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Head Sizes - attaching

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Hi All,

Please forgive the very dumb question.  (Why do I find I keep opening posts that way...?  😄)


Was looking at an Obitsu body and head, but it dawned on me that I don't even know how to attach the head to the body, or what heads fit on what bodies.  I did spend some time on the forum reading posts, but most of you are talking about how to put different heads on Obitsu (which is also really cool and I might do that too!). 


But I guess my questions is far more basic... How do the heads attach to the body?  Just push down?  Are there different kinds of Obitsu heads? 

I guess to say it anther way; I did see many heads out there, but most were just blanks (cut the eye holes and paint etc).  It dawned on me that perhaps the lack of variety of Obitsu heads is why there are so many posts about how to put other heads on Obitsu bodies.


If some good sanitarian could help set me straight, I'd really appreciate it.

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There are a lot of posts about how to put different heads on Obitsu bodies specifically because Obitsus don't have the same head attachment style as the other 1/3 scale vinyls. All the big Obitsus use a hard plastic neck mechanism that attaches to the head, which then slots into the body. To remove an Obitsu head temporarily (to put on clothes, jewelry, etc) you can then just pull it right off.

Attaching the neck mechanism to an Obitsu head works pretty much the same way as attaching any other head to an Obitsu body, so any guide you find here on how to do that should work. Parabox is an official dealer of Obitsu heads and bodies, as well as their own head sculpts if you'd like some variety. They do a good job of letting you know which heads look good on what, and I'm pretty sure the neck connector comes pre-attached to the heads they sell...though it's been a bit since i last ordered a whole doll from them, so I can't say for sure.

tumblr_o9govtKpFv1v9twgko1_400.gif.eae368d3c0bfc2a75087167170705ec2.gifPlease ping me when replying!

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Thank you both!  OK NOW this makes sense.

I did not know about Parabox, have bookmarked the site for sure.

The Dollieh Sanctuary pictures were very helpful.



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