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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 06/14/2022 Absolutely lovely to work with! I sold them an Angel Philia G bust in Whitey Skin. Responsive, friendly - whole interaction was just an all around pleasure. Would easily recommend & very happily work with again! diastrefo diastrefo
diastrefo diastrefo 06/13/2022 diastrefo was a pleasure to work with and buy from! I purchased an Angel Philia G bust in whitey skin tone from them and they arrived in perfect condition! I would happily do business with them again! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 06/10/2022 Sold my Ryomou to MagicalRozen and it was a wonderful transaction. Quick to respond, polite and friendly. Trustworthy and highly recommended!! Thank you very much!!! <3 Kushina Kushina
Kushina Kushina 06/07/2022 Kushina was a wonderful seller, and was extremely quick to ship, and respond to messages. Ryomou was in the exact condition they said she would be and packaged extremely well. I would happily buy from then again! They are friendly, reliable and overall an extremely pleasant seller! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
DesertPhantom51 DesertPhantom51 06/03/2022 Great communication, trustworthy, polite, fast payment. I couldn't ask for more 10/10 A+! Dohmoen Dohmoen
Dohmoen Dohmoen 06/02/2022 Great transaction, and made it easy. Thanks again! DesertPhantom51 DesertPhantom51
baldylox baldylox 05/30/2022 Wonderful transaction! Paid promptly as to our arrangement and excellent communication! Confirmed a safe delivery also ~ 10/10 <3 Cazzie_Bliss Cazzie_Bliss
Fayoka Fayoka 05/26/2022 I sold a few clothes pieces to Fayoka. She's very friendly and patient. Would definitely work with again! :) chef_mai chef_mai
chef_mai chef_mai 05/26/2022 Good response speed, shipped quickly, items in perfect condition. Highly recommend Chef_Mai as a seller! She is very kind and even took extra steps to research better shipping cost/deals for me. Fayoka Fayoka
Nemu Nemu 05/23/2022 I sold the head to Nemu. It took a while but we made it work. It was the first time I sent an item to america and they were very understanding and patient with me. I highly recoomend to do business with them :-) ShinobisDestiny ShinobisDestiny
ShinobisDestiny ShinobisDestiny 05/21/2022 I bought a Meiko head from Shinobi and the transaction went perfect! They were very kind and I recommend them highly!! <3 Nemu Nemu
baldylox baldylox 05/20/2022 Baldy was always friendly and kind in our communications, he paid swiftly and let me know as soon as the items arrived! :) Wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Shailara Shailara
doll-mage doll-mage 05/19/2022 Great communication, fast payment, trustworthy. 10/10, A+! Dohmoen Dohmoen
Dohmoen Dohmoen 05/18/2022 Great communication, shipped quickly, and items as described. Thanks! doll-mage doll-mage
Veravey Veravey 05/14/2022 Excellent communication, face-to-face deal was perfect, arrived on time and everything was great. 10/10, A+! Dohmoen Dohmoen
Dohmoen Dohmoen 05/14/2022 Great seller. Items are in pristine condition and exactly as listed. Thanks so much! Veravey Veravey
Veravey Veravey 05/11/2022 Veravey bought a Tinyfox head from me. I B would not hesitate to do business with her again, Great communication, prompt payment and friendly chats too! myownlittleworld myownlittleworld
Orenjiina Orenjiina 05/08/2022 They paid really quickly and was easy to communicate with! Thank you so much! ateliervanilla ateliervanilla
buncho buncho 05/08/2022 buncho was an absolute pleasure to work with! They purchased the DD3 body with two 09 heads I had for sale. They paid extremely quickly and were kind and lovely to deal with. I would happily sell to or work with them again! MagicalRozen MagicalRozen
MagicalRozen MagicalRozen 05/08/2022 I purchased an NS DD3 body and a couple of DDH-09 heads from Rozen. They were an absolute pleasure to work with-- doll arrived safely and extremely well-packed; shipping was quick, and any questions I had during the buying process were answered very promptly. Would happily buy from Rozen again! :) buncho buncho
milkytea milkytea 05/04/2022 I purchased a TinyFox Yi from her, and she was kind and quick to reply. The doll was packed nicely and everything accounted for. I definitely recommend her! RikunFrances RikunFrances
RikunFrances RikunFrances 05/04/2022 I sold RikunFrances a TinyFox 1/4 Yi fullset doll. They paid promptly, communicated well, and were very friendly! Would happily do business with again! milkytea milkytea
Hypercurve Hypercurve 04/30/2022 Item in perfect condition. Seller great at following up an issue with the post office. MichelleAK MichelleAK
myownlittleworld myownlittleworld 04/26/2022 Thank you! Shipped very quickly and immediately provided tracking and a photo of the label. Purchased a TinyFox 1/6 head, came with eyes which was unexpected and appreciated. Cheers! Veravey Veravey
finnleo finnleo 04/25/2022 finnleo bought Rina Ogatas Head from me. Fast payment and great comunication. Highly recommended. Thank you very much! <3 Kushina Kushina

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