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Meet Saffy! ❤︎ Tan Mochi Ashi MDD ❤︎

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So... A couple of days ago... I got my girl from the amazing proxy sophiebabybear

Saffy 1

She quickly made herself at home! (Sophie included a cute Hello Kitty candy and a rilakkuma hanky ;;;;;; )

Saffy 2

My kitchen lights are sooooo bright, but her skin tone is gorgeous irl!

Saffy 3

She is my first DD ever... and she is so gorgeous... i'm in love. Her name is Saffy...

Saffy 4

Here's Saffy standing very cutely above all of the socks her giant feet can't fit in x0

Saffy 5

She's got so much personality...

Saffy 6

her feet are sooooo pretty ToT

Saffy 7

All the sculpted details are so perfect... i am such a fan of these chubby inner-knee details...

Saffy 8

The chubby hands... oh my gosh... sooooo cute....

Saffy 9

She is just so precious... I love her so much. Her big elf ears are sooooo cute...

Saffy 10

I'm sensing some serious tomboy vibes from her! I need to make her some shorts, soon...

Saffy 11

Her surname is "Erromero" which means "rosemary" in Basque. エロメロ❤︎サッフィー (Erromero Saffy)

Saffy 12

Her leggies look sooo good from every angle... And the flesh-tone body stocking looks pretty good on her! I wish there were a Tan one... but wow... She looks amazing:

Saffy 13

thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed meeting my cute chubby-legs girl!

Saffy 14


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21 hours ago, Manaphyyy said:

Congrats on your girl's safe arrival! She's so precious, and that red eye/red wig combo is perfect ❤️

Thank you soooo much!! I love seeing pics of your mochi-ashi girl on insta n__n I looked at them a lot getting excited for mine to come in!!

13 hours ago, Tasuke said:

Precious little Strawberry-Redheaded Elf-Girl♥ she reminds me of a young Tamaki Kousaka. Congratulations~

Aww, thank you so much!!! I can see the resemblance! I just saw an MDD red seifuku on mandarake, you're making me consider it :3

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OMG shes absolutely adorable, congrats! i really want my first mdd to be a mochi-ashi too, but i was starting to reconsider it... however you've completely rekindled my love for it. those are some super cute pics :3

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