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Hi! I just fell in love with Challenge, but I’ve never had any smartdolls. And since I have some dollfie dreams, I am really worried that she won’t fit my small collection because her head will be too small compared to my other doll’s heads. So if anyone own Challenge and some dollfie dreams, can you please share some photos of them together for me? (Since dollfie dreams have faces of different size as well, I am interested particularly in comparison with Karin, ddh03, dwc02, ddh10, but other molds are welcome too).

If I am not mistaken, Challenge is the same head mold as Kizuna, Kanata, Majesty, Journey, etc, and if it’s true, then I know that Journey looks pretty good in DDs company, but idk I really like Challenge makeup so much but I think her makeup is exactly the thing that makes her face look smaller. 

Maybe I am just too paranoid, and some people don’t care about this at all, but I want my girls look natural next to each other. And even some dd heads look bad together, what makes me confused when I think about smart dolls. For example Chitose Multiverse, no matter how cute she is, definitely disproportionately small-headed compared to any dollfie dream. I really don’t want something like that. So, please, help.

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Yep, Challenge is the same head mold as Kanata.  Mmm, I'm not sure if its the make up-- but I feel its a combination of the eye shape being more narrow and the general slim aesthetics that Smart Dolls have. 

|'D Unfortunately I don't have any of the dolls you mentioned... I have a ddh03 head floating around somewhere, but I can't locate it at the moment... So I improvised...


I think that with a more mature face like Karin, DDH03 or DWC02, Challenge will look fine. But with DDH10 -- it might look strange for you since the DDH10 will be similar to DDH01 in being a bit more round rather than oval. 

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Not sure if she's exactly the same mold, but here's SmD Destiny next to my DDH-12 on a DD body

I think in general Smart Doll heads tend to be a bit smaller than DD, but here she looks larger so it really depends!


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Hmm, seems like this head goes with DDs just fine, not perfect but ok. At least some thick wigs, I think, will help to reduce the difference. Thank you both sooo much for the photos! 

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