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Pure Neemo Vitiligo Mod (Running concept ideas)

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So my first vinyl doll, a Pureneemo Emotion with a standard eyehole-less Parabox head in white skin, is on its way to my place. And as I was sketching ideas for her, I thought... well, why make her boring? So I thought about what I could do with her.

I really love the Smart Dolls with vitiligo... But they've bothered me for a while, as have most vitiligo dolls. Why do they only ever have a splotch on their face? The Barbie Fashionistas girl is the only one I've seen besides OOAK dolls that have it anywhere else on the body. And also never near the mouth, where I've noticed most people get it pretty prominently. It's always just one over the eye.


So I've decided my Neemo deserves better.

When I first get her, I'm probably not going to be able to do much, so the left image is a tentative design I'll be giving her while I get better at faces and doll modding.


For the vitiligo mod, I'll be masking her body in specific places with tack or masking fluid, while she's assembled, then disassembling her entirely, finishing up the masking so that it's seamless, and then spraying her down with a deep brown vinyl dye. I'll then be using a dilution or acetone to get her palms and the soles of her feet to a proper, accurate color - this has always bothered me about black dolls, too.

I haven't decided if I'm simply going to paint her eyes on or modify the head to feature eyeholes and a sculpted mouth. I'd really like her lips to be nice and full. The skin pattern above is just a tentative design and will probably be changed - I'd like it to stay true to the typical patterns you'd see on a real person, even though it's impossible for two to be the same. I was able to find a vinyl dye that will work on both the plastic and vinyl parts of the Pureneemo, so no visible joints should be mismatched with her body color... But if, after some testing, I find that the plastic won't match the color, I may just incorporate all the visible white plastic into her "spots". I also have a pack of extra hands, so hopefully I can get all her extra pieces to match each other.

Very excited for my girl, and if she works well, I may start selling dolls like this.


edit: I'd like to state for the record that I am neither POC nor do I suffer from vitiligo and this is not me attempting to be woke. I just think it'd be cool to do. If you believe I shouldn't be making a POC doll if I'm not POC, well... Noted. But I can't change myself any more than you guys can.

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Oh I can't wait to see this when it is finished. Or even shots in progress. I have no idea how you would pull it off but I agree it would be great if it was all over and not just the face but that is probably also a production nightmare.

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Hi there, cool idea for sure, have you maybe thought about using an obitsu Nano Haruka for the base head? She's kinda on the "realistical" side but her big eyes and full lips could maybe work for you (and can work on pureneemo bodies, I painted one for a friend recently which is putting her on a XS pureneemo body) https://www.obitsushop.com/SHOP/21HD-F03N.html


P.s. just for your knowing, but I suppose you know it already, Azone now sells also tan bodies and bald unrooted tan heads also 

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