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About posting "adult" dolls

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I have received a couple concerned messages about "adult" dolls. 

I just want to make it clear that we have rules about what is appropriate to be posted on this forum. 


Our cirteria for on-topic dolls, unless explicitly listed to be allowed, require features such as:

  • An internal frame, that is separate from the outer body "casing," with articulated joints.
  • An outer vinyl "body" that can be taken apart, including the head.
  • A sculpted body that is suitable for display nude.
  • Joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, legs, knees, and feet.
  • Heads that do not have rooted hair.
  • Heads with eyes (non-sleeping heads) are designed for the eyes to be changed. 

No adult or inappropriate content.
Content that deals with pornography, rape, pedophilia, extreme gore, glorification of torture and violence, self-mutilation, abuse, and suicide are not allowed and will be removed. This includes text, links, images etc.

Use NSFW tags where needed.
If a post includes nudity please tag them as NSFW using the tag field.

Tasteful and artistic doll nudity.
We allow images of doll nudity for doll comparisons or information, new arrivals and box openings, and dolls in reveling clothing. Images of dolls that would fall under the adult or inappropriate content rule are not allowed and will be removed.


With these rules in mind there may be dolls that are posted on the forum that fulfill all of the above but may be from a brand that have available "optional" parts for adults. There are a lot of "adult" optional parts out there for probably every type of doll that is posted on this forum. So it's impossible to account for all that is out there on the market. What -is- important is that any photo or content posted on this site follows the rules.

As it is we tend to straddle the line of "adult content" by some standards, which is why we make the request for people to use the NSFW tag. But the line does exist that -explicit sexual content- is not allowed. This would obviously include posting about said adult optional parts for dolls.

In short it's not about where the doll comes from or what parts exist for it as long as photos/conversations posted on this forum aren't being presented in an adult/sexually explicit context.

Hopefully that clears up any concerns. And, as always, if you see a post that breaks the rules hit that report button. It will let us know.

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