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Found 77 results

  1. Hello, Recently I successfully de-stained a doll around the eyes and lips. I used Removez it stain remover per recommendations I saw online. As I did not have the dedicated cleaner for it, I used the alternative that was listed, white vinegar, to remove the residue. I cleaned with alcohol, mr clean magic eraser, and soap afterwards to be sure. I let it dry for 3 days. When attempt to seal the doll, where the previous stain remover was goes glossy vs matte (only where I previously de-stained). I wiped the sealant off. Let it dry another 2 days, and reattempted again. It is less so but still drying glossy in those areas with no 'tooth'. Now, I am not sure if its left over residue or the head needs even longer before sealing, as the head in those areas is a little soft/tacky but dry prior to sealing. Does anyone have experience or suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to give her a new look, and hope the head isnt ruined. Thanks!
  2. Besides the obvious answers of "you'll quickly end up with more than one," and "they'll take over your whole life," what's something you wish you knew about Dollfie Dream dolls before buying your first one? Since I still only have one DD myself (though I have a DWC head on the way already...), I don't really have any big thoughts yet. However, I've collected dolls and figures for almost 10 years now and looking back at some of my first purchases, I know there are some things I wish I had known then to make more educated or just different initial choices, so I'm curious to see what the more 'established' veteran collectors (and newer ones, too!) have to say!
  3. WorldofBJD

    ..::Hello from Renny::.. (DDH09)

    I've been a member for a while now but never shown any of my dolls so I'll start by introducing my girl Renny. She finally found her look some weeks ago even though I've had her for a year now. Renny: "Mr Bunny would like to say hi too!" Full name: Reinette Spencer Mold: DDH09 on DD Asuna's body Face-up by: Moyashi Doll Eyes: Volks Miku + Miku Sebonzakura Corset & flowercrown: by me Skirt: Volks Shirt & collar: unknown. Diorama: by me
  4. Chiakisenpai

    Dollfie Dream skin comparisons?

    I've been browsing the web all morning looking for something, but I was wondering what all three skins look like side by side. I only have normal skin on two DD's and I just purchased another head in semi-white, but I just wanted to see the difference in color since on Volks website I can't really tell the difference (also it would be easier for side by side). So does anyone have any personal photos that have two contrasting DD's together? Or anyone know a blog, video or website showing the differences in colors? Thanks!
  5. I forgot to take pictures of putting her together. I purchased her from a member here, the clothes and the head, so it didn’t come with the box. But it did have the slip with instructions for the clothes and dang did it need that. Pulling off arms, even had to take her head off to put the skirt on. Haha. She’s using a DD-f3 body not the DD III body she came with originally. The trio together at last! Thank you SO much, @jadepixel.
  6. I ordered a body off of Mandarake back in March and it just arrived, which got me looking for heads for my (soon-to-be) new girl. I know that eBay and Mandarake have heads with face-ups, but where else is it possible to buy heads? At the same time I've been looking for an artist to commission to possibly do a face-up if I can't find a head online that's already done, but it seems all artists commissions that I have found are closed So what's your go to place for looking for heads with a faceup? And where do you look for artists to do a faceup?
  7. TheWhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit's Photo Thread (^.^) Updated 05/25

    After a lot of procrastination I'm finally going to create a place for all my girls photos. I have been a little extra horrible at giving them proper attention lately, so I am hoping this will keep me in check. I don't usually take enough photos at once for full photo set posts so this makes the most sense. Anyway, the weather is finally improving a smidgen, so Saber and Miku went out on the deck this afternoon! I'm so ready for more consistent nice weather, this winter was way toooo long.
  8. Mitsuna


  9. Mitsuna


  10. Pit

    The Fire keeper

    I love dark souls 3 and after getting my first dollfie (recently), the idea of creating "the one who sworn to help the ashen one with his deadly journey", called "the fire keeper", was born. Now it's more like a personal project that I want to achieve, so this is the concept. First. Who's the fire keeper? It's a crucial npc that helps the player in the game. Here she is: Body image: And this is a quite accurate fanart (which I don't own), that resembles more or less an anime style that could work on a dollfie: So, I was thinking I could use a semi white-skin base body dd III with the kos-mos head. For the crown, I'd like to use some brooches holding it on the wig, and made by some kind of soft cloth so I don't hurt the face paint. About the outfit I'm still thinking. Any suggestions?
  11. cinnabunroll

    Hello from Montana!!

    I am so excited to finally be rejoining the Volks portion of the community. I used to have a Dollfie Dream, but I ended up selling her because she wasn’t really the kind of doll I wanted, y’know? Well, I bought myself an MDD Liliru yesterday!! I’m really really excited, I really can’t wait to take a million pictures of her and plaster them all over my Instagram! I sold my SmD Starlight to buy her, and now I’m patiently waiting for her arrival (and by patient, I mean vibrating with anticipation)!! Oh, and you can all call me Heather. It’s nice to meet you!
  12. fishbuttz

    Persona 5 Futaba Sakura

    Well, if Volks won't give me one, I'll make one myself. Hey friends! I'm at the end of my first P5 playthrough and I chose to romance Futaba. She is a character near and dear to my heart and I would love to have her in my collection, whether as an official character model or as a custom. All of this is to say I sort of planned her out already, though she will be a slow-going process as I pick up things for her. The References The Doll For Futaba, I decided that a DDH-06 in Flesh skin on the DDS small bust body would be most accurate. I debated on putting her on the DDP, since it's shorter and probably aligns more with her canon height (read: tiny), but if my canonically 14-year-old IM@S Ranko gets a DDS, then so does Futaba. As of this moment, the wig and eyes are still TBD. The Clothes My goal would be to make Futaba's casual outfit. Lucky for me, Nine9Style already has some pieces that would work! The hard part would be finding or making a t-shirt to match her look and protecting her from staining with all that black. I'd also have to hunt down a convincingly close pair of glasses and headphones.
  13. 4/17/2020 Update: Anime Expo is now officially cancelled for this year. http://www.anime-expo.org/2020/04/17/anime-expo-return-los-angeles-2021/ Sadly, Anime Expo has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. Conventions have been shown to be a source of several outbreaks of the virus, so it's better that we all stay safe, rather than overwhelm our hospitals. Hopefully things will improve in the months to come, but I'm pretty sure that Los Angeles will still be under social distancing orders in July. Take care, and stay healthy everyone! Note: Increasingly it looks like we may not have Anime Expo this year. Nothing is confirmed, and it's still on the schedule, but things aren't looking good. The LA Convention Center is currently setup as a Federal Field Hospital to help handle any potential surge in Coronavirus patients. The Barbershop Harmony Society, which had a convention scheduled at the same time as AX, utilizing the Microsoft Theater, JW Marriott, & L.A. Live, was cancelled. Los Angeles, as well as the entire state of California, remain under a Stay-at-Home order until further notice. Anime Expo 2020 (July 2-5) This year, Anime Expo will be held July 2-5, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday). I'm not trying to organize the meetups myself, but I wanted to make a master list for all doll meetups that may be happening. Meetups are a community effort, so I encourage everyone to comment and make suggestions. I will try to add any relevant information as it appears. People are encouraged to hold their own meetups. It's a huge con. It deserves more than 1 meetup. Day 1: Thursday, July 2 Day 2: Friday, July 3 Besides a weekend meetup in the convention lobby, we might also consider using the cosplay backdrop sets for photos. Day 3: Saturday, July 4 Likely meetup on Saturday We shall see if Volks USA participates in AX this year. Day 4: Sunday, July 5
  14. TechnoHornist

    Mama Mariko

    Greetings! Mariko found a fluffly twintail friend and was very confused. Mariko: "Papa, who's this? She keeps saying 'Baaaaaaaaay!' over and over again. What should I do? Is she hurt?" Oh, that's Gambier Bay, or Bay-Bay for short. That's the normal sound she makes. She wants you to pet her. Mariko: "Like this?" *pets Bay-Bay's fluffy hair* Gambier Bay: "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaay~" Hehe, yup, just like that.
  15. TechnoHornist

    Happy Birthday Miku!!!

    Greetings! Today, August 31st, is Hatsune Miku's birthday! For the past 12 years, Miku and her lovely voice have captivated and inspired the entire world through every form of media imaginable. My Miku Triplets all share this birthday and also celebrate their arrival anniversaries today. Miku Append arrived first in 2014, followed by Hatsune Miku in 2015, and finally, Snow Miku in 2016! We send our warmest birthday wishes to all the other DD Mikus out there on this wonderful day. Here's to many more years of Miku!
  16. https://flic.kr/p/2g4jyqK Hey Everyone!! This is a last minute Doll Meetup at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for Saturday, February 8th at 1:00pm. Sorry for the late notice. I wasn’t sure if we could make it, but our vacation time is a sure thing. We’re hoping that everyone will decide to join us for a fun gathering at the Happiest Place On Earth. And we’re bringing our Dollfie girls Amora and Miku, along with a new friend to our family. We hope to meet everyone for at least one hour before we spread out throughout the park. We’ll meet at the center hub, located next to the Walt and Mickey statue in front of the castle. And we’ll be taking lots of pics around the area, along with other areas throughout the day and night. If it looks like rain, we’ll make other arrangements. We’re also making a trip with the girls to EPCOT on Sunday, February 9th. Although we don’t have any particular location to meet up at, we would like to meet others at the Japan Pavilion later in the day. If you think you can make it, just let us know and we’ll gladly meet with you. We hope you can make it. Let us know, k??
  17. Finally I got my first Smartdoll so I decided to compare her with my dds to see the poses and aesthetic diferrences by myself. Then I found dds can't bend the back as SmD, so I wanna try modding the chest so both can move the torso almost in the same way at least. Any experienced modder that could give some advices?? I was thinking on cutting the low part of the bust or cutting a little hole in the back of the neck.
  18. Animaster888

    dollfie dream bodies

    So, I was curious. What is the most basic/common dollfie dream body out there? I want to get one one day but I'm curious on the different types. but I want one that is common because ill be selling clothes for them one day
  19. archangeli

    MDD Arle Box Opening

    Hi friends - it's been a while! I brought home a couple of dolls from the Dolpa 42 After Event - here's MDD Arle. https://youtu.be/KPKba86ojco
  20. TaKizi

    Mississippi Meetup

    Hi I am new to the doll world and dream of finding a Meetup close to me, but everywhere I look I have no luck. North Mississippi isn't a doll popular place and I was wondering if anyone on here was around and interested!
  21. Do dollfie dream clothes and shoes fit smartdoll? I was curious because some of the clothes are very cute but I only have a smartdoll
  22. My Volks animetic eyes collection with the new website renovation I almost lost track of this pic! for future references: https://www.dollfiedream.tokyo/dd_en/item/eyes/ My eye collection updated 23/1/2020 Type A 22mm akane Type D 16mm ruri Type E 24mm akane, 20mm black Type F 20mm black, 20mm akane Type G 24mm apricot Type H 24mm apricot Type I 24mm sakura, 22mm ruri, 22mm ruri, 24mm rurikon Type J 20mm bright green, 20mm apricot Type K 20mm bright blue, 20mm apricot, 22m violet Type M 22mm violet Type N 22mm violet, 22mm bright blue Type O 20mm bright blue, 22mm violet Type P 22mm akane Type Q 24mm ruri Type R 20mm bright blue Type S 22mm black, 22mm violet Type T 22mm black Type U 24mm bright blue (DD 22mm in T, 20mm caps x2 in F, x1 in E, 22mm x1 in I, 24mm x1 in H) Limited collaboration DD eyes: 20mm Rise, 20mm Yuki, 22mm Saber alter v.2, 22mm Rin Shibuya v.1, 22mm Anastasia, 20mm KOS-MOS blue, 22mm Mariko, 22mm Sakuya, 22mm Haruka, 24mm Rin Kagamine
  23. It's that time again! Come celebrate the Lunar New Year with us at our private clubroom in Orange County, California! ☆ Lunar New Year Doll Meet 2020 ☆ ◇ Date/time: Saturday, January 25, 2020: 1pm - 8pm ◇ Address: 27662 Aliso Creek Rd, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 ◇ FB event page link - https://www.facebook.com/events/709544299543824/ ❅☆ Come and dress your doll up in their best New Year/Chinese outfits! (Don't worry if you don't have anything matching the theme-- just bring your doll(s) in your favorite outfits!) ☆❅ ❅☆ Dollfie Dreams, Azones, Smart Dolls, and BJDs are the primary dolls that you'll find at our meets. We also welcome figures/hybrids/customs. Even if you don't have a doll of your own, you are also welcome to come and check out the event! ☆❅ ❅☆ We encourage everyone to bring something to share (pot-luck style) -- It doesn't just need to be food or drinks-- you can bring decorations/props for the photo backdrops, games to play, crafts, etc. ☆❅ ❅☆ Selling and trading is welcomed. There will be a designated room for selling. We recommend bringing a bin/basket for your stuff and a sign (so we know who the items belong to). ☆❅ Hope you can join us ! - ◇ If you are driving, be sure to choose a route that avoids toll roads on your GPS! - ◇ Free parking around the building. Just do NOT park in any covered carport or assigned spot. - ◇ The clubroom is up a ramp between the leasing office and the gym. There will be a sign on the door & you will notice a big water fountain (now turned into a planter) before you enter.
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