I'm not very confident in using the wig products yet so I'll probably leave it at that. Maybe if it is styled properly, it would appear a lot better. For some reason, the Volks wig gets frizzy easier compared to the Cotindoll wig. Plus I find it easier to handcomb the Cotindoll wig as well. Both have their pros and cons. I hope this image heavy post helps!
  20. ateliervanilla

    Custom DDH09 Miku

    I've always wanted to buy the licensed Miku Hatsune DD... But one part of me wanted to customize my own. I got myself a DDH09 and painted the head similar to Miku! It's not perfect and I'm still practicing more, but I liked how it turned out so far. Wig is Cotindoll and the cute sailor crop set is from DollDelights.
  21. ateliervanilla

    Modded SWS DDH10 MDD - Vanilla

    My sweet little Vanilla! Her original faceup and mouth mod was done by raimuñeca, I modified her eyelashes/eyebrows and designed the eyes. Photos taken from my Google Pixel 4a.
  22. ateliervanilla

    DD Miku Hatsune

    My newly arrived DD Miku! I love her so much Photo taken from Google Pixel 4a, enhancements done through Clip Studio Paint.
  23. Having not been to a meetup in over 3 years now, and really craving the experience of seeing other dolls in person and meeting people who share my interests, I’ve been wondering if anyone would be interested in a Chicago-area casual mini-meetup somewhere? I’m fully vaccinated (the 2-week mark after my 2nd shot was on June 9th), but I’d still only be comfortable if everyone else was also vaccinated and wearing masks just in case. I don’t have any doll friends I can ask, let alone any in the area, so I hope this is the right place to ask. I live around Valparaiso Indiana but I don’t mind going to Chicago since it’s fairly close by and I assume it would be more convenient for other people. We can decide what specific location and date/time is best after we’ve established who’s interested, but feel free to suggest somewhere you think would be good if you have something in mind.
  24. I thought I’d make a new post for pictures of my Sakura MDD. I’ve committed to taking more photos and I wanted to try to up my game. I hope you enjoy.
  25. Recently I went through the process With my proxy of obtaining a tanned mochi-ashi MDD! She just arrived two days ago. she’s a DC-H-21. She obviously came with the basics of a dream choice: • wig • eyes • slip dress + undies (which were bigger then the typical MDD undies!) I also decided to get the newly released elf ears as well in the medium size. These come in 3 sizes! It’s been mentioned a lot online, but these ears are only available for the 20 and 21 head. The ears are specifically sculpted for these heads! The literally just click into place and are very sturdy. I’m so excited to have this doll. She’s absolutely precious and the chunky legs are to die for! she’s the 5th addition to my family, and the 3rd MDD addition! as for my proxy, I went with @sophiebabybear on Instagram! She was awesome to work with and had my girl shipped to me within a week of payment and her being built. Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy my new girl, Mayumi!
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