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Yumeiro Yumeiro 05/31/2023 I purchased a DDH-10 From them and I couldn't be happier! Coming a long ways over seas, the sweet baby was AMAZINGLY packed, and was shipped with love! I'm incredibly grateful, and Yumeiro was so quick to reply! I appreciate every ounce of their time :3 babybluebunnyboy babybluebunnyboy
Cydril Cydril 05/31/2023 I purchased a DDH-01 and it was fantastic! It was unused in box, and came in perfect condition! Cydril was also an amazingly sweet and communitive seller! I loved buying from them :3 babybluebunnyboy babybluebunnyboy
chef_mai chef_mai 05/27/2023 chef_mai is a pleasure to work with—lightning fast payment, very reasonable and pleasant to converse with. Currently working on another order together, so I’ll probably have even more positive feedback to leave in the future! ragnamuffin ragnamuffin
ragnamuffin ragnamuffin 05/27/2023 ragnamuffin was my proxy for a split and also bought other items that would have been hard to obtain. Every step of the way, she kept me up to date on what was coming in, took pictures of the items and looked out for me throughout the whole process. The goods were packed with the utmost care, far better than the many packages I've received over the last few years. Most feedbacks end with "I'll work with them again" - in this case, I'm continuing to work with her on another order as we speak! chef_mai chef_mai
Eighteafive Eighteafive 05/27/2023 I sold a Volks set to Eighteafive. Payment was instant, and she let me know right away when the items arrived. I'd definitely work with her again! chef_mai chef_mai
RetroKanojo RetroKanojo 05/27/2023 RetroKanojo was wonderful to work with—she paid quickly, replied promptly, was pleasant and upbeat in every message she sent, and was very gracious about a mistake I made. I would be more than happy to work with her again. ragnamuffin ragnamuffin
chef_mai chef_mai 05/26/2023 Purchased a Volks set from chef_mai. He shipped very quickly and the items were exactly as described. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. Thank you! Eighteafive Eighteafive
ragnamuffin ragnamuffin 05/26/2023 Ragnamuffin was our proxy for a Dream Choice Split. Working with her was an absolute charm! Communication was swift, and I was always kept informed about the status of my order. I requested the body I bought to be partially disassembled for shipping, and she went absolutely above and beyond, disassembling the entire body and carefully packaging each part. There ended up being a small mishap but she informed me asap and provided a solution that would come at no extra cost to me. RetroKanojo RetroKanojo
Misheru Misheru 05/22/2023 Misheru bought quite a few clothes and Azone parts from me and provided ample past feedback as assurance. She was very kind and patient as I went through all the items I sold to make sure everything was accounted for and packed safely. Payment was prompt, and she let me know when everything arrived safely. I'd definitely work with her again in the future! chef_mai chef_mai
chantelle chantelle 05/22/2023 chantelle bought Mashs Head from me. Super friendly and great communication! Fast payment, always on time and told me when the head arrived. Highly recommended! Thank you very much!! :) Kushina Kushina
chef_mai chef_mai 05/22/2023 Outstanding transaction with chef mai. I purchased several items and the whole process was flawless. Shipping was in record time and the items were packed as well as or better than Volks! Our communication was also great. Friendly, easy to speak to and always clear on terms as well as true to their word. I am simply impressed and would happily do business with chef mai again. Thanks again!!! Misheru Misheru
Yumeiro Yumeiro 05/22/2023 Communication was great. Clothes were exactly as described and shipping was quick. Overall a very great transaction! Azael Azael
creationdss87 creationdss87 05/16/2023 Excellent seller with great communication! I purchased a unitorso from her which came well packaged! She also generously included an extra gift. I definitely would recommend her as a seller! chantelle chantelle
Cydril Cydril 05/15/2023 Cydril have bought Yoko bust and clothes from me, and the transactions run smoothly. Paid in time and let me know when the item arrived. Great to deal with, thank you 😊 twinage twinage
baldylox baldylox 05/08/2023 the man, the legend, the repeat customer! Swooped in on a big post, bought all the things, paid promptly! A++ would ebay again Anna-neko Anna-neko
BeyondTime BeyondTime 05/08/2023 bought Asuna stuff from me. Paid quickly and even took the extra time to clarify address specifics A+ Anna-neko Anna-neko
BeyondTime BeyondTime 05/07/2023 BeyondTime took over the wig portion of the my dream choice split, and I forwarded the wigs to them after they came with the rest of my order. Everything went smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again! chef_mai chef_mai
chef_mai chef_mai 05/07/2023 This was an easy split transaction that resulted in me getting three additional wigs from the Dream Choice proxy on top of the wig originally offered. Doesn't get much better than that. BeyondTime BeyondTime
Anna-neko Anna-neko 05/07/2023 Easy transaction, everything was exactly as shown in the descriptions and photos, fast shipping. Great seller. BeyondTime BeyondTime
chef_mai chef_mai 04/27/2023 I joined chef_mai for a Dream Choice split. Communication was fast and very pleasant, so it didn't take us long to negotiate an agreement we were both happy with! While the transaction itself was handled by a proxy, I would happily do business with chef_mai again in the future, whether it be a split/purchase/trade. Thank you so much again, I truly appreciate it! RetroKanojo RetroKanojo
RetroKanojo RetroKanojo 04/27/2023 I split a Dream Choice order with RetroKanojo. She was very kind and understanding during our negotiation, and we quickly came to an agreement that was fair for both of us. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future. chef_mai chef_mai
buncho buncho 04/24/2023 i bought a dress and a pair of eyes, which buncho packaged very safely and shipped so quickly! great communication and so polite, just a pleasure to do business with! littleclover littleclover
thebobness thebobness 04/20/2023 Great seller! Bought long pink twintail wig. Prompt shipping, replies quick, item as pictured. Overall a super easy transaction, thank you! hihihellokitty hihihellokitty
thebobness thebobness 04/20/2023 Great seller with ultra quick replies and shipping! The dress I purchased was in good condition and identical to the photos. I would definitely recommend this seller! chantelle chantelle
Oculae Oculae 04/19/2023 As very pleasant buyer with friendly communication and timely payment. The whole transaction run smoothly, thank you for the arrival pictures too ~ twinage twinage

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