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Welcome to DollDreaming! Our little community for vinyl, anime-styled, dolls. Here you will find all sorts of friendly members to share and discuss all things Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll, Obitsu, and the like with. We have a large variety of forum topics, a gallery, doll directory, marketplace and more.


For those that are completely new to DollDreaming...
We used to be DollfieDreams.com, but our old site was falling far behind the ever changing internet and our growing doll hobby. A lot has changed since we started in 2010. After the community pulled together to raise funds we were able to upgrade and move to this new site and expand our on-topic doll criteria.


For our returning members...
A lot has change since our time on DollfieDreams. We now have an entirely new site with all sorts of new features. Here are some things to take note of:

Your account and information should have been moved over intact and you should be able to login and start using the site. Every effort was made to ensure everything that could have been move was moved. If you find an error please contact us.

  • You may need to update your profile and re-upload your avatar. Our avatar size is larger now (170px x 170px) so maybe it's a good time for something new!
  • You can link to your DollfieDreams feedback via a field in your profile. It will show up on your posts for those that would like to see your past feedback from DollfieDreams.
  • Images on the DollfieDreams Gallery was not transfered over. But the the good news is that our new gallery can host larger images! Upload those pretty doll photos in a larger size so everyone can see all the detail.
  • You will notice that many of the old Shopping topics on the forum are gone. We now have a dedicated Marketplace with several specialized features. Any previous listing will have to be re-listed and put into the proper categories. But now people will be able to search for exactly what they are looking for with an easy to read layout for each listing.


For everyone...
As with any online community of this type, it is important to read the guidelines before posting. 


What can you do here?
DollDreaming provides many features for our community to utilize:

Forums - We have many sections and topics for you to join and post in. Be sure to post in the appropriate sections. You can use tags for your posts to make it easy for others to know what the post is about at a glance, such as if a post is nsfw or what dolls are being discussed. We have a nicely integrated editor that you will find across the whole site. It has many formating options and a -ton- of emojis! Links to images, videos, and other content will automatically embed into your posts for easy viewing. You also have 200mb of space to upload attachments to the site such as images and video. When you attach a file you will need to click on it from the "bin" to add it to your post or use "insert other media for images you already uploaded previously."

Doll Directory* - You can add your family of dolls to the doll directory and fill out a profile for each. There are categories for easy organization. Be sure to post multiple images for us all to enjoy!

Gallery* - We have a modern gallery where you can upload images and video. You can organize your files by creating albums in the provided categories. You can also comment on others' images and videos.

Marketplace* - The Marketplace is a dedicated area for posting adverts, organizing group/split orders, and offering commission services. There are several categories to make it easy to list and find what you're looking for.

Blogs* - Blogs are for those that would like to post information or tell stories that aren't so much meant for an open discussion. Examples could be posts about comparing dolls, reviews, on-going photo stories, posts about repairing broken doll parts, or tutorials. Blog posts that are especially useful to the community may be featured on the main page for others to easily find. Each member can create one blog where they can post as many entries as they wish.

Calendar* - Our calendar will list member birthdays, industry events, and member events. If you'd like your event listed read the information in the Doll meet-ups & events topic.

Activity - The activity menu at the top of the site allows you to discover many of the recent additions to the web site. You can follow multiple types of content to be sent to you via email or listed in activity streams or custom activity streams that you create. 

Feedback* - We have a feedback system for those that engage in Marketplace transactions. You can view other member's feedback via the info panel on their posts, from their adverts on the marketplace, or their profile. To leave feedback simply click the add feedback from the feedback page and fill out the information.

Profile - Each member has their own profile page. From there you can change your settings, upload an avatar, profile image, and fill out your information. You can also add status updates like most social media sites. Other members can follow you and see all of your activity as well as your other content such as blog entries, gallery albums,  dolls, and feedback. You can see a quick glance view of each member when you roll-over their avatar in other areas of the site.

Search - From the search box you can find nearly anything posted to this site. You can easily narrow down where you want to look based on where the content is, who posted it and when, and tags. 

Misc - On the top right of the site you will find several buttons. From those you can quickly create new content, show/hide the slider,  and check your notifications and messages. Finally, next to your avatar, your username is a drop-down menu where you can easily access your marketplace transactions, profile, and settings. You can also change  the theme at the very bottom of the site. We have a light and dark version.


* - You need to be a full Member to post or fully use these features. New Members become a full Member after posting 30 times and being registered for more than 14 days. Once those are met you will be automatically promoted to Member.


You may have noticed that some members have special tags that say "Patron." These members are helping to support DollDreaming via Patreon. With their support we are able to keep the site running and update the software it runs on regularly. For their support we offer a couple perks for helping out. If you'd like to help support DollDreaming, just click here.


Here are some of the unique differences of features between the different account types:




If you have questions or feedback please let us know!

I hope you enjoy your time here!

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