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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
SFSakana SFSakana 05/14/2024 I bought a DD wig and a pair of shoes. Everything arrived in perfect condition, the communication was excellent and the package was shipped very quickly. Highly recommended! Rheynna Rheynna
Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange 04/09/2024 Wonderously_Strange bought Volks Kaito and Megurine Luka eyes from me. He was very understanding when it took me some time to initially get back to him as I'd had some health issues. Messages were very friendly and prompt, and payment was quick as well. He let me know as soon as the items had arrived. It was a very positive & smooth transaction, I would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thank you so much! :) mizya mizya
cluffy cluffy 04/06/2024 Cluffy sold me some much-needed Deka hands, and was pure pleasure to work with. Friendly, fast communication, ultra-fast shipping, super-well-packed, and she even offered to include the original boxes. I'd gladly purchase from her again. PolitelyNefarious PolitelyNefarious
mizya mizya 03/25/2024 I purchased Kaito and Luka's eyes from Mizya, and it went very smoothly! Communication was great and friendly, and the eyes arrived to the U.S. much quicker than I'd thought they would. She even thew in a pair of stockings! Overall, a wonderful experience, and I would definitely purchase from her again! Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange
Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange 03/25/2024 Wonderously_Strange bought Meiko's fullest and Len's hands from me. This was the second time I worked with them, and both interactions went very smoothly. I would work with them again! Jezrah Jezrah
Jezrah Jezrah 03/23/2024 I purchased Meiko's fullset and Len's hands from Jezrah, and everything went very smoothly! They were communicative, and once shipped, everything arrived very quickly. Great seller! I'm happy to have gotten to purchase from them. Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange
bahboh bahboh 03/19/2024 Frieren was exactly as described and packed with care. Seller was even kind enough to provide a packing video and answer questions about the wig she had on in the sales pictures so I could get one myself! Great transaction. :) Oculae Oculae
Oculae Oculae 03/18/2024 nice and prompt in responses and full payment. they let me know as soon as the doll arrived to them. nothing else i could ask for more in a buyer. bahboh bahboh
Zai Zai 03/15/2024 I sold Zai some tan DD hands. Communication and payment was very prompt and everything went well, an excellent buyer! Monty Monty
Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange 03/11/2024 Wonderously_Strange bought two fullset outfits and some hands from me. Everything went very smoothly, with fast payment and good communication throughout. I would work with them again! 😊 Jezrah Jezrah
Jezrah Jezrah 03/11/2024 I purchased Kaito and Len's fullsets, as well as Kaito's hands from Jezrah. They were wonderful to purchase from! They packaged everything very well, and they all arrived in perfect condition. They were very responsive, and gave me a few options for shipping. Overall, 10/10 experience, I will definitely be purchasing from them again! Wonderously_Strange Wonderously_Strange
Kushina Kushina 03/07/2024 Bought a Ranka Lee Head from Kushina. She was *MORE* than outstanding. Was super friendly, patient, and understanding. Totally recommend. Cazzie_Bliss Cazzie_Bliss
MonochromaticNocturne MonochromaticNocturne 02/29/2024 She bought an Angel Philia Ellie from me. She was very friendly and pay promptly. She let me know as soon as she got the doll. I’m very happy with this buyer. I would recommend her as a buyer. Thank you so much. A++++ MrFjmg03 MrFjmg03
MrFjmg03 MrFjmg03 02/29/2024 Bought his AP Ellie as my first vinyl girl. She arrived safe and sound, packed really well, and he even included a free H-5 bust as an extra! 10/10, he was a delight to buy from! MonochromaticNocturne MonochromaticNocturne
baldylox baldylox 02/27/2024 Bought my modded 01 MDD. As always, Baldy is great 10/10 would definitely work with any time Shailara Shailara
stormyhorse stormyhorse 02/17/2024 I purchased a DDdy body from them. Great communication! Fast shipping and excellent packaging! Highly recommended! CrimsonSkadi CrimsonSkadi
mizya mizya 02/15/2024 I purchased two pairs of eyes from mizya and it was a wonderful transaction! Communication was quick and friendly, and the transaction went smoothly. The eyes arrived within the expected timeframe, were packaged with care, and were exaclty as described. 10/10 seller, I would purchase from mizya again! frollywoggy frollywoggy
frollywoggy frollywoggy 02/15/2024 I sold two pairs of eyes to Frollywoggy and it was a very smooth transaction! Messages were replied to quickly and in a friendly manner, and the payment was prompt. I was also notified as soon as the eyes had arrived. Definitely recommended! Thank you so much! mizya mizya
thebobness thebobness 02/15/2024 Bought Casual Anastasia Outfit from them. Transaction went smoothly, quick shipping, item as pictured. Thank you! CrimsonSkadi CrimsonSkadi
thebobness thebobness 02/13/2024 Purchased a Magical Mirai Happi ♥ Shipped promptly and arrived just as described! I would most certainly recommend this seller! OccultBeast OccultBeast
catcat catcat 02/08/2024 Catcat was very patient and friendly while dealing! Very lovely buyer and would deal with again Anyalecter Anyalecter
Anyalecter Anyalecter 02/08/2024 purchased a DD stand, item arrived quickly and very well secured! Anyalecter is very polite, kind and quick to respond. 10/10! catcat catcat
MagicalRinchan MagicalRinchan 01/24/2024 Magicalrinchan bought an outfit set off or me-- they were very pleasant and easy to work with. angelsealcat angelsealcat
angelsealcat angelsealcat 01/24/2024 Bought a Volks dress set. Easy transaction and outfit arrived + was packaged safely. 10/10 seller, thank you! MagicalRinchan MagicalRinchan
Kushina Kushina 01/13/2024 offered me a great deal, when i changed my mind they refunded me the full cost catcat catcat

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