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DDL & DDdy Outfits for Azone 50cm G Bust?

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Hi all! I am wondering if clothes marketed for DDL and DDdy would fit on a 50cm Azone Iris Collect. My doll has the G Bust. I don't mind it being a little roomy, but wanted to make sure it wouldn't be huge either.

I know she can wear Tenshi no Koromo DD outfits (the one I tried was for SDGr/DDS/DD/DDdy) so I think it could work!

I am specifically looking for wedding style dresses. 

Let me know your thoughts!

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DD-L and DDdy is probably going to be too large in the bust area. I've got an AP with a similar bust size and she does well in stuff made for, at most, DD-M and DDS-M.

Unfortunately because they're 50cm, most DD sized wedding dresses will be too long, as those are designed to be floor length. Code Noir did a wedding dress though, you could ask and see if it would fit the G bust:


tumblr_o9govtKpFv1v9twgko1_400.gif.eae368d3c0bfc2a75087167170705ec2.gifPlease ping me when replying!

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1 hour ago, seraphicdolls said:

I am specifically looking for wedding style dresses.

Try SophieToyParadise on Etsy. Stuff in the custom bjd clothes section can be tailored to fit anything from 1/6 to the largest 1/3. As long as you provide the correct measurements the fits have been spot on for my girls. 


AFAIK, she is a Taobao reseller, so you are certainly paying a markup, but I've found the price for what I get to be reasonable and she's basically acting as your proxy for those items. Also, realize that a lot of the clothes are translucent, and it's not always obvious which are and which aren't. You can ask, she communicates just fine in English. 

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Posted (edited)

I've been assessing how DD-sized tenshi outfits fit on O50 type dolls, but I can say straight up that stuff sized for L/DDDy, especially the pieces that *only* fit that size, will be too big and not look quite right. The best fit for a G bust would be a mix of S and M-sized clothes. While the G is visually big for an O50, in absolute terms, I think it's actually closest to a DD-S in circumference.

I've also found that even between like-sized busts, the way the neck/traps area is sculpted can have a significant impact on how clothing fits. 

If you want a better fit, I'd look into getting hold of the I bust or trying one of the larger AP busts.

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