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OCs and World Building

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Is anyone else into creating OCs and world building?
Maybe we can share them and stuff in this thread!

Psst if anyone wants Toyhou.se invites lemme know. I can hand them out.

This is an awful opening thread ATM but I swear... I'll update it later
Please Trust me 🥺

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OCs and worldbuilding are my lifeblood! I used to do a bunch of old school forum RPs in my early teens, and currently I am doing the setup to run my first tabletop campaign. All of my dolls are also OCs of mine 🥰 I love character creation a lot, especially drawing my characters so that people have a better grasp of what they look like and what their whole "vibe" is. Here's one of my latest creations!



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He/Him --- I like making stuff --- Please don't make sexual/lewd comments about my dolls, thank you!


At Home: Tyler (Akira 2nd), Adrienne (Smart Doll Mirai Cortex), Bryan (Smart Doll Eiji, cinnamon ver.)

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*cracks knuckles*

Oh boy, here we go.

I didn’t understand OC creation until I got into the doll hobby and I’ve been so entranced by the process behind it ever since. It’s been a good few years since I joined the hobby and my characters have changed and developed a lot as time went by. It’s like they grew up with you, that’s why I feel very sentimental towards them. 

My characters started off as dolls and eventually branched out into being their own thing. Their stories have different settings that I incorporated into my doll collection.

My resin/BJDs follow their main timeline. Contrary to their appearance, the overall theme of the story is dark with a heavy emphasis on human mortality. There’s angels and demons in there too, I guess. I haven’t figured out what timeframe this story is in, but it feels dated enough for my dolls to be wearing vintage looking outfits.

My vinyl dolls, basically my DDs, are in an alternate setting taking place in modern times. The story’s a lot more lighthearted focusing more on relationship building (prime examples are: dealing with love at first sight, elder sister syndrome, learning to live on your own). Sometimes I want to take a step away from the depressing tone of the original story and this modern!AU lets me play with my characters more without worrying about their potential demise. I also just want to see them happy too…

I feel I spammed my OCs to hell and back on multiple platforms so I'll just end my reply with this:


On a sidenote: I also have bajillion invite codes as well and anyone’s free to hmu if Subaru actually runs out of them.

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engel in vitro
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YESSSSS I am much more into the character design aspect but a large handful of my doll-specific OCs develop characters and stories as well.

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Since this is off-topic, in case you're talking about non dolls stuff, yeah. I have done OCS and world building and actually I'm writting a dark fantasy novel. Recently I finished tle plot from start to the end but I need to do like 3 or 4 filterings, correcting plot holes and narrative development, among other things before I can oficially register it as a book.

Now, if you're talking about dolls, not really. My girls have their backstory and defined personality but I never thought that deep about it. Do I need something else to join?

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That feel when I see this title and barrel roll in here like there's no tomorrow!

I'm honestly excited to see that other people work with there OC's in doll form. The entire reason I even got into dolls was specifically to shell my characters, some of which I've had for years, and some of which where a little newer. 

I'm actually writing a fantasy novel right now as well that I've even gone through and gotten full character turn-arounds for because I'm hoping one day to have it animated. In this story, I've got some of the normal characters I write with in the background that have their own fantasy versions, and I also want to do a spin-off series involving them in a modern-day setting. Overall I'm pretty excited about it!

But when it comes to the dolls, I've got 5 resin dolls that are all "shells" for a bunch of my characters (Jima, Hex, Cameron, Tulip, and Ferdinand), 1 doll that's a "cosplay" doll (Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborn), and in the SmD's, I've got one that's a character (Shura) one that's a Cosplay Doll (Fisheye from Sailor Moon) and two others that I plan on getting to also be characters (Human Cameron and Human Lance). Not all of them are finished yet. In fact quite a lot of my Resin dolls are headless at the moment because they're waiting for specific pieces they need to come in the mail. But out of all of my dolls, only 2 of them aren't my own characters. (3 if you consider the poor headless body sitting next to Belphy.)

A couple of characters started as fan characters, while others started off as complete OC's. At this point, all of them have become their own thing, and quite a few of them have storylines that connect together. 

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