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I wasn't sure where to put this, so Mods, please feel free to move or delete as necessary.


Some time ago I created an item from a pattern that I had purchased. I had contacted the pattern-maker and asked whether it was OK to sell items I made from the patt, and she kindly responded that yes it was as long as I didn't have them professionally manufactured (or resell her patts of course!) I made an item and I made a small mistake in the pattern repeats, but because I did so consistently, it gave me a slightly different pattern than her original. I showed my item on Insta and credited the pattern-maker, and it was "liked" by the owner of a doll company. 35 weeks later, that item was for sale by said company - identical to the original pattern, not to mine. I never saw the pattern-maker credited.

I don't know the legality here. The original was in a smaller scale, which I adapted for my larger doll. The doll it is in production for is the same as my larger doll. Is it then legal for the company to dupe the pattern in a larger size? I did finally reach out to the pattern-maker a couple of days ago to see if she was ever contacted for permission. I have not yet heard back from her. Yes it took me way too long to do that. I am a conflict-avoider.

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typo! as always

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Posted (edited)

Update: I heard back from the creator and though he did not contact her, she figures "there's room in this world for all of us" which was great to hear!

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