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My Second Dollfie - DDS Uzuki Shimamura Smile & Sweets Edition

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Here's a thread for my second girl - Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura. I just missed her original release because the UK Dollfie store had her on sale for a very high price. Earlier this year I set up an alert for her on Mandarake and she appeared on weekend in late May. I pounced on her instantly because she was available for an insanely good price. It also turned out she was completely unused.

This weekend I finally dressed her up in her Smile & Sweets outfit. I was terrified of this outfit at first due to the dark colours. Actually I'm not sure it would be too bad because everything is lined pretty well... except for the wig. I do wonder about that very dark wig but she's wearing Towa's head cap so we'll hope for the best. She's also currently wearing Towa's bodysuit. It's a actually a pretty good fit. It's baggy around her thighs but in most outfits this isn't visible anyway.

I guess I don't have to say... this outfit is adorable 😍. Towa is really envious and we'll try and find her a similar dress. It won't fit DDdy Towa though - actually it barely fits Uzuki. The dress is a really tight fit around the chest.

The little details are fantastic, especially the candy buttons. It's so cool there is a pocket in the apron that her microphone fits into. Also the socks are super soft and the shoes are lovely too.


When the wind dies down I'll see if we can do an outdoors photoshoot.

In the meantime, I have to say this girl really rocks. DDS is a nice size and on the DD-f3 frame she seems really put together, with (so far) none of the leg joint problems that have plagued Towa.

When Uzuki first arrived I thought her faceup was a bit, uh, in your face. It's less subtle than Towa's but I think we're growing to love Uzuki's happy smiley face 🙂.

Incidentally we also picked up her school outfit in the same order so we'll get her to try that on at some point.



There's a pocket in the apron to stow the microphone:


Those candy buttons look good enough to eat 😁.

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She's adorable, congratulations again! <3

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All those little candy details! She looks amazing!! Congrats!

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