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Kizuna to Fisheye

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So I've finally decided what I'm going to be doing with my Kizuna. For a while there, the experience of buying her made me.... well not as attached to her. I liked the idea of her and her character, but everything was a bit soured for me. 

Until I looked at my Animation Cell of Fisheye from Sailor Moon and realized I could very easily turn her into him. All it requires is purchasing another XS bust (which I was going to do anyway because I'm gonna be ordering Summer on Monday and turning her into my boy Cameron) and getting her a different wig. And then BAM

This pretty lady:


Turns into this pretty fish:



I'm gonna be sticking with Fisheye's "human" form at first, for multiple reasons. His hair is only 1 color as a human rather than his full form having the separate color after his hair bead. Also he doesn't have the elf-ears or face marks. 




And he has a plethora of outfits! Plus if I put him in normal clothes it wouldn't really matter. It's incognito-mode. lol

I have an extra hand-pack, so if I can't get the stains off of Kizuna's hands, I can just dye them the green-blue of his fish hands and paint the nails red!

I am honestly stupidly excited about this. Fisheye is honestly one of my absolute favorite anime characters of all time, and it's been hard for me to collect anything of them because of how old the series is and rare the merch is. I have one tiny figure, and one animation Cell and that's about it. So it would be AMAZING to have a full-sized doll.

Now to keep my eye out for an V1 Kizuna head in milk to do the other modifications on for his "full-form."

Also Kizuna's eyes might not be the right Sailor Moon Style, but they ARE already the right color. Hence part of my excitement. The Milk Skin also perfectly matches Fisheye's anime completion already. 

I'm so excited! I'll be posting updates for Fisheye in this thread just like I'll be posting updates for Shura in my other thread. 

(Also be prepared for a third one where I turn Summer into my babe Cameron!)

The only thing that makes me a little bit sad about this is that I DID want to great my very own "big-tiddy-anime-waifu" with one of these Smart Dolls, but so far my plans are 2 boys, one intersex who presents more feminine, and a fish that was one gender in the dub and the other gender in the original.... but who is a tropical fish which means he could literally switch genders if he wanted to. OH NO. LOOKS LIKE I NEED TO BUY ANOTHER DOLL. WHAT A TRAVESTY. XD

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Can't wait to see more of this project! What a great character to choose :)

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YES! I'm so excited to watch your progress! One of my original reasons for buying a Smart Doll originally was to create a Sailor Jupiter figure, but really I just love all the sculpts! I've never tried to dye vinyl  (but successfully 3 BJDs) so I'm curious to see how that works out for you. :)


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This seems like such a cool project! Did you end up doing anything yet?

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Currently obsessing over Arcane-- ordered a resin doll to be Jinx but I'm impatient (7month wait time) so Felis might cosplay her after all!!

Got less time to do doll stuff and more time to procrastinate. I'll try to be active here more discussion-wise but no pics or news for a while, unfortunately. Being busy sucks.

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