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2nd Doll! A 45cm obitsu boy

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I've owned a Kagamine Len DDS for a few years now but I found myself wanting a younger boy body, so I decided to order a 45cm boy body from Parabox with a Hime Ane head. I fell in love with the gentle look of the face. Parabox originally sent me a female body by mistake however they responded quickly to my emails and sent me new parts to make a boy for free (and with EMS shipping!). 


The body has a different feel than DD bodies. The vinyl feels a bit rougher, and the joints are more visible than a DD's. The head is flatter than a DD head as well, he definitely looks best from the front. You can definitely tell the doll is cheaper but still I would say the overall quality is very good. One advantage he has over DD is that he's a little more flexible with poses, the magnetic feet are great for keeping him in standing poses long-term as well. I do also like that the eyes snap into the head, it's easier to keep them in place.


Here are some direct comparisons between the bodies. The Obitsu body is paler and has less definition than the DD. I do like the more subtle definition on the Obitsu, it suits the young and cute look. Len and the currently unnamed Obitsu make a cute pair I'd say. 


While I currently don't have any clothes specifically for him, he doesn't look half-bad in Len's Senbonzakura outfit. I'd like to get more into the DIY aspect of dolls so I'm currently in the process of making him a Laphicet outfit from Tales of Berseria.


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He's cute!  Personally, I think their bodies work well for their relative sizes - Len looks more like a young teen, while the Obitsu boy looks more like a little kid.

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he’s too cute for his own good! ;___; <3 i love the softness of his facial expression! congrats on your new baby 

spencer, he/him, doll dad to pero (DDH01) :classic_love:

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