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Obitsu Body Types and Ordering

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I am looking two get started with with this hobby and i must admit i am all over the place.  Right now I am back to Looking at the Obitsu 1/3 for my larger cat girl Kurumi and 1/6 for my smaller mouse girl Primula.  I have reading in the forums and watching youtube reviews and then I think I am all set then I to Parabox to order and then the confusion starts again.  The Custom sets look like a good idea then I release for the 1/3 I can only do 47cm think I would prefer 50cm.  If I understand it right you only get the options for the changeable soft bust on the 50cm.  Also with the Custom sets cannot tell if they have Magnets or not.  To add to the confusion I see to get to Parbox different ways and options seem different.  I know the above is sort of a ramble so Let me see if I can turn it into questions

  • Should I try to do a custom set or order individual parts
  • Best place or places to order Obitsu from
  • Can you order Petite Hime hand painted heads (L) separately say only custom basic set I am okay with his if what I need to do not that expensive just want SB Body
  • What are differences between 47cm and 50cm which am I better off with for more clothing options
  • If Custom basic sets are the way and the anime eyes I want are our of stock should I just order now with different eyes and buy correct eyes when in stock.  Afraid if I wait for eyes something else will be out of stock.
  • Has there been design changes in last few years some  of the videos I am watching are about 10 years old are they confusing me
  • Lastly my larger cat girl has twin tails and I like this Twin Tail Wig it is just wrong color  I need dark brow to black what are good sources for wigs 

Sorry for so much I would like to put in an order though supply is limited.  I think this is a good spot for me to start. 

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Petite Hime (L) heads can be ordered on their own, but it looks like she is out of stock at the moment so you would have to get a 24cm custom set if you wanted her now. I have this head, it is really nice and a very sweet and innocent look.

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