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Akira of the After School Akihabara Girls

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Name: Akira

Wig: Pink clip on pigtail wig by Miruya

Eyes: Default

Faceup: Default

Body: Default



Akira is normally a bit preppy and enjoys pink and nature. But she also has a bit of an otaku side and she likes to cosplay. Then she becomes an idol who loves to pose

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_DSC0079SLT-A99V50mm F1.420121105 by Visual Cacophony, on Flickr


Akina Ran'Castel

Wig: Coolcat (I forgot the wig style/color name), Hand styled ahoge.

Bust: DD3 M bust on "Akira"'s default DDS body.

Alice Collections Glasses.

Various Skull, skeleton, and Skull and Crossbones earrings from Claire's.


Akina is the youngest of the Ran'Castel sisters and is immune to all types of magicks, spells, enchantments, charms, hexes, and curses. She loves skulls, skeletons, punkish clothing,her plush 'Jack Skellington' named "Mr. Skellington-head" and generally anything fun. Akina is a rampant troublemaker with an insatiable appetite for touching/groping/massaging the "assets" of beautiful, well endowed women. This brings about the ire of her older sister Ayaka, and as such, she has an incredible tolerance to physical pain.

21 DD girls: Mio, Marina, Yui, Yoko, Nia, Lily, Arisu, Akina, Momo, Arisa, Yukina, Ayaka, Niimi, Eri, Millefeuille, Ekisu, Chitose, Miyabi, KOS-MOS v.4, Hatsune Miku and God Eater Alisa. 2B in a hopeful future.

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Happy to See Christmas Tree by Miko^Hon3y3a3y, on Flickr



Name: Misa Nyan (美沙ニャン)

Wig: Kaleidoll

Eyes: White Dollfie Story

Faceup: Myself

Body: DDS S-Bust (default)

Outfit : Valkyrie Gate, Thailand


Personality :

Misa is one of guardian in Koyuki family. She is a cat spirited. Lovely cheerful girl, however clumsy in a lot way. Has elder sister which opposite of her. Love to be pampered with new clothes & accessories. She likes to be adored.

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facebook | flickr| deviantArt | Face-up Service is CLOSE

Wishlist : DD Chihaya

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