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Ideas for Photography/Editing Tutorials

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The photo sections of our forum definitely could do with a lot more activity. So I'm wondering what options we have to get more people excited to take (and post) photos of their dolls.

I guess a couple tutorials could provide people with new ideas to try out or with the skills necessary to do what they wanted to do all along.

For now, I came up with three things that I could turn into tutorials in the (somewhat) near future.

  • How to do speech bubbles in Gimp (for photo stories)
  • How to take 3D photos (pair of stereoscopic images) of your dolls
  • How to turn a pair of stereoscopic images into an anaglyph 3D image with Gimp

For now, let me know which one of those you'd like to see and try out yourself. Also if you have an idea for a photography related tutorial you'd like to see, why not state it here.

Of course, you can also post if you have an idea for a tutorial you could write yourself and want to gauge interest for.

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For one, I'd be real happy with learning how to use/place speech bubbles, All of my posts have text below the pics.

(also, while I do have Gimp, I have no real idea how to use it!! *60 yr old "noob" here, OK?* ) @onion2@

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On 8/22/2021 at 11:05 AM, battrastard said:

also, while I do have Gimp, I have no real idea how to use it!!

So a more general tutorial about the basics of Gimp, like "How to edit your (doll) photos with Gimp" might be the most useful?

I was under the impression that people could just use one of the many generic Gimp tutorials on the internet for that, but after checking out a few of them I have to say: Damn! They are useless for beginners. - Usually just giving you an info dump on all the available tools.

Understandable that beginners would feel intimidated. Especially as - at least for basic editing - you only need a fraction of this stuff.


I can definitely try and cobble something together over the next few weeks.

If we have a tutorial on the site, it's probably much more appealing to people than if they have to search somewhere else - and doll photos as examples will also work better with retaining attention, I reckon. Also this can then work as the base tutorial for more advanced tutorials like the speech bubbles.

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