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By PolitelyNefarious, 11/19/2023
  • Age Unspecified Adult
  • Story

    Almondine is Salidane's messenger, his personal assistant. At least that's her title; these are dignified-sounding terms for 'maid'. The work may not be glamorous, but it is high profile, and a great deal of pressure is constantly on her shoulders. Her soft and nervous disposition roots in a fear of messing up.


    Still, being fired is not her only concern. A Seelie without clear purpose, Almondine's magical powers never fully manifested. She can change her shape to a limited degree, and work some minor spells, and that's about it. Although the right voices would have vouched for giving her time or special training, they were not present when she was spurned from her community, and she has found no closure amongst other light fae, eventually being passed along down the line to the Unseelie. Neither do they embrace her, but at least so long as she serves Salidane, shelter and provision is guaranteed.

  • Personality

    Salidane is verbally abusive, often impatient, and rarely satisfied with her work. As a result, Almondine has become impossibly patient and outwardly thick-skinned. Not in impassive fashion like Ventyri, but she can hold in her tears as long as she needs to.

    She is empathetic and soft-spoken, well-accustomed to seeking permission rather than overstepping boundaries. Her timid nature is transparent on the surface, but conceals a healthy sense of curiosity that blossoms most when Salidane is not present. Almondine is a dedicated employee, spending long hours perfecting every task as best she can. She puts great emphasis on the quality of her work, and on the satisfaction of her clientele, even when it is not returned.

    Though she fears him greatly and he rarely acknowledges her kindness, she is one of the few true companions Salidane has.


    ...Much to his discontent, she also has her eye on a certain fellow messenger. As to Sundae and friends, she is ambivalent. Salidane's vendetta is truly his own, and whatever part she plays in it is only per the terms of her contract. She has never been any less than polite to them, and remains apologetic for any harm caused.

  • Favorite Color --
  • Favorite Food Potato Soup, Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce, Taiyaki
  • Fashion

    A maid uniform is in her future. 😩

    Otherwise her style is in flux. I was originally thinking something mori / patchwork Victorian, but that may be too generic.

  • Hobbies

    Do sewing, cooking, and gardening count if they're technically for someone else?


    She needs more free time to pursue some.

  • Friends & Family --
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