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February Collection 2020

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The dress does match really well with Pod which is a nice coincidence. 

Surprised to hear the Bunny Slippers stayed online longer than some other items. Those were the only thing gone in store when I got there though strangely I don’t remember seeing the sailor outfits at all.. must have just missed them. 

I wish the full size animal suits looked as good as the mini ones. For the minis they wrap nicely to the head and the balance of bagginess is perfect. But for the full sized dolls the bagginess everywhere is just too much and looks like the doll is swimming in the outfit. Shame. 



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As a general comment, it really seems like Volks is doing a lot better at judging demand and having items available. Right now, one day later after this event started, the majority of the items are still available. It's mainly the quirkier (for lack of a better term) stuff that still goes, like that bunny bag and the pom-pom skirts. All of the other shoes are still available and those used to always be hard to get.

8 hours ago, Misuka said:

Only managed to get the bunny slippers. I was after the Sailor dresses as well and the bunny pouch.

When I first got into the site, one hour after it started, that bunny pouch was one of the few items that was already gone.

You can have another chance when Volks USA has this stuff for lottery.

Just to be sure you are aware, there have been two releases of those sailor dresses; Dolpa 42 had them in blue and now there was the red and ivory ones. The blue pair is in the current Volks USA Dolpa 42 lottery event:


2 hours ago, Beani said:

Those were the only thing gone in store when I got there though strangely I don’t remember seeing the sailor outfits at all.. must have just missed them. 

It's probably just oversights or website quirks, but both releases of the sailor dresses have been a bit weird. The blue pair were part of Dolpa 42, yet they aren't shown on the Dolpa outfit page:


It's gone now, but the Volks Japan webstore did have a separate banner for them. They are also a Best Collection rerelease, but this is only stated on the store pages if language is set to Japanese. Now with the red and ivory ones, they also have their own banner on the store, and they too are Best rereleases, but again only the Japanese pages state this.

They are one of the rereleases that isn't technically a rerelease anyway. Designers Collection voting page, #06:


Only the mini one existed previously, released way back in May 2010, Dolpa 23.

I didn't try to get these as they aren't really my style, but I have to say they are really cute, and when I just have a random mental image of what a traditional doll is, this is the type of outfit I would picture for it.

11 hours ago, Galvatim said:

I ordered the water fairy outfit.  I think it should look good on Mirwen (my elf Asuna ver. 2).  

I'll be interested to see your pictures. I bitched earlier about the fur, and while I still think the old ones without it are nicer, many of the Volks store blogs have pictures of these, and as usual they look better than in the Volks official pictures. There are many more but here's a few links:




Unlike the official pictures, these make the pastel colors look really nice. If it wasn't for that fur I'd probably have gotten them after seeing these pictures.

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Now joining the Ranko army...waiting for her arrival

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