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Which body is this guy wearing?

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Ever since Danny previewed this boy that may eventually be released (or at least something similar I hope?), I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. So I’ve definitely decided I’ll get him if he ever comes out, but there’s something I need to sort out before I buy clothes in advance or anything:

Can anyone tell if he’s wearing the slim-bust male body or a girl body with xs bust or something?

If I preemptively buy clothes in case he comes out, should I buy clothes that fit Smart Doll boys or just buy more masculine-looking clothes that fit the girl bodies? Or are those bodies similar enough that it won’t matter which size clothes I buy and they’ll fit either way?

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Posted (edited)

My first glance, it looks like it is an extra small bust on a female frame because of how slim the arms are. The shoulder's aren't as broad either. It's not as if Danny doesn't have both options laying around, so it might be a new body under there and him waiting to just reveal it. I'd honestly wait to buy clothes unless you have the doll you want the clothes for in hand. Waiting for Danny to release things can literally take years if ever. Not saying the last bit to be discouraging, just don't want you to be disappointed. I know many people are still waiting for the cocoa boy he promised to release from 2 or 3 years ago as well as Naruto. EDIT: Just noticed in the last picture, the doll definitely has male hands. I'm not sure if you can put male hands on female wrist joints.

(If someone thinks differently or knows something, please chime in)

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1 minute ago, Deyja said:

Waiting for Danny to release things can literally take years if ever.



I would never count on anything related to boy releases from SmartDoll. Even if he does release them, it could end up happening as a late night clickwar with a limited amount of stock, or gotcha release where you have a small chance to get the specific doll you want and a large chance to get something else. 

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