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A Very Long Journey

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Posted (edited)

A few days ago, on Christmas morning, Santa Claus wearing a postman's uniform left a huge box next to my Christmas tree.


It was so big that I spent a few minutes trying to remember what I ordered that would need a box like that, I am building a new PC but the only component that could be inside, the PC case, had already arrived and was at the tree as well.

After opening the outer box, I remembered, it was the end of a journey that started 5 years ago, at a preorder on december 2018.



I already had a Dollfie Dream, Hatsune Miku, she was always the most impressive item in my collection, and as I live in Brazil, Dollfies are prohibitively expensive here, so I was certain that she would be forever a only child. Until october 2018, my friend that loved Nier and had first presented the game to me, showed me what would enter in preorder one day after my birthday, the Dollfies from Nier. 2B and 9S were too beautifull and we keep looking at the pictures thinking what would cost to get it. Since it was a long preorder we would have a year to get the money if we decided to go ahead but it would be a big expense for us. None of us could afford two Dollfies but we decided to try to get one pair, she would buy 9S and I would get 2B, we had until december to see if we would be able to get the funds.

At the last day of the preorder I put my order for 2B but when I called my friend she said she got afraid and didnt order 9S, she was sad but I understand how dificult it was.

After preordering and waiting the normal time of production there was a few delays for the shipping of the dolls and as 2019 ended the world entered on the COVID era, were shipping from all the world became very difficulty.

Some time after Volks contacted me saying they were ready to ship it to me but becouse of the problems with COVID they would not be able to use the cheap ship methods, it would need to be sent by the most expensive way, I was not prepared for it, not just the price woluld be too high, the brazilian tax and my financial condition during the pandemic made accepting the doll at the time impossible to me. We sent a few messages back and forth wothout finding a solution, I was about to lose 2B, so I had an idea and asked if they would accept to ship the doll to a adress of a friend on Japan instead of to me, they responded that changing shipping adress was possible but only to the same country, changing countries was against their policy. I plead and they decided that becouse of all the problems with the pandemic they would help me this one time and accepted to ship it to a new adress.

I had a friend in Japan that worked buying itens on Japan and shipping it to Brazil, I asked her if she would accept to receive 2B and keep it to me untill the time when I could ship it to Brazil and she said she would do me this favor.

So there went 2B, she arrived at my friend's family house and was left unopened on storage for all this years.



From time to time we talked but bring it to Brazil was dificult, until on the start of this year my friend said she would move back to Brazil and could ship it to me now that shipping from Japan was normalized or could bring it with her wen she make the move, I choose to wait becouse it was cheaper and becouse the government just changed how importing things here works and a lot of packages are being sent back to Japan, what I could not afford becouse there would be no one left there to receive the doll.

So finally, after waiting all this time alone, Miku is no more a only child, 2B's adventure ended and she arrived safely on Brazil.


My friend even put a few prints and sweets inside the box to commemorate the arrival.


So that is the end of the story.

One last thing, after so much time, Miku's boots sadly came appart, do anyone knows what type of glue I can use to repair it? I am afraid to use something that may cause more damage.


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Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your lovely story and Congratulations! I am so glad to hear you were finally able to bring your girl home. 2B is a girl woth waiting for ❤

 Unfortunately I'm not sure what glue would be best for Miku's shoes but there are many knowledgable poeple on this forum, I'm sure one of them will have the best answer 😊

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That is a wonderful story!  I am so happy that you could finally get your 2B home to be a sister for your Miku!  Congrats!  <3 

As for the Miku shoes, you can use either an epoxy to glue them back together or some shoe glue that they sell in some stores like Walmart or Target.  Super glue generally isn't strong enough to hold those together for long so use an epoxy for the best holding power.  I've used epoxy on lots of Volks shoes and boots and it has worked very well every time.

Good luck on the shoe repairs and be sure to share photos of your two girls together soon!  :) 



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I gave up counting the girls I own, they keep multiplying and won't stop.

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Wow that’s a great story of her arrival!!

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I really love the Nier Automata DD, hopefully can add both to my collection one day! I hope Miku's boot got fixed!

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