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Eiji transforms into Sesshoumaru!

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This is a repost from the old forums.  Some of these didn't get saved/moved over here so I'm redoing them so newer members can see them.



Ok, a little history before we get into the photos. :)

When I started collecting DD's almost 8 years ago, I never ever wanted or even thought about owning a male doll of any kind.  At the time, there weren't any anime styled ones around that I liked.  People kept asking me tho, "When will you add a guy to your family so your girls can have a companion?"  I always answered that "if"...... and that was a HUGE *IF*, I were to ever want a male doll, he would have to be the coolest, baddest and most amazing character I knew of.

That character was Sesshoumaru from the anime "Inuyasha."  That show was always one of my favorites and Sesshy was just THE BOMB. 😄  He was cool, stoic, awesome, cruel and just plain badass.  Unfortunately, no one makes a doll of him that I could purchase so I was safe knowing that I'd never have a male doll in the house.

A few years later I adopted a Smartdoll Eiji into the family.  Of course I caught hell from my friends who knew I had said NO MALE DOLLS in my group. 😉  But I let it slide because in the back of my head I knew that eventually, Eiji was going to become Sesshoumaru.  Here's how that happened.

Let's see some pics of his amazing self first tho! 



I went to my parents farm yesterday to take photos of him.  I wanted everything to be perfect for this reveal so I made sure to take my time and get some nice shots of him.

38664626750_d1624d3106_z.jpgDSC_1007 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604344117_97a9876565_z.jpgDSC_1008 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

So here's how we got to this point.

I had to call in some favors, grease some palms and basically do whatever I could to make sure that this project was going to be as nice as it could possibly be.  If I was going to have a Sesshoumaru doll, he was going to be THE Sesshoumaru doll.  No shortcuts, no slacking, no settling.  Because of this I had to do a lot of waiting and a lot of hush hush stuff so that no one other than the people who helped me out knew what was going on.  I wanted to keep this a secret for as long as possible.  

Thankfully, I know some truly amazing artists that were more than happy to help me out and make this project a reality.

38664619370_726c0c9c0d_z.jpgDSC_1009 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

40475283161_d9d9fb9a24_z.jpgDSC_1010 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604337257_55058f9d58_z.jpgDSC_1011 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

First up was the task of finding someone who could make his outfit and have it anime accurate.  I knew a few people who could possibly do this but it boiled down to finding someone who could not only make clothing but could also make armor and lots of detail.  When I told my friend Buff at Buffdolls.com about what I wanted to do, she was all for it.  She does some truly amazing work on her resin guys and makes so many cool weapons and armor parts that I knew Sesshoumaru would be in good hands.  So Eiji went to her place for 4 months to get his outfit made.

When he came home to me wearing his new outfit, I was floored with how nice it was.  It was basically a perfect anime representation.  Every detail was there.  The armor uses REAL leather and metal spikes.  She made all the patterns and details by hand.  You could tell someone who loved the show and the character made it.

40475276711_886a872e3d_z.jpgDSC_1012 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604332867_bd2058a02a_z.jpgDSC_1013 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39764804474_46bce6786c_z.jpgDSC_1000 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Even the fur that covers his shoulder and drapes down his back is awesome.  It has a wire inside to make it posable.

39579241395_a084869643_z.jpgDSC_1001 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

The legs of the pants are filled with material so that they stay poofy and hold their shape.

38664637680_55850026a6_z.jpgDSC_1002 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Here's some close ups of his face.  We'll hear more on that soon.

40431820732_12126221db_z.jpgDSC_1003 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604354557_b0fa258a57_z.jpgDSC_1004 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

40431812962_347fffa516_z.jpgDSC_1005 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

The swords are NOT perfect copies of his anime ones.  One of them is pretty darned close.... the smaller handled one.  It's a Volks sword.  The other larger one is a kit that you have to build.  It's not the correct handle color to match Tenseiga but it'll have to do for now.

25604349697_3489c60d61_z.jpgDSC_1006 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

40475264951_1cc89e3fca_z.jpgDSC_1015 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39579205685_d4267cb17f_z.jpgDSC_1017 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

In this shot you can see his bare foot.  I know he wears shoes of some type but I haven't quite figured out how to make them just yet.  I have some ideas so he will eventually get shoes to match the anime ones he wears. :)

40475256441_9e4a85c94a_z.jpgDSC_1019 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39579200875_c2243b4b3d_z.jpgDSC_1020 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

After the sword pics we ventured out into the woods. 

40475246071_783fb04179_z.jpgDSC_1021 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39579194045_7cee8a4de5_z.jpgDSC_1022 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604321937_548cacde16_z.jpgDSC_1023 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39579185615_226d257feb_z.jpgDSC_1024 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Now let's talk about that face of his. :)  I knew he had to be done *juuusssttt* right in order to pull off his anime self.  So who else would I have gotten to do this but Eblktty?  She just keeps getting better and better every time she does work for me.

25604317527_9250451fd1_z.jpgDSC_1025 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

She took quite a while to do this face up for me but that's because she also did his ears.  You can't have Sesshy without those little pointy demon ears now can you? 😉

25604313257_7bbce35998_z.jpgDSC_1026 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

The coloring had to be spot on and so did the markings on his face.  Of course, Ebl pulled it off easily.

25604308247_ba9c1005f6_z.jpgDSC_1027 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

She also had to get his mouth right so that his "I don't care/Go away/I'll kill you" look stayed intact.   :lol:  I think it's there. 😄

25604304157_793b7aef4e_z.jpgDSC_1028 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Here's some more detail shots of his outfit.  I just can't say enough good things about it.

25604299787_aeb8fa40a9_z.jpgDSC_1029 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604296347_b4e3a34817_z.jpgDSC_1030 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

40431740412_d077753758_z.jpgDSC_1031 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

25604286807_dc33ce2a36_z.jpgDSC_1032 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

The wig is from Leekeworld.  I've had it for a long time now but I didn't really plan on using it for this.  But I put it on him and it worked so well that it's now his.

39764743494_021e003646_z.jpgDSC_1034 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Now let's talk eyes.  No one makes these eyes so I had to have customs done.  The ones seen here are his normal versions.  They were made by Jadepixel and they are awesome.  She did a lot of work in making these things perfect.  She went thru many variations on sizing and coloring in order to get them just right.

40431727482_64a32e0c9c_z.jpgDSC_1035 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

I think she nailed it.  They even have a nice shine to them in certain light.

But wait..... I said those were his normal versions right?  You know what that means. 😄

Oh yes.......

I can't have a Sesshoumaru and NOT have him have his demon eyes!

39764738094_14e9d5ee07_z.jpgDSC_1036 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Jadepixel made these too and they rock!

They are blood red and the centers are blue with white accents.  They match up to the anime perfectly.

39579154145_0686b5375c_z.jpgDSC_1037 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

He does NOT look happy now.

39764732854_1bc89b283c_z.jpgDSC_1038 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

He drew Tenseiga.......... I think I should leave now.

25604269737_0dc679fa82_z.jpgDSC_1039 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

38664547790_1fe7017468_z.jpgDSC_1040 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

39579142905_e702d8f095_z.jpgDSC_1042 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Hmm, I'm not dead yet........

38664541970_d318af84fc_z.jpgDSC_1043 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

Ah, it seems I wasn't worth killing.  I don't know if that's good or bad tho. 😉

39579135845_59b93b6cb5_z.jpgDSC_1044 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

38664534140_9b3b3120d5_z.jpgDSC_1045 by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr

But there he is in all his glory!

This literally took YEARS to come together but because of the people who helped me out, it was all worth the wait.  Again, I want to thank them for everything they did.

Danny Choo

Without you guys, I'd never have my perfect Sesshoumaru!   <3   <3   <3

PS.  Don't worry, I still have more plans for him.  Later this year he WILL be getting his little companion Rin in MDD form. 😉  He will also eventually get a nice dragons claw for his left arm.  My boy will be THE best Sesshoumaru out there!

PPS.  I've never been this giddy over a male doll before.  Seriously, I can't stop fangirling over him.   :evil:



I gave up counting the girls I own, they keep multiplying and won't stop.

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