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In case anyone's curious about fashion doll clothes, I have a kikipop and she is able to fit into Rainbow High clothes almost perfectly. Also fits very well into most of the vintage 8in doll clothes I've tried, like Penny Brite and Susie Sad Eyes. 

Unfortunately she doesn't fit into any Barbie/skipper/chelsea/etc ones I have found. And I haven't been able to find any shoes/socks that fit apart from the official ones 😭

Oh and I wouldn't advise trying long sleeves or long pants from other dolls on her, her legs and arms are too wide for them lol. Hope this helps someone!

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This is that cute modded Kiki I got! I want to make her an outfit based on Takeshi murakami Kiki kaikai characters. I got her this cute wig and haven’t styled it at all yet, but want to add colourful wefts maybe? I  would LOVE suggestions for hair style and stuff!!


I also got her some cute insanely cheap clothes that ended up fitting. I was curious if the doll clothes at Daiso (blue shorts/school uni) fit and .. some do! And I got a Sanrio shirt from a gatcha machine and it fits PERFECTLY! The other thing she’s wearing is an ollldddd Barbie sweater ( ´ ▽ ` ) 

THE STAND IS ALSO FROM DAISO! But small for her waist but I’m impressed!!I love daiso 





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On 7/24/2023 at 6:12 PM, Malloruru said:

This is that cute modded Kiki I got!

OMG she is too cute! 😱 

Is this the resin one or an Azone one??

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It's been quite awhile, but has anyone been interested in the recent Jill Jelly dolls? I know they're technically not considered Kikipops since they're not Kikis, but mine just arrived and she's so so cute! I got her from Kinoko Juice's etsy since I wanted to buy eyes and a wig there too, and the owner was super nice! They let me know that the eyes and head were glued in, so that I could decide if I still wanted to go through with the order. Thankfully, the only hard part about changing the eyes was getting the headcap glue to loosen so I could open it up. Changing the eyes was actually surprisingly easy, I don't even think there was any glue on them, just a tac like adhesive attaching them to a little piece of plastic that slides in and out, so the eyes are easy to line up. I didn't even have to do anything to get the headcap back on except pop it back in place, tbh I don't know why it even needed glue.


It trips me up so bad that she's the same height and scale as my other 1/6 Azone dolls, she seems like she'd be at least YoSD size. I guess that's the power of scaling up certain body parts :o

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