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Hello from the USA!

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Hello all!

I go by Emi. I’m fairly new to this hobby, only just got into it this past March or so. What really inspired me to take the plunge was seeing all the beautiful custom dolls people make. My goal is to learn to do faceups and build my own custom dolls as well. 

I’ve always had a passive interest in vinyl dolls and bjds, but was unable to pursue that interest due to being a teenager and their high price tags. Now that I’ve begun working and making my own money, I’ve been able to set some aside for this hobby. 

A few months ago I bought my first doll, a semi-white MDD body and a DDH-22 head.
Being familiar with drawing and painting, I decided to try my hand at doing her faceup myself. We’ll see how that goes…! (I’m very nervous…lol) 

Anyways, I look forward to meeting others who share this interest and hope to become more knowledgeable myself.

See you.

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Hello Emi! Welcome to both the board and the BJD hobby!

Sounds like you've got quite the project ahead of you. Hopefully your first face-up will go well. :3
Show us some photos when it's done!

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Welcome! Seal the head well and you will be able to customize it again and again! So don't be afraid, its a lot of fun. I really enjoy painting BJD heads. I havent done a vinyl head yet but i'm excited to give it a try. 


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