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Found 2 results

  1. So, I am wondering for future, how could I make some night elf doll char. (she has som kind of backstory already just will need avatar) Except blue Smarties or Dollfie Icons - I dont think I could win "click war" I am doing research what is on market and how much is customization possible/required. I have seen some experiments with dyeing on our forum with vinyl. Not sure about resin. I wouldnt like to destroy any of thoose two materials. Some photos, since not everyone may know how night elves look. The skin color is not mandatory, night elves have many vairations of skin tones. Height is not also much mandatory, she can be in classic SD size. Even night elves are higher than humans. Wig and and scar and any other stuff are subject of in-game change. Theese visual features are not required for avatar. edit: ears not needed will find some external (or try to make some)
  2. The_Folktale_Fox

    Androgynous body

    hey everyone! I'm currently contemplating trying to make one of my own characters into a vinyl doll. I only own an angelphilia at this moment. I love her so much but I am happy to branch out to other brands/sculpts. I am looking for a more androgynous looking body. The actual gender of the body isn't relevant as long as it has a flat chest (ish doesn't need to be perfect flat). The aim is for it to look genderfluid/androgynous underneath clothes. Any help or redirection to pages would be wonderful! I tried looking for this topic but I am still learning about this forum 😅 Thanks! PS if you have a doll like this feel free to add pictures! I love seeing other people's dolls. Edit: I forgot to mention that I prefer something 50cm + somewhere around the 60cm would be perfect.
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