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A Youkai and other creepy critters character thread

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(I also considered calling this "Kemonomimicry's Superpowered Imaginary Girlfriend Thread, but that would have made me look creepy, so I didn't😇)

I will be using this thread to work out my custom doll characters, and post pictures once I can - both in terms of number of posts necessary and when a character evolves enough to actually have a physical representation.

One thing I debated while coming up with characters is whether dolls should be aware they are dolls or not, i.e. if the character were real, would they know they are a tiny, undersized, artificially bodied being (whether or not possessed by a spirit), or are they completely unaware of the fact. For the purpose of character building, I decided this would vary from one concept to another. In practice, this means any Obitsu/Azone/Volks doll that needed reparations to their frame will be aware of their doll-ness (to keep things simple).

The current list:

  • Nanashi (working title: Deranged Miko of Murder). Nanashi (7-4) is a slightly irritable (but only slightly) ancient youkai fox miko shrine maiden who believes she has a mission from above to spread her version of shinto (which comes down to "worship me and feed me") throughout the world while being incredibly condescending to her owner (whom she believes is actually her servant). Do not call her a "tsundere" or worse, a "yandere" because she will go ballistic. Completely unaware she is a doll. Currently she consists of a very nice and long wig, a miko outfit, miko staff, white fox tail and ears, and some constricted red pupils. Needs a SW DDP body.
  • "Okami no hime" (needs a name). A DD currently having a nice dark red outfit and lacking a head. A cheap, stained DD from Mandarake. This required working the doll body into her backstory, so she has a very tragic/nasty backstory where her parents were gruesomely murdered and her house was burned down after her father crossed the wrong evil overlord person, with her barely escaping with her life, tumbling down a crevasse as some evil henchmen prepared to do evil things if they actually could grab her then-young body, and thus left for dead (in-story, the staining on her body are badly healed wounds from back then). Some hours later, a strange, ghostly wolf howling was heard, scaring away the assailants. Some years later, when the evil overlord was more settled, his men started tumbling down themselves one by one, with or without their direct family. Many victims died of stab wounds, but some of them were torn asunder from head to toe as if they had encountered an enraged, ferocious beast. To keep things short, she's a wolf-girl. Needs a DDH-07 head, some pretty eyes, and wolf ears/tail.
  • Unnamed tengu/harpy youkai swordsman. Currently consists of an outfit, needs a character. MDD body (also needed, and a head).
  • Unnamed happy, go-lucky leopard girl youkai. All pastels and light colours except for her tail/ears. Basically, a cat. A martial arts cat, who fights with her fists and feet. Once I get her a body and head, she'll grow as a character. She will not, I repeat, not be named "Neko-ko".
  • Oni-Chan. Oni-Chan is, well, an oni. She also has a real name, but anytime someone tries to pronounce it they are interrupted in some way as to make the result incomprehensible. She worries too much about her owner, usually in the wrongest ways. Yes, this character mostly exists so I could use a horrible pun as a name.@onion9@Currently consists of a worrisome outfit, eyes and a wig. Will get a spear as a weapon.
  • Unnamed as-yet-undecided-youkai-type MDD boy youkai. Consists of a pair of eyes and a pair of swords.
  • Unnamed other fox youkai. This one merely exists as such because the ears/tail colours I got first did not work well with Nanashi's wig colour.
  • Obitsu 50 Kanna. I still have to decide on her character, since she did not start as a character idea, but as a very pretty doll that I wanted to own. Seeing she looks quite serious, I suspect she will be the level-headed one to serve as a foil for the other insane ones. Big sister type?
  • Azone Luluna. Ever since Rosalie escaped from my clutches at Mandarake because I wondered what kind of vampire she would be - she has to be a vampire with that outfit, hair colour, and eye colour combination - and thus I spent too much time procrastinating/getting brainwashed by her pretty eyes transmitting thoughts through the monitor over how she would rabidly attempt to raid the local blood store at night while being completely normal overday so someone else bought her before I could, I have been missing a vampire in my household. Since Luluna is another case of "purchase not based on a character idea", yet has suitable hair and eye colours, she will be my replacement vampire (Rosalie will still be the one previously described if I find another her). So she'll be Luluna of the Scarlet Nocturne (all of the Black Raven ladies have these over the top titles, so I must follow suit), a 626 year old vampire who sometimes moonlights as an actress in little known Asian doll productions, has an obsession with sharp weapons and duels, and who on full moon nights can summon an eldritch giant scythe that confers her with the strength to actually carry and use the thing.


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