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Favorite Doll Stand for DD?

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On 10/21/2022 at 12:01 PM, Oculae said:

Since the Asachanchi stand has come up, has anyone here tried using the Libertaire stand?


I admit the idea of it seems nice, but I do wonder how that tiny base can keep the doll stable in some of these poses. Is it weighted?

I actually just received one of these from the mail!

To answer your question, the base is indeed weighted and is actually pretty heavy. I don't know if you could leave your doll in one of the super dynamic poses for like hours without supervision, but it should be pretty stable otherwise. I'm testing it out right now with just a normal standing pose and so far my doll hasn't keeled over. I assumed the crazy poses are more for pictures but I mean maybe not? I'm not bold enough to try yet.

And now for my other thoughts/comments:

  • You don't have to assemble anything, it comes as it is
  • The "wire" part is actually really flexible and easy to bend, much moreso than the Alice Collection's stand's "wire". 
  • The base is meant to be positioned behind your dolls leg so it can't be seen from certain angles. Basically works as an "invisible" stand so it won't be seen in photos. This won't apply to all poses though.
  • I've tried positioning the clamp as both a saddle and a waist clamp and both have worked
  • It comes with a instructions booklet! It has some examples on how to use the stand and shows you pictures of poses from different angles. The link to the PDF is actually available on the booth page.
  • I personally like it better than the Alice Collection invisible stand but I think the Alice Collection stand is better for long-term stability and airborne poses. Also the Alice Collection stand is a lot cheaper
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hi everyone sorry to revive an older thread.

Ive been eyeing the wooden base stand on the Volksusa website but they always seem to be out of stock. Ive been waiting to place an order as i need some other items but never seem to catch them in stock. does anyone know if these get stocked fairly often?

I would go for another stand but i need something very stable 

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3 hours ago, black_magicat said:

Ive been eyeing the wooden base stand on the Volksusa website but they always seem to be out of stock.

Stands have been out of stock for awhile. It may be supply chain issues and the rarity of steel in Japan.

The wooden one has a much wider base than the metal one. It's nice, but takes more space.

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Posted (edited)

Also make my own, rather have more funds for dolls and clothes than expensive stands that will break or dont even like that much to begin with.

Loosely based on the Volks U saddle stand the base is clear hard 8mm thick 15x15 cm plexiglass which is enough for almost all poses I think. Won't break, bend or warp.


Then there's the 8mm 32 cm industrial grade stainless steel arm which actually is used in Prusa 3d printers as a railing or something. Its stainless steel so it won't ever rust, bend or break, not one bit.


Lastly the saddle with i use 2mm copper wire to make and then wrap with white plastic electrical tape as design choice to avoid any kind of static discharge then firmly zip-tied it to the whole assembly which allows it to be rotated and adjust height by firmly pulling downwards or upwards to switch holding position to legs/hips or fit under a skirt.


They're quite heavy and sturdy and also practically zero chance of them toppling or wobbling, there's been lots of earthquakes throughout these years and never had to worry about the girls having an accident.

I make one of these for every new DD and totally swear by them, plus they won't draw from the girl's looks i believe, but best of all keep my girls safe and don't have to wait months or weeks to be restocked and cost about $30 to make.

Some old pics showing the look





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