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International shipping/proxy service for Obitsu website?

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I've used the Parabox online store to buy obitsu bodies/parts/etc in the past, but at the moment, the actual Obitsu website has super whitey 50cm bodies in stock, and it doesn't seem like other retailers of Obitsu-frame style dolls have super whitey. I'm kind of freaking out because I didn't think super whitey was still in production, haha. But when I try to register my information on the Obitsu website, there doesn't seem to be a way to enter a non-JPN address. So thus my question: does anyone here know of a way to order from their website outside of Japan, or a proxy service that would help me do so?

The only proxy service I have any familiarity with is JapanDollDirect. I sent them a DM last night asking about it, but while I wait for them to get back to me I thought I'd ask if anyone else has been in these shoes.

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I'm a big Obitsu fan and buy from them all the time! They have a lot of stuff that is exclusive to their shop, and is never sold through any of their retailers like Parabox.

Obitsu does not sell to anyone outside of Japan. They do not ship to any addresses outside of Japan. Your only option is to go through a shopping service, freight forwarder or proxy. Thankfully, ordering from Obitsu is very easy for anyone in Japan -- so most shopping services will handle this for you!

Personally I use Noppin, who are my favorite service, but they are temporarily closing this year due to COVID & shipping issues.

I've also used FromJapan to order from Obitsu. They can handle any items that can be purchased direct through the web shop, although they're not so great with special orders. The super-white bodies are normal web shop items, so FromJapan can handle that for you.

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Awesome, that's really good to hear! Buyee is the only shopping service I've used before, so I was feeling a little out of my depth, but you make it seem like this will be no big deal. I appreciate the help 💜

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