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Adventures in 3D Modeling & Printing.

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2 hours ago, baldylox said:

Oh well, I tried.

no worries, and I do appreciate the effort ... things are just a bit annoying IRL that might reflect here a bit... and I probably have a solution already (see below).


12 hours ago, AliensOfGold said:


I dont think I have the patience, tolerance, or whatnot required to go that route ... I know its the hip thing to do these days -- but I just remembered (was featured three years ago on Martin Molin's ball bearing glockenspiel project, so I have some excuse of forgetting about it) one place in europe, www.supermagnete.de that has all the variety I'd need for a batch order -- yes, they are a bit more expensive than ali after some cost offsets ... but I am most likely to get whats on the order sheet.

but I still need to sort out quite a few things before I can even think of placing an order.


12 hours ago, AliensOfGold said:

What’s in that To Heart box you posted?

as Tasuke mentioned, its a set of laserdiscs of the series, the chunky box to house all the discs was an add-on for either the last or first disc in the series.

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On 7/8/2020 at 4:48 AM, finnleo said:

Just the final end product this time, since it was a quick and slightly filthy modeling practice piece I did in a autodesk modeler to see how far I could push it:



The surface is just sanded white PLA, unfortunately the image doesent show the interesting growth-ring effect the layered printing had on the mask.

What is Saber wearing?

I got a 3D printer myself.  Joann Fabric was having a blowout on Polaroid PlaySmart printers, $99 a pop.  So I snagged one.  Finally got around to setting it up, or trying to.  Before you can use it you have to update the firmware as it was shipped with bad firmware.  On top of that mine would not connect to the WiFi to download new firmware.  So I gave up and gave it to my brother who has 3 of these printers.  He ended up getting Polaroid support to email him the firmware to update it via SD card.  I'm not all the impressed so far, you can't plug it into a computer to print to or communicate, not clue why it has USB on the back at all.  The front USB is only for stick drives.  But anywho, finally got it to print.  So far I've only made Weighted Companion Cubes with it as my boys are current obsessed with the game.


Still too small, even for my PureNeemo girls.  I still need to think about what other kinds of things I'd like to print for any of my girls.  I've got some things in mind already for my model railroad, but I need to get some of the wood PLA first.

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8 hours ago, sinclair said:

What is Saber wearing?

Its a full body ankles to wrists bodysuit from this place (I recall their id being NynJ55, either they changed it a bit, or misremembered...), currently they dont have this exact style on offer, but it used to come in several flavors: rubber-like semi gloss (as on saber) in red, black and white, high gloss "stretch pvc" in red, black, white, and also in certain color flips like green/yellow, and blue/purple.

9 hours ago, sinclair said:

I'm not all the impressed so far,

Seems still like a slightly better time than what I had with my FL-sun branded DIY kit, that I had to reinforce, build an enclosure to keep heat in it for possible ABS and PETG, and whatnot other little shinenigans while setting it up... and still need to sort out the Z-axis mirroring, and make a cooling setup for the extruder nozzle.

for a benjamin, I think its not a bad deal that you get a (sort of) ready to go stand alone printer, that doesent seem to be even locked to in house branded filaments, like I believe the dremel one's are (since all dremel filament spools are tagged, and the machines keeps track of how much there is on any given one you feed it), even with the small build plate, although for a 250-ish retail ... maybe not so much.

I wonder if the rear USB port mystery might be that the thing is only branded polaroid and in reality is something else, where as something else the port is used for PC control via Cura or something similar without the onboard touch-screen.

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