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Gamma Ray

Leah and Eva - Dreaming of Pleasant Weather

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Gamma Ray

I bought this lovely pair of outfits from SweetDaisy on Mercari. I know her from various Facebook doll groups. She's a total delight. These outfits were sold as Iplehouse EID/HID size, but I decided to push the envelope in the smaller direction. Even like this, they're still very nice outfits! My Iplehouse SID Eva (large bust) is wearing the one with the large blocks of colors. It is incredibly cute and incredibly attractive! The top slips over Eva's bust and is held by elastic. The separated sleeves do the same. The skirt is so long and pretty! I especially love how it hugs Eva's hips fairly low. It is such an attractive look. The bag has a little starfish on it, too. So cute! My Dollmore Model Doll Leah is wearing the dress. This is a bigger ask of this outfit with respect to it being primarily for the EID/HID body. There's actually a whole corset top that I didn't even bother trying to use on Leah since it's obviously for bustier dolls. However, I think the dress looks very cute as-is. It's another fun, flirty, summery fit of a dress. This dress also carries over the starfish motif. I am so glad both starfish are able to show on these outfits with Leah and Eva wearing them because it really makes them look like the cutest of couples. Leah's dress also comes with a purse with a strap so long that I made it cross her body.

I will try these outfits on my EID Jessica in the future, especially to try the corset top, but I think they're plenty cute on Leah and Eva. I am especially charmed by Eva's new look!


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