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Found 23 results

  1. HimboPrinceLuka

    Ybeedoll Dolls?

    hello I was wondering if anyone else here owns any dolls from the indie maker Ybeedoll on instagram? I have one of their doll sculpts Nora coming to me soon and I'm so excited! I'm mostly interested in seeing more Noras but Ybeedolls other sculpts like Ipah, Bom, Blewit and Finch (and future dolls like Kota and Toro) are welcomed as well! i'll be sure to share my nora when they arrive!
  2. Gamma Ray

    ABJD Meet - South NJ - 5/11/24

    We had a nice South NJ doll meet today! We had quite the variety of dolls and action figures. We had resin BJDs, a Dollfie Dream, a Pure Neemo doll, and a bunch of video game action figures. It was great to see everyone again, plus we had a newcomer! I mostly put group shots below, but you can find all of my photos in this Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBpMAs
  3. Tania and Stephanie are having a very sisterly afternoon today. I decided to put to use the bunk bed I got from The Doll Outlet last weekend. I am so glad I picked it up! They still had one when I was there. No guarantees that it's still there. It's more pink with white flowers, if I'm not mistaken. The bunk bed came with the ladder and the top layer of bedding that I'm using as quilts. I bought a couple darker pink sets of bedding that came with pillows to use as the pillows and mattress covers. It's such a cute little bunk bed for my little girls! I love it so much! I'm incredibly happy I picked it up.
  4. Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I got a bunch of free comics! Tania has enjoyed Free Comic Book Day before, but it is Stephanie's first one! Let's see if the two of them enjoy this year's comics.
  5. I figured I'd do a little photoshoot showing some fashions that I picked up at The Doll Outlet in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I didn't get all of this today, but I got everything (except the shoes) from the store. It's playline clothes intended for American Girl style dolls, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of it. My Iplehouse EID Jessica with large bust is modeling, and the skirts and the Doll Diaries shirt fits very well. The striped top is a slight bit tight, but it's a good thing I have slightly smaller dolls that would fit it better. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic fit on my Iplehouse SID Eva with large bust and Dollmore Model Doll Leah with the regular Model Doll bust. I particularly love the jeans shorts. You can't see so much of them under the shirt, but they look nice and fit really well on Jessica's hips and behind. Unlike Iplehouse's own jeans shorts, I didn't have to fight her thighs to get them in position, too! I believe what Jessica is wearing in the last couple photos is an Indian outfit. It's perhaps the most playline of them all in terms of fabric quality, but it's so gorgeous that I can't help but love it. I saw it on the peg at the store and had to try it out. I'm glad I did. While these clothes aren't specifically made for BJDs, trying things out can sometimes pay off really nicely!
  6. We had a nice little meet at Long's Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this morning. We were originally going to have it at noon, but we wanted to have the meet before the rain, so we had it in the morning. We all sat our dolls down in our chairs with our little props, and we talked about dolls and stuff. It was a very nice time. I wish we could've met for longer and that we had better weather. The meet did a lot to get the local community together, so maybe I'll be attending one of their meets in the future! Many thanks to Kettle and themonsteryoho from Den of Angels and Quincy and partner from the BJD Discord for coming out and making the meet a great one!
  7. I bought this lovely pair of outfits from SweetDaisy on Mercari. I know her from various Facebook doll groups. She's a total delight. These outfits were sold as Iplehouse EID/HID size, but I decided to push the envelope in the smaller direction. Even like this, they're still very nice outfits! My Iplehouse SID Eva (large bust) is wearing the one with the large blocks of colors. It is incredibly cute and incredibly attractive! The top slips over Eva's bust and is held by elastic. The separated sleeves do the same. The skirt is so long and pretty! I especially love how it hugs Eva's hips fairly low. It is such an attractive look. The bag has a little starfish on it, too. So cute! My Dollmore Model Doll Leah is wearing the dress. This is a bigger ask of this outfit with respect to it being primarily for the EID/HID body. There's actually a whole corset top that I didn't even bother trying to use on Leah since it's obviously for bustier dolls. However, I think the dress looks very cute as-is. It's another fun, flirty, summery fit of a dress. This dress also carries over the starfish motif. I am so glad both starfish are able to show on these outfits with Leah and Eva wearing them because it really makes them look like the cutest of couples. Leah's dress also comes with a purse with a strap so long that I made it cross her body. I will try these outfits on my EID Jessica in the future, especially to try the corset top, but I think they're plenty cute on Leah and Eva. I am especially charmed by Eva's new look!
  8. Gamma Ray

    Jessica - Wired

    I did my first experiment in BJD wiring in over 10 years yesterday. My Iplehouse EID Jessica was my test subject. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm upset that I'll have to open up the hole in her left elbow peanut because it's a bit narrower than the right one. I looked down the both of them, and you can see how the left peanut has a bit of extra resin inside an indentation that appears to be the guide for how big the hole should be. I know, don't breathe in resin dust. I'll take it outside and wear a mask. One interesting thing I encountered was with the JID elastic I used. I bought a bunch of JID elastic when I last got some clothes and shoes from Iplehouse. I know I have to restring my JID Tania, so I got more than enough. Anyway, each pack of elastic from Iplehouse contains two precut strands of elastic. One of them was too short to go from wrist to wrist on the EID, so I used both of them and tucked both knots inside the torso. I think the way things are set up now, I have a very workable setup. I may experiment with 14 gauge wire, but it would probably be for the best to stick with 12 gauge wire for extra stability and durability. I've had this wire in my Dollmore Model Doll Leah's legs for over 10 years, and I haven't had to replace it at all. Plus, 12 gauge is easy to find at the hardware store. They just cut it off of a reel for you if you don't want to buy a whole lot. I got like 20 feet of it way back when. I still haven't used it all.
  9. Gamma Ray

    Leah and Eva - Sexy Business Ladies

    It's time for a little bit of cheesecake romance in the workplace! Don't worry, my ladies here are just having a little role playing fun at home I got these Smart Doll clothes from Obsidian Doll Shop. They were the business lady sets. I got them in two colors. I think it was the last two they had. They're not a bad fit on my Dollmore Model Doll Leah. The outer snap of the top snaps a bit iffy, but it holds. My Iplehouse SID Eva is too... gifted... to fit in the top. I had to really strain the top just to get it to snap at the one snap. It wouldn't wrap around all the way. Oh well. I don't mind having both of these for Leah. I think these outfits fit her personality better anyway. Plus, I really love these clothes. They're so well made. They're so soft to the touch, too. They must be really comfortable to wear. I'm so glad I got them for Leah. She's going to love them for years to come. I also used this clip-on light with my cell phone in its lowest intensity natural light setting. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C8SVTSV5?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1 The photos turned out pretty well, I'd say. The lighting really helps in this spot, and if you remember some of the photos I've taken in this spot, lighting was a big challenge.
  10. OrchidViper

    Favorite resin BJD company or artist?

    I feel like there's so much variety in the hobby now, it's hard to pick just one favorite, but if you had to pick a favorite BJD company or artist, who would you choose? What draws you to them? Personally, I really love Peaks Woods! Their face sculpts have a peculiar style that I'm drawn to, especially the lips and the creases around the eyes. And their faceups are just so incredible, I have 2 and they're just so lovely irl!
  11. Gamma Ray

    ABJD Meet - New York City - 3/9/24

    We had a great doll meet in New York City despite the rain outside! We were indoors and safe, and we had a fantastic doll meet with one of the biggest varieties of dolls and doll activities we've had in a while. We had resin dolls, vinyl dolls, large dolls, tiny dolls, restringing, piggyback rides, and even a centaur! My Iplehouse nYID Olivia made a Smart Doll friend, too! Check out my full album of photos because there's no way I can capture it all in this post. https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBgXga
  12. Here is Olivia in a cute classic Iplehouse dress. I picked this one up secondhand last year. I already had one of these, but there were some good items for sale, and I figured my girls couldn't have too many dresses. This is an older denim dress from Iplehouse. I guess it was made to fit on both nYID and SID. My first one has been on both my nYID Olivia and SID Eva plenty of times over the years. This particular dress I got last year didn't come with the original black panties and the stockings. The original panties are nice and functional, and I think the original stockings are really cute and unusually thick and warm. However, I didn't bemoan the lack of original pieces. I took this as an opportunity to mix and match fashions to spruce up this dress in my own way! So, I used an older SID lingerie set that also has worked out well for my nYID Olivia. I started with the panties, but then I put the corset on her. I never really liked the corset, but it has suspender straps, and it would be getting covered up by the dress. I squeezed the dress over the corset, hooked up the stockings from the lingerie set to the suspenders, and ended up with a super flattering long stockings short skirt look with exposed suspender straps! I also matched the outfit with these cute black shoes. Finally, I added this purse that was a bonus piece to the Iplehouse clothes I got last year, and I took some photos of Olivia in her new ensemble! Isn't she cute? I have an idea floating around in my head for a fun "friends hanging out" photostory where Eva and Olivia meet up wearing the same dress. It's going to be so much fun!
  13. Gamma Ray

    Jessica's Fashion Show February 2024

    It's Jessica's turn for an Iplehouse EID fashion show! Woo hoo! These are some of the clothes I got for her from Iplehouse recently. First thing, I did not try the Nude Pink Lingerie set on her. My SID Eva is still wearing that, and I think it's going to be exclusively hers. There's just something special about it when it's on her. It is billed as being EID and SID compatible, but it belongs to Eva. Second, I tried the Punching Blouse Set which is supposed to be versatile enough to go from the SID medium bust to the EID large bust, but Jessica's EID large bust was not being contained by the top. I don't know. I could try it again, as it laces up the back, but I don't know. I also figured I'd try the shorts since at least I could have a good pair of shorts for Jessica, but they wouldn't clear her thighs. I could try pulling them up harder. Maybe in the future. So, the first photo is of the Emerald Underwear set. I know I said I wasn't going to have so many lingerie photos anymore, but I'll get through this one quick. It's pretty, and it's a nice color. I didn't even have to loosen the bra straps all the way to make it fit. I think this set would pair nicely with a dark colored robe, which I have! It could be a nice photoshoot. Next up is the Wild Sexy set for HID. Yeah, that's a size up from EID, but I decided to chance it. The fitment is weird. The top does not want to contain her properly. I was afraid to take a photo from any higher up because she might've been having a wardrobe malfunction. I guess the HID shape is significantly different enough to make the top not a good fit for EID. I rolled the dice on this one, so I have nobody to blame. I could see the top working nicely with a bra underneath, peeking out of the top, so I might try that in the future. The torn jeans shorts work nicely, too. Finally, Jessica is modeling the Brown Knit set. This one is compatible with EID and HID, all bust sizes. The top wraps around and ties in the back, so it's versatile. It's a pretty set that fits nicely on Jessica! I like it! The skirt's perhaps a bit long for my liking, but it's very lovely. The top is a good fit. The set even comes with a very flattering necklace. I have left Jessica in this outfit and will probably leave her in it for a while. She looks so beautiful wearing it.
  14. Gamma Ray

    Leah - A Winter Stroll

    I unfortunately didn't get out to the South Jersey doll meet today due to the snow you see in the background of these photos. I took these photos as the sun was going down. I got Leah dressed in this winter dress just in case we got enough snow to make this photoshoot possible. I missed my opportunity with the snowfall this past Tuesday since it had already melted, so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it again. The first four photos are in my new back yard next door! Me and my dad bought the house next door. I think it'll have some new photo opportunities in the future. You'll see the tree in the last photo. That's in my old back yard. That didn't happen today. That happened during the extreme wind last month.
  15. And here's my final Valentine's Day photostory for the big day. This one was a lot of fun to put together, with the props and the poses and the outfits. I really am in love with those pink shoes! I'm fully aware I donked up the Iplehouse Nude Pink Lingerie that Eva's wearing. I should've put the train belt under the corset. I never would've thought to put anything under a corset except for maybe a catsuit, but I'm not exactly the target demographic for corsets. Anyway, please enjoy a sweet and loving time with this photostory, and I hope you're having a Valentine's Day full of love! You can also view a less naughty version of the photostory here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBe7Eg
  16. Valentine's Day is rolling along! Here's my second photostory of the day. This one is about a very brave little girl who is growing up.
  17. Here are a few more photos of Eva modeling the Nude Pink Lingerie set from Iplehouse. This is a little preview of my upcoming Valentine's Day photostory. I took all of these pics with Eva partly freestanding, but she had the hutch behind her for something to fall back on if she didn't stay upright. I wanted to keep a doll stand from interfering with the train. And gosh, what a train! What lingerie in general. I wanted to take a few photos of this lingerie before I take it off her because I don't know when I'll use it again, and it's just so gorgeous. It's only going to come out on very special occasions, like my bridal lingerie sets.
  18. It's after school! My daughters' homework is done, and we're watching a lot of 80s TV shows before supper! My BJD daughters Tania and Stephanie are here, and my Momoko Doll daughter Madalaine has decided to join us. They may spoil their appetite for supper a bit with popcorn, but we had such a great time that I can overlook it just for today.
  19. Gamma Ray

    Leah - The Fall of 2023

    I took a few photos of Leah as we're getting into the middle of fall. I actually had one more photo, but it didn't turn out right. My phone couldn't get the focus right, and I couldn't influence the focus because I was already doing so much else off camera to make the posing work. Leah is wearing the Iplehouse SID cat clothes. This time it's the kitty overalls and the kitty crop top shirt. I think this outfit works very nicely on the Dollmore Model Doll body. It fits Leah well, and the Model Doll legs make this cute overall skirt an extra lovely show of legs, with much of Leah's beautiful thighs showing yet the overalls are still very nicely covering Leah's lower body. This is the first time I'm using these Dollmore boots and the Sophia's umbrella. While these boots are new, I had to glue the heels pretty much right after taking them out of their bag. Oh well. While I don't think these boots are specifically for the Model Doll high heel feet despite the moderately sized heel in the boots, the high heel feet with their extreme high heel arch worked well enough inside the boots. I was relieved to not have to change Leah's feet. In hindsight, I'm not sure if these boots were the best choice for the outfit, but I just really wanted to use them. I'll probably use this outfit with Leah's white high heels next time. Maybe her black high heels. The Sophia's umbrella is something I got from Aimee and Daria's Doll Outlet in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's a very nice little umbrella, with a wraparound tie-down and also a little click when the umbrella is fully opened. It's also lighter than the umbrellas I got in the past which helps Leah to handle it. It even has a little band on the handle that you might be able to use to help a doll hold the umbrella. The only criticism I have is that I wish it spanned just a bit bigger, but it's still great in its own right.
  20. This is The ABJD Slumber Party! This is one of the biggest photostories I've ever done. This story has all of my mature ABJD ladies enjoying a slumber party in their lingerie. It's a bunch of cheesecake, but it's a fun slumber party. I hope you enjoy watching my ladies bond over slumber party activities. Here's the full list of dolls: Volks Dollfie Dream 2 Yukino Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite Alna Dollmore Model Doll Leah Cox Iplehouse nYID Olivia Iplehouse SID Eva Iplehouse EID Jessica While not every photo involves a vinyl doll, my Dollfie Dreams are prominently featured in this photostory, so I hope it's okay to share these photos in this subforum. In case you get red Xes, click on the red X to see the photo on Flickr. You can also view all of the photos in the Flickr album for this photostory here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB1HvB
  21. I went to the South NJ doll meet today. It was actually my first time going to a meet or doing doll stuff at all for a couple months, so I'm glad I made it to today's meet to get back in the swing of things. I spent a lot of time playing with my Jessica and Olivia with their beach stuff. We had some other dolls, a work in progress head, and action figures, too. We even had a Star Trek captain's chair! You can find all of my photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAUZML
  22. NatsukiP

    My Sculpting Journey

    Many years ago, I made an old sculpting thread following the progress of my anime boy, Spica. I wanted to add an anime boy head option, since even resin heads, there aren't too many options. I even went as far as to hold a preorder, but the results weren't that great.😅 But after sulking for a while, I didn't want to give up doll making entirely. I also wanted to create a new post mainly to bring a newer method of how I make dolls as well as the fact I ended up with Astrea Doll as my "company" name, lol versus the concept I made when I was 18. Here's the original post: And here's the guy all finished, but sadly he wasn't compatible at all with vinyl bodies easily. I did want to expand my group of sculpts however and try my hand at making more anime heads, especially heads compatible with DD and SmD bodies, with what's available with the current bodies. Polaris herself was sort of a random urge of sculpting since I still had my old test mold of Spica and I wanted to try my hand at hand sculpting her, so here are some progress photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/natsukiphoto/ While refining my sculpt Polaris, I thought how nice would it be have her in vinyl. But knowing the approximate cost, and being unsure if I would be able to sell any, I had to give up. It was until I remembered that Volks used to make their DDII bust out of resin. For a while I thought it was Volk's special formula as I could really only pull up rigid type of resins...until I was browsing the Smooth-On website and found semi-rigid resins. I also was getting quite envious of digital sculptors lol and wanted to try my hand at it. After some searching I found an online based program called SculptGL (same family as Nomad sculpt, but more like the first sculpting program by Stephane Ginier.) So while toying around with the software I finally complete Polaris with the features I wanted her to have since I wasn't satisfied with my hand sculpting and with every refinement I made, there was always something else after a while I would notice that looked uneven to me. I then used Zbrush at my school to lower her resolution to make her more ideal for printing an am currently cutting the head open in a CAD software to finish her inner construction. But I'm having a bit of a dilemma, knowing how simple anime doll sculpts can be, does Polaris resemble any dolls on the market? Her sketches were just drawings to play with some faceup ideas, but I would like to personally avoid looking like other dolls on the market and avoid a lawsuit and then have to live in a box lmao. I'm also open to any criticism and feedback, I'm happy to hear anyone's thoughts really since I want to improve as an artist. I'm also going to document my experience with semi rigid resin to help other makers who want to create custom parts and heads for their own businesses, or customizations.
  23. Yuichan


    Heya! I'm Yui, but i'm fine with every Name. I love Vinyl BJD's, but i never really got into it because i was always on the Resin-Side of the Hobby. I dont really know much about Vinyl BJD's, and i want to Change that since i want to Customize my own Mini Dolfie Dream Wohoo! And i just feel like this is the right place for asking Question and Sharing my Journey. I also have a DOA Account, where i speak about my Resin Dolls, but i felt that Den Of Angels isnt the right place to speak about MDD's. I'm also collecting Anime Figures and Manga. After i get some Resin BJD's that are on my List i'll Hopefully get my First Smartdoll! I Actually would prefer buying my MMD before a Smart Doll, but like i said i dont really know much and im a little bi insecure about it. Anyways, Thank you for Reading! I always like to meet new People, especially in this hobby, since i dont have really Friends who share the Hobby with me, so feel free to Message me Anytime! Also, on a little Sidenote; Is it normal that the Profile Picture is blurry and pixilated? I tried it with some really High Res Pictures but nothing seems to work.
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