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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
dark_dollies dark_dollies 12/02/2020 Great buyer, good communication and everything went smoothly! jadepixel jadepixel
jadepixel jadepixel 12/01/2020 Jadepixel was great to deal with, very responsive and friendly. My outfit arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Would not hesitate to buy again. Thank you! dark_dollies dark_dollies
Subaru Subaru 11/28/2020 I ordered two wigs from this seller. They both arrived quickly and were in good condition. I would be happy to do business with them once again. Mothiraffe Mothiraffe
Gallye Gallye 11/28/2020 Transaction went smoothly and the items were shipped right away. They arrived just as quickly, and they're in perfect condition. I'd do business with Gallye again in a heartbeat! Mothiraffe Mothiraffe
Mothiraffe Mothiraffe 11/27/2020 Communication was excellent and payment was prompt! A good transaction all around. Gallye Gallye
MagicalRinchan MagicalRinchan 11/25/2020 This transaction went very smoothly! Rinchan paid quickly and let me know immediately when the package arrived. A good sale all around! Gallye Gallye
Juxtaposition Juxtaposition 11/19/2020 Easy communication and quick payment. Maybe again in the future :P mayaiincho mayaiincho
mayaiincho mayaiincho 11/19/2020 The seller had excellent communication as we discussed shipping. 2B arrived safely and quickly! Thank you! Juxtaposition Juxtaposition
Gabihime Gabihime 10/27/2020 Walked through the buying/selling process when asked about it, and the overall transaction went smoothly. Thank you! TechnoHornist TechnoHornist
jadepixel jadepixel 10/21/2020 Purchased the set from Jade and they were super quick with shipping! + excellent communication on how the item was being shipped, arrived just as described and in immaculate condition. Thank you so much!! Conuresans Conuresans
Conuresans Conuresans 10/21/2020 Great buyer, thanks again! jadepixel jadepixel
jadepixel jadepixel 10/03/2020 Great transaction! Quick, friendly communication, item was shipped quickly and well-packed, and was just as shown in the pictures. Gallye Gallye
Gallye Gallye 10/02/2020 Great communication, thanks again! jadepixel jadepixel
OccultBeast OccultBeast 09/28/2020 Quick payment and friendly communication! I wouldn't mind doing a transaction with OccultBeast again! A+ Buyer :) Subaru Subaru
Chiakisenpai Chiakisenpai 09/14/2020 Very friendly and easy to work with. Thank you! Enjoy! sunlightandtea sunlightandtea
Celis814 Celis814 08/16/2020 Celis bought a Yukino V2 Wig from me. She was very responsive and friendly throughout the entire transaction. Paid right away as well and kept me updated. An overall smooth and very pleasant experience. Would recommend her to anyone. A+++! :) Pickle Pickle
Pickle Pickle 08/16/2020 I purchased a Yukino V2 Wig from Pickle. She responded to my purchase inquiry immediately and provided me with clear instructions. She shipped it so quickly and packed perfectly. She even refunded the amount in excess of the shipping cost. It arrived without a hair out of place. Thank you so much for an excellent marketplace experience! Celis814 Celis814
Jezrah Jezrah 07/09/2020 Absolutely wonderful transaction! Everything looks brand new, was packaged beautifully, and shipped super fast! Thank you so much! phantomwings86 phantomwings86
phantomwings86 phantomwings86 07/07/2020 I sold Asuna Titania's fullset to phantomwing86. Communication was excellent, payment was quick, and I was informed when it arrived. It was a very smooth transaction. Thank you! Jezrah Jezrah
Jezrah Jezrah 06/22/2020 Great seller, super friendly and easy to work with. The slip came in great shape very quickly, just overall a great experience. Thank you! sunlightandtea sunlightandtea
sunlightandtea sunlightandtea 06/22/2020 Sunlightandtea bought a standard release doll slip from me. Everything went easily and smoothly; communication was great and payment was prompt. She was also patient with my technical issue involving the feedback system. Thank you! Jezrah Jezrah
Jezrah Jezrah 06/14/2020 Good transaction, many thanks for the awesome wig. Lyrajean Lyrajean
Lyrajean Lyrajean 06/14/2020 I sold a wig to Lyrajean. The transaction went smoothly, with quick payment and good communication. Thank you! Jezrah Jezrah
jadepixel jadepixel 05/26/2020 Thank you so much. I was actually able to buy Emilia’s sculpt from her as well for $1000 separately. Very pleased with the purchase, we ironically live super close so we didn’t even need to ship. Thanks so much, Jade!! Ui- Ui-
Ui- Ui- 05/21/2020 Great buyer, no problems and good communication, thanks! jadepixel jadepixel

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