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List of Non-Commercial Patterns for 1/3 Obitsu

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It's easy to find free-to-use patterns that fit Dollfie Dream and SmartDoll, but there aren't so many offerings specifically for 1/3 Obitsu because they're kind of an in-between size, so I thought I'd make a thread to collect links to ones I've found.
These patterns are the intellectual property of their creators, please don't use them for profit!
All of these assume you have some basic pattern-reading and sewing skills, and therefore do not have detailed instructions. I would recommend treating them like slopers to save some drafting work.

I'll keep adding to this thread as I find more.

Basic Set for 50cm Obitsu by Missy's Imaginings

  • link to PDF
  • Contents: ready-to-print patterns for blouse with princess seams and center-back closure, choice of two collar shapes, long sleeves, long pants 
  • Instructions: English-language cutting instructions on pattern pieces, seam allowances included in pattern

Kimono for 50cm Obitsu by Atsushi Kawasaki of Cafe de Inu

  • link to blog post with photos and link to PDF
  • Contents: This is a blueprint with measurements, you'll need a cm ruler to redraw it at scale. A kimoo with medium-length sleeves.
  • Instructions: Japanese-language instructions can be copied to Google Translate. Minimal guidance--concentric circles indicate cut on fold.


Shirt and Dress Patterns by Amemiya of FineRain

  • link to index of PDFs
  • Contents: Lots! Ready to print.
    • Obitsu 50cm M bust: T-shirt, raglan-sleeve t-shirt, multi-panel yoke waistband for a skirt, round-necked bodice with puff sleeves and center back closure plus measurements to cut gathered skirt
    • Obitsu 60cm: dress bodice with center black closure plus measurements to cut gathered skirt, blouse with center front placket and two collar options
    • the dress and shirt patterns for the 60cm body are also available in other sizes, check the index
  • Instructions: None, Japanese-language notes can be copied to Google Translate.


Obitsu 50 Girl Patterns by NORENWAKE (Norewake has a HUGE pattern index for tons of different dolls, check it out!)

  • link to index of PDFs
  • Contents: ready to print bodice with darts and long sleeves; long dress with princess seams for S, M, L bust sizes; long pants
  • Instructions: hand-written notation (BC for Back Center, FC for Front Center, etc); does not include seam allowance, you'll have to figure out closures yourself

Obitsu 55 Boy Patterns by NORENWAKE

  • link to index of PDFs
  • Contents: ready to print long-sleeve shirt and pants
  • instructions: hand-written notation, does not include seam allowance or closure design
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Thanks for sharing!

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