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I've been considering doing a recurring doll story/series/canon universe.

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Honestly, when I got my first vinyl/Smart Doll, I essentially started working all my other vinyls around her to create a storyline/relationships.  But they were all pretty vague concepts.= and I think everything I did felt so directionless.  In the past year or so, I've been working on a concept for my easting and when I consider bidding on/purchasing anything new that isn't a character from a series I like, I think "How can I factor this into this universe?"  Having some cohesive vision in mind has helped a lot in managing my purchasing, or keeping me inspired.  But I've always wondered how I could expand on it further?  It would also be a better source of photography motivation/inspiration than "look at these new clothes/breasts".  I've been considering doing themed photoshoots/stories, and have been playing with the idea of "a slice-of-life bit about a family and their friends/neighbors" or going and paying some homage to visual novels by doing photo stories from the perspective of someone boarding at a family's home, and finding themselves dragged into their exploits.  I was kind of wondering which one would be more fun to read through.  A third option (or maybe a two and a half) would be turning the latter option into a choose your own adventure type deal.

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For what it's worth, I very much enjoy the Smart Doll stories from K2 and Tierparkzone, both of which I suppose you could call "slice of life" with elements of "dragged in to their exploits." Their stories are definitely fun to read, and might be worth looking at as you work on crafting your own version of a "doll world."

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