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What's the safest way to remove makeup on ABS or PVC dolls?

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So, I bought a doll off taobao and need to repaint her face, but before I repaint her I wanted to practice on another doll made from a similar material (sources either say ABS or PVC for both of them, can't find an exact answer). I tried first removing her makeup with 91% alcohol and a magic eraser, but it barely faded the pastels after 30 minutes of scrubbing and the black eyeliner and painted lips didn't budge at all. I got desperate and used nail polish remover (up&up 100% acetone if it matters), as well as ordering winsor & newton brush cleaner. Well, I then saw online that the brush cleaner can't be used on ABS plastic without melting it, and acetone nail polish remover also can melt and warp plastic over time 😱.

But looking online, I keep seeing pretty conflicting opinions on acetone? Some people say it's safe as long as you just scrub with q-tips and cotton balls and wash with soap and water after (which I did) and that it's only an issue if you soak the head for prolonged periods or use it repeatedly to remove many faceups. Others say that any amount of acetone can melt your doll, and even if you don't notice the effects immediately, it can deteriorate over time, even if you wash off the acetone. I even saw some say that even rubbing alcohol can have the same effects.

Does anyone have any insights on what's best to use on these plastics? I'm kinda freaking out now. Did I just ruin the practice doll? Will the face melt and warp years after I used the acetone? I used it on a monster high doll like over 6 years ago and it still looks fine, but her face might be a different plastic. Would it be best to just power through and stick to alcohol and the magic eraser? Or will that harm the doll too?

Could anyone please help me out and clarify what would be the best thing to use to remove her makeup? I would really appreciate it!

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