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Rotating Wrists for Obitsu 50, ver. "KISS Principle"

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Obitsu wrists are weird. The default articulation allows for radial and ulnar deviation of the hand, but not flexion or extension. The wrist pegs can obviously rotate in the arm, but the hand can't rotate on the wrist to create supination or pronation. Because the hands are vinyl, they can sort of be forced onto the wrist perpendicularly, but it deforms the palm because the attachment point is oval in cross-section and not round. Plus you usually have to heat the hands to get them on or off. Not great! Especially since there's so many optional hands available, it's a bummer that they're not more user-friendly.

I was considering a magnetic hand system, but when thinking of a secure way to anchor and align the magnets, I thought about corks and realized I was over-engineering. Hence, I call these the https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle" version.


I just filed the hand pegs to be round in cross section, used epoxy clay to build the shape (and increase the surface area) to a tapered cylinder like a rubber stopper, sanded it smooth, and stuck the hand on it. It fits! The round shape allows the hand to rotate over it! I might cover the new peg with a bit of silicone aquarium tubing to increase the resistance to rotation, but it stays on and posed fine as it is. I can pull the wrist off the arm by the fingertips.


Customized range-of-motion on the left, default on the right. I also used this opportunity to sand her wrists matte with 600 grit sandpaper so they match the finish of the vinyl.

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Someday I'm going to get the formatting right the first try. Someday.
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A super effective solution!


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I am absolutely doing this!

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