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Mission Statement
DollDreaming is a community for fans and collectors of vinyl, anime-styled, dolls that meet our on-topic criteria.

We attempt to the best of our abilities to provide a friendly and inviting environment to our members to discuss and share their love of vinyl dolls through forums, conversations, doll profiles, events, galleries and more. We provide a Marketplace to facilitate the trade and selling of on-topic doll items and services.

DollDreaming Rules
We are a community that is here for the same reason. While arguments and disagreements are part of any hobby and interaction, we have certain expectations of our members. Please keep in mind these general rules with posting or interacting with others on this site.


Interacting with other members

Be respectful of members on DollDreaming. People are different and come from all background. It is our goal to have a fun and enjoyable community for everyone.

  • Be kind and respectful to others.
  • English only. Posts in other languages will be removed.
  • No bullying or harassment.
  • Only offer critiques when requested.
  • Do not attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition.

Try to keep things civil and constructive. Be considerate of others.

Personal insults are not acceptable. Disruptive arguments will be requested by the forum staff to be moved to private channels. If personal insults or disruptive arguments continue the thread may be locked. New threads to continue the dispute will also be locked and "time-outs" will be issued to the offenders.

Members that continually insult or harass other members will be banned.

The forum staff will not resolve your arguments for you or act as mediators.


Accounts and Profiles

Must 16 years of age or older.
To facilitate a comfortable environment for all due to the wide range of topics we discuss on this forum we require that all members be at least 16 years of age.

Create only one account.
Do not create more than one account for any reason. If you need your account to be modified in a way that you are unable to please contact us.

Do not share your account.
If a friend of family member would like their own account they are free to create one. Don't let others represent you.

Do not impersonate another person, living or dead
Any attempt to falsely impersonate another person, living or dead, will result in an account ban.

Avatars and Signatures.
Avatars are limited to 170x170 pixels. New Members can not have signatures. Signatures can have two image limited to 550x200 pixels total, five(5) links, and a told of five(5) lines. To keep load times down please don't use animated images. Images used should not display adult content or offensive material etc. You may link to your marketplace adverts or off-site shop. You may post links to your social network accounts.



Keep discussions in the appropriate forums.
Be sure to look before you post. There are several categories for various topics. If you are not sure where something belongs ask a moderator.

No spam, advertising, post bumping, or means to increase post count.
Spam will be deleted and the offending member banned.

No adult or inappropriate content.
Content that deals with pornography, rape, pedophilia, extreme gore, glorification of torture and violence, self-mutilation, abuse, and suicide are not allowed and will be removed. This includes text, links, images etc.

Keep politics on the down low.
In recent years politics have become more divisive and will often spiral out of control in forums such as this. This is not the place to get into heated arguments about politics, so we ask that you refrain from posting about it and keep such conversations in private or elsewhere.

Use NSFW tags where needed.
If a post includes nudity please tag them as NSFW using the tag field.

Tasteful and artistic doll nudity.
We allow images of doll nudity for doll comparisons or information, new arrivals and box openings, and dolls in reveling clothing. Images of dolls that would fall under the adult or inappropriate content rule are not allowed and will be removed.

Keep personal information personal.
Do not give out your personal information such as: phone number, address, credit cards or login information. The forum staff will never ask for such information.

Do not share personal information of other members. No Doxing!
Do not divulge or share personal information of others or other members without their permission. This includes photos and videos of other members face etc.

Authenticity and Copyright
You may not post content that infringes on others' intellectual property rights without their permission.

Private messages are private.
Please keep private messages private. Please do not carry private arguments to public posts. The forum staff will not intervene with private discussions. Only report private messages if you are being repeatedly harassed by a member or if it is spam.

If you find a post/image that violates the forum rules please use the report button. DO NOT post rude comments or draw more attention to the offensive post.


On-topic Dolls

Our primary on-topic dolls are:

  • Dollfie Dream - Such as DD, DDIII, DDS, DDdy, MDD and the like.
  • Smart Doll - This includes Cortext due to its ability to share parts with the main doll line.
  • Obitsu - This includes dolls and rebranded dolls that have an internal frame and vinyl body.

Our cirteria for on-topic dolls, unless explicitly listed to be allowed, require features such as:

  • An internal frame, that is separate from the outer body "casing," with articulated joints.
  • An outer vinyl "body" that can be taken apart, including the head.
  • A sculpted body that is suitable for display nude.
  • Joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, legs, knees, and feet.
  • Heads that do not have rooted hair.
  • Heads with eyes (non-sleeping heads) are designed for the eyes to be changed. 

No recasts
DollDreaming does not support or condone the practice of creating or selling recast dolls, parts, and products. Post found to be about recasts will be deleted. Recasts are not allowed in the Doll Directory or Marketplace. A member may be banned if they are found to be knowingly selling recasts, own a recast business, have sent dolls to be recast, post how to make recasts, post links to other sites that sell or discuss recasts.

Dolls that are considered on topic are decided by the administrator and can be changed at any time.

Off-topic doll are allowed in the sections created for them.

Member are allowed to add off-topic dolls to the Doll Directory under the "Other" category.


Marketplace & Group/Splits

The DollDreaming Marketplace is for selling, buying, trading, and organizing splits/group order for on-topic dolls and related items.

Access to the Marketplace
You must be a Member to access the Marketplace. New Members are promoted to this rank automatically once they reach thirty(30) posts and have been a member for two(2) weeks. This access can be revoked at any time if you break any of the rules. This also includes any patron from our Patreon.

Do not sell or buy for others.
You are not allowed to help other members sell items through your account that don't have Marketplace access. You are not allowed to buy for others that do not have Marketplace access.

Only sell items that you have in your possession.
If you do not have the item do not list it. This includes things on layaway, not yet released, or left with friends and family.

Use photos of the actual item you are selling.
Please post photos of the actual item you are selling so buyers can see the condition and make a better informed purchase.

No "feeler" listings.
Only list items, services, or group/split orders you are actually willing to conduct.

Only one organizer is allowed to conduct a group/split listing. Clearly state the deadline. Include all fees required for the order. Do not charge a fee to participate. List the value of any item you are buying as well as all participants. 

Handcrafted items & Commissions
Items and services must be your original work. Clearly state items that are already created or custom made. Only list a commission when you are able to take orders.

Only list on-topic doll and related items and services.
Clearly identify what you are selling. Do not sell dolls or items that are from an unknown maker, unless it is a handcrafted item.

Do not list recast or stolen dolls.
If it is discovered that you are listing recasts or stolen dolls your account will be banned.

Provide clear details on your listing.
Be sure to clearly state what you are listing, its condition, your layaway terms if offered, and payment methods that you accept, including fees.

Raffles and lotteries are not allowed.

Do not buy, sell, trade, or advertise items or services outside of the marketplace unless explicitly indicated to be allowed.
This includes mentioning your items for sale or trade, listing items in your profile, answering posts with your own sales, asking members to sell items that are not listed for sale, asking for help pricing an item, or soliciting commissions.

Sales disputes.
Do not discuss sales disputes publicly. Do not comment or insult a seller's price or item value if you feel they are unfair. Sellers have every right to sell items at whatever price they wish. This includes sales conducted on this site or other sites.

All translations on the Marketplace is considered to be at your own risk. DollDreaming and its staff does not offer any guarantee on the validity, quality, or reliability of items and seller's listings in the Marketplace. DollDreaming's staff will not act as an arbitrator for any Marketplace transaction. If you have an unsatisfactory transaction leave feedback. A bad transaction does NOT give you the right to harass another member. 



DollDreaming has an integrated feedback system allowing you to leave feedback for transactions conducted on the Marketplace. This includes buying and selling, group and split orders, and commissions.

When can you leave feedback
You are only allowed to leave feedback for Marketplace transactions after money has been exchanged or when a service goes unpaid.

Neutral Feedback
Neutral Feedback should be left when a transaction was successful but had problems or when a deal was made but fell through such as canceling a hold after more than a week, canceling a winning bid, reserving and later canceling an open slot for a commission.

Paging Members
It is always best to have multiple ways to contact a buyer or seller, but if all options have been exhausted you may post in the Paging thread to attempt to reach a member. It may be possible that another member has a way to reach them. Please keep the post civil only claiming that you trying to reach a certain member and would like to reach them.


Gallery Rules

Member are allowed to create albums and upload images and videos.

Only Members can upload to the gallery
New Member must be promoted to Member to have access to the gallery.

No advertising
The gallery is not to be used for advertising.

Only on-topic dolls and related items
You are only allowed to upload images and videos that conform to the guidelines and are considered on-topic.


Doll Directory Rules

Do not post nsfw images in your doll profiles.
If you feel an doll profile image is possibly questionable then choose a more friendly image as the default.


Blog Rules

Members are allowed to create a blog from their profile. Blogs are a way to create doll tutorials and guides, personal doll experiences, or a series of doll stories.

Keep blog enties on-topic
Blog entries should be about on-topic dolls and related topics.

Do not conduct transactions via blog entries
Blogs are purely meant for information or stories. Do not post sales, trades, swaps, or advertise your such in your blog entries.

All DollDreaming rules apply to blog entries
Any blog entry found to break any other DollDreaming rule may be deleted.


New Members
If you are a newly registered member you will have limited access to the forum until you reach a post count of 30 and have been a member for 14 days. Do not post nonsense to get past this rule. This is setup to help prevent spam activity and also acts as a "trial period" to help show that you are truly interested in the subject of this site.


Content Modification Requests
If you would like a post or content that you have submitted to the site to be modified or deleted and you are unable to do so, you can use the report function and leave a message of your request in the report form. You can also message the administrator or moderator.


If you have questions that are not covered here, about a content moderation action, or a banning/suspension, please contact us.

Important Information

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