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Piccodo Body20 wrist broken

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One of the wrist joint pegs broke off into the hand itself. I would message the company itself to ask for a new joint but the support appears to be only in Japanese, and they also only ship to Japan (the body was from a reseller). Piccodo doesn't appear to sell base parts either, just additional hands and feet.

If I were to salvage and DIY the wrist myself, I would heat up a needle and use it to pierce the broken plug inside the hand and wait for it to cool to pull it out, but then I would have no idea what to do with the wrist. 

Does anyone have ideas on how to salvage the wrist or help with parts? Buying a new body just because of the wrist isn't an option for me right now, and ideally I keep the articulation in that wrist.spacer.pngspacer.png

https://i.imgur.com/fvamkLj.jpeg (How the wrists look when not broken)

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Posted (edited)
On 3/6/2024 at 4:00 AM, jorjMush said:

I would heat up a needle and use it to pierce the broken plug inside the hand

Unfortunately this often doesn't work very well in my experience because the kind of connection you'd get is too shallow and won't hold up very well. You're better off using a miniature drill bit, filling the hole with superglue, and sticking a roughed up piece of wire in (it's called pinning in the model kit hobby).
There are various replacement joint sets sold on hobby sites, such as https://1999.co.jp/eng/10937069 but even if you can find a match for the size (I assume it's a 5/6mm ball with a 3mm peg because the body is 20cm?), I don't know if they would fit your case. Technically you can sand a peg that's too thick or add a layer of varnish if it's too thin, but you don't really know until you try and it might not work out. There's also a color matching issue for flesh tones.

As for the hand part, you can probably dig a hole inside the peg and pull it out with some patience, although personally I never had to do this with a hand... I've only dealt with ball joints, in that case you drill a small hole in the socket and push the broken bit out. Anyway a miniature drill kit costs a few dollars and it helps a lot when you have this kind of problem. If you are dealing with mechanical joints it's a pretty handy thing to have.

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