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Heya! I'm Yui, but i'm fine with every Name.

I love Vinyl BJD's, but i never really got into it because i was always on the Resin-Side of the Hobby. I dont really know much about Vinyl BJD's, and i want to Change that since i want to Customize my own Mini Dolfie Dream Wohoo! And i just feel like this is the right place for asking Question and Sharing my Journey. I also have a DOA Account, where i speak about my Resin Dolls, but i felt that Den Of Angels isnt the right place to speak about MDD's. I'm also collecting Anime Figures and Manga. After i get some Resin BJD's that are on my List i'll Hopefully get my First Smartdoll! I Actually would prefer buying my MMD before a Smart Doll, but like i said i dont really know much and im a little bi insecure about it. 

Anyways, Thank you for Reading! I always like to meet new People, especially in this hobby, since i dont have really Friends who share the Hobby with me, so feel free to Message me Anytime! 


Also, on a little Sidenote; Is it normal that the Profile Picture is blurry and pixilated? I tried it with some really High Res Pictures but nothing seems to work.


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Hai! I have a resin girl and a vinyl boy I have to wait till winter for rip. @onion32@

I like MDD's they are so cute and a nice size. Smartdolls are really nice too, I like the air stand stand makes for more dynamic poses. 

It's fun to meet other people in this hobby even though I'm kinda shy. ^^;



I think its because the size it scale's it to.

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