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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Nemu Nemu 10/06/2022 Nemu bought my Ruri Head. Great Communication, trustworthy and super friendly! Thank you very, very much! Kushina Kushina
finnleo finnleo 10/06/2022 finnleo bought Kaede and her Default Outfit from me. Again: Fast payment and great comunication and highly recommended. Thank you very much!! :) Kushina Kushina
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 10/04/2022 Traded a head for DD Jeanne's armor set and had no problems at any point in the transaction! Shipping was fast, communication was great, and armor arrived in the exact condition described. Oculae Oculae
Oculae Oculae 10/04/2022 Traded Oculae my DD Ruler's armor for a modded 07 head. Absolutely fantastic transaction! Not only were they incredibly polite and friendly, they also shipped the head out incredibly fast. An absolute pleasure to work with, and I would happily work with them again! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
Tierparkzone Tierparkzone 09/30/2022 I was looking for a specific outfit for my Beato and TierParkZone contacted me about it. Turns out he actually saw it on sale in Japan and picked it up for me just in case and contacted me with the good news! It took a while to find out how to send him the payment but nevertheless he saved it for me no deposit needed. After we sorted the whole thing out he shipped it out to me really fast and got it in 5 days time! I’m so grateful to you for enabling me to finish my Beato’s look. Thank you! puxlavoix puxlavoix
BeyondTime BeyondTime 09/16/2022 Beyond time was wonderful to work with. I sold them some DD hands and a Wig. I would happily do business with them again. MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
Chiakisenpai Chiakisenpai 09/11/2022 Purchased an DDH-09 head with an artist face-up. Communication was great, and the head shipped / arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. BeyondTime BeyondTime
magique magique 09/08/2022 Sold me Kizuna AI’s head and was very courteous and quick to ship it out! Couldn’t ask for a better transaction! mangaemi mangaemi
buncho buncho 08/26/2022 buncho was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only are they super polite and friendly but they were quick to send their payment and just an all-around joy to do business with. I would happily work and sell to them again! Fantastic transaction! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 08/26/2022 I purchased some wigs and outfit sets from MagicalRozen. Wonderful seller-- very quick to respond to messages, shipping was fast and items were well packaged. buncho buncho
puxlavoix puxlavoix 08/25/2022 puxlaviox bought a Volks Denim Pleated Dress Set from me. He was very patient with me and helped quite a bit, while I was figuring out how to receive international payments. Communication was great and everything went smoothly. Very pleasant to work with! Tierparkzone Tierparkzone
chef_mai chef_mai 08/21/2022 A wonderful transaction! Paid swiftly, polite, and curtious. Would happily do business with them again! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 08/20/2022 I bought an AP H2 bust from MagicalRozen. She was really friendly & super responsive. I'd definitely work with her again! chef_mai chef_mai
foo foo 08/15/2022 A+ Mega Negi Mega Negi
Mega Negi Mega Negi 08/09/2022 Smooth & quick transaction, thanks! foo foo
foo foo 08/08/2022 Super smooth transaction and messaging! Definitely recommend:) Chiakisenpai Chiakisenpai
Chiakisenpai Chiakisenpai 08/08/2022 I sold an outfit. Communication was quick & pleasant. Very happy with the transaction :) foo foo
Kushina Kushina 07/31/2022 Repeate purchase, same positives as before, with photo's as requested. finnleo finnleo
ateliervanilla ateliervanilla 07/15/2022 I sold a Dollce Primrose head to Ateliervanilla. They were super responsive and friendly over DM. Would definitely work with them again! chef_mai chef_mai
chef_mai chef_mai 07/15/2022 I bought the Dollce Primrose head from chef_mai. They were very responsive and shipped the item right away! I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much! ateliervanilla ateliervanilla
That_Dollfie_Dude That_Dollfie_Dude 07/08/2022 That_Dollife_Dude was an absolute pleasure to work with and but from! I purchased a Smart Doll Kanata from him and it was a fantastic transaction all around. He was quick to respond, quick to ship and incredibly polite and kind. Overall wonderful to purchase from and I would happily do business with him again. MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 07/08/2022 I bought an Angelphilia Ellie head from MagicalRozen. She was very friendly, kind and polite. MagicalRozen answered all my question during the transaction. MagicalRozen shipped the head very had. Great seller!!!! MrFjmg03 MrFjmg03
baldylox baldylox 07/07/2022 I sold Baldylox my Default Rena Outfit and it was a fantastic transaction! He was quick to respond to messages, quick to pay, incredibly patient and polite. I would happily do business with him again, and I know that anything sent his way goes to a wonderful home. I highly recommend Baldylox as a buyer! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MrFjmg03 MrFjmg03 07/07/2022 I sold Mr.Fuji my spare Ellie head, and it was such a wonderful transaction! Quick to pay, quick to respond and incredibly polite and kind! I would happily sell to him again. Fantastic transaction, and wholeheartedly reccomend! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 07/04/2022 I bought a Rena head from MagicalRozen and it was amazing from start to finish! MagicalRozen is sweet and understanding, and an absolute dream to buy from. Highly recommended!! Nemu Nemu


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