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Found 39 results

  1. I have a huge love for vinyl dolls, but to be honest I feel a lot of guilt and anxiety knowing that the vinyls and plastics that make up the dolls I love are harmful to the environment. They are non biodegradable, pollute the air when burned, and are usually not recyclable. I hate knowing that my decision to buy these beautiful dolls will negatively impact the world that future generations will have to deal with. However, I feel like it doesn’t have to be this way. I think we can make a change, so here’s my proposal: Admittedly, it is very difficult for the individual consumer to make an impact on environmental issues since large companies are the largest contributors to pollution by far. However, I think relatively smaller companies like Smart Doll are much more likely to listen to us than huge conglomerates like Apple and Coca Cola. So, if we each contact/email the support services of the doll companies we love, they may actually hear us and consider using a more sustainable alternative to PVC! CONTACT SMART DOLL: https://info.smartdoll.jp/en/posts/support CONTACT OBITSU PLASTICS: https://obitsu.co.jp/contact_us/form_customer Please use the contact services of these companies to urge them to use biodegradable, recyclable, or otherwise environmentally sustainable materials! You can do more research on examples of alternative materials so you can make more specific proposals to them, or simply convey the sentiment that it is time to look for a better way to produce dolls. Also, feel free to use your social media platforms to raise awareness of this issue and urge others to take action as well!
  2. I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to the discussion of Obitsu-Azone-Parabox-Dolly Pop (DP) dolls, so I decided to create one myself. To clarify, if the doll/head/part is outsourced, sold or manufactured by: 1. Parabox (They are partnered with Obitsu and sell exclusive Parabox head sculpts, clothing and wigs; 40cm-47cm Obitsu bodies are exclusive to Parabox) 2. Obitsu (the original company) 3. Dolly Pop (sells Obitsu 48 to 60 bodies with incorporated 3-piece sets and original head sculpts; sells 58cm DP-exclusive Obitsu body) 4. Azone (uses Obitsu bodies for licensed characters, HAF 1/3 and Iris Collect) 5. Visuadoll/Vdoll/Wow Factory (uses Obitsu bodies with exclusive heads) Disclaimer: The list above is not a mandatory set of rules to follow, but a guide to what this thread is about. Then this thread is dedicated to the discussion of them and their quirks!
  3. monodramatic

    Obitsu 27cm Male/Female Hybrid

    hello! i had a quick question about swapping out obitsu parts. sorry if this is a super remedial question, im new to obitsus and i couldnt find an answer. im looking to make an androgynous male character, and ideally i would like to swap a male chest onto a female body. i know the smallest chest size is fairly flat, but i want something a little broader, and something that will look masculine without a shirt on. specifically im looking to put a chico 27cm chest piece onto a chica 27cm body.
  4. How do I create a 60cm hybrid? (I am sorry about my odd wording and punctuation.) I have been looking online for guides and tips catered for creating Obitsu 60 hybrids. I have read guides for 50cm and smaller doll bodies, but I am not sure if the same rules would apply to a 60. It is difficult to find 60cm option parts as they have been discontinued or are out of stock. It seems like 50cm parts are still being released, so I was wondering if 50cm option parts would fit on a 60. If so, I would have more options than I originally had.
  5. Ikataru

    Parabox Obitsu RANDOMS - SWF only!!

    Hey everyone!!!! ....I saw these in the other areas but not here yet so I figured I would start one. At the moment my Parabox dolls are my obsession so I love showing them off and taking photos of them! Post any random doll photo you want here! Just keep it SFW (Safe for work!) I will start out with an old photo of my girl Kira ... she is a Himeane Parabox head on a 40cm Parabox/Obitsu body. She dove into a pile of plushies at a convention vendor space. Tsk. Naughty dollie!
  6. Does anyone know whether or not an AP H-type bust will fit an Ob50 frame? I’m between buying an AP H3 or H5 bust to put on Meigana (Ob50) but can’t find any definitive answers online.
  7. Hi! I decided to give in and join DollDreaming after I was told of this vinyl BJD forum by Den of Angels members when I looking around for information about cleaning up a vinyl BJD with yellowing on it. I believe I’ll be her second and hopefully last owner! I have not decided on a name yet. I purchased a pre-loved Obitsu 60cm for 9,000 JPY that is well.. Somewhere in Japan preparing to be transported to the USA! I read more than a few times now that Obitsu 60s are hard to come by as they have been discontinued by Obitsu and are officially out of stock on the Parabox shopping website. Lastly, I am also known as Rneiro (pronounced Ray-Nero) on DoA.
  8. Nyx Whitestar


    Model: Visuadoll Aoki Sora Make-up: Koala Krash

    © Nyx Whitestar

  9. Cazzie_Bliss

    A Fourth Arrives!

    Haruhi - "I am the great and powerful Mrs. Kitty! Bow down to me, inferior cats!" Tsubaki - "No! We will not surrender to your ways any longer!" ---- Haruhi - "Then I sentence you to death by petting!" Tsubaki - "Noooooo!" ---- Setsuna - "Sorry for interrupting your play-time but... we have a guest." Haruhi - "Another one?!" Tsubaki - "Neat! Where is she?" ---- Setsuna - "Over by the Mandarake box. She was too shy to come and say hello. What do we do?" Tsubaki - "You stay here, I'll handle this." ---- Tsubaki - "Hi there." ??? - "Um... H-hello..." Tsubaki - "What's your name?" ??? - "Yūna." ---- Tsubaki - "That's a pretty name. I'm Tsubaki, but you can call me Tsu-chan." Yūna - "Tsu-chan..." Tsubaki - "We're all really very nice. Would you like to introduce yourself to the others?" Yūna - "Will you come with me?" ---- Tsubaki - "Of course ~ ! Even though I've been away, I am the eldest so if you ever have any problems, you can come to me. Understood?" Yūna - "Um... yes." ---- Tsubaki - "Guys! She came out!" Yūna - *hides* Setsuna - "Thank goodness." Haruhi - "I am the great and omnipotent Haruhi! Bow down before me, mortal!" ---- Yūna - *bows* Tsubaki - "Aww, Yūna, no..." ---- Setsuna - "Haruhi! That was bad, you'll scare her off again." Haruhi - "I'm sorry! It's muscle memory!" Setsuna - "That's not how speech works. Go and apologize" ---- Haruhi - "Um... are you ok?" Yūna - "Was my bow not good enough? I'm sorry..." Tsubaki - "..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Yūna - "It's... It's ok. I shouldn't have taken you so literally." Tsubaki - "Haruhi is from another world so she's not quite familiar with our customs yet." Yūna - "I see..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm super sorry. Please come and play with us." Yūna - "Ok, Haruhi. That sounds like fun." Tsubaki - "That hug looks pretty nice..." ---- Setsuna - "Welcome to the family ~ I'm Setsuna." Yūna - "I'm Yūna." Tsubaki - "It's... it's a massacre." Haruhi - "I warned you." ------- Number 4 has joined the family! They multiplied rather rapidly these past few months. Yūna is a Dollfie Dream Dynamite with an S bust modded on. I was told it was a DDII bust but I'm started to think it's actually a DDS bust. However, I feel a quiet girl is exactly what we needed to balance out this party. Below are two snaps I took of Yūna before I let her run loose with her sisters: ---- I think that's me done for the year in terms of new family members ~ but never say never
  10. Cazzie_Bliss

    My First Returns ~ !

    ??? - "Hello? Is anyone here? Mama?" ---- ??? - "It was such a long trip too, I thought someone might come to greet me after all of this time away." ---- Setsuna/Haruhi - "SURPRISE!!!" ??? - "Ahh!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- Setsuna - "Yes, welcome home. I'm fairly new here but I've heard a lot about you." Haruhi - "Yeah! Mama has been talking about you all week! So we came up with a plan to throw a celebration party for you." Setsuna - "We had planned to get a cake but... it didn't work out." ---- Tsubaki - "I've heard about Haruhi, but you seem to have arrived while I was on the flight here." Setsuna - "Oh! I'm Setsuna. I came from Belgium so I know how bad flights can be. You came from America, right?" Tsubaki - "Yep, that's right! I've been living with Papa Billy during my studies, however, we felt it was time that I returned to Mama." ---- And I am forever grateful that you were able to come back to England, Tsu-chan. Was the flight okay? Tsubaki - "It was fine ~ I had all of my Hello Kitty friends to keep me company and I was insta messaging Mamimi the whole time." ---- Haruhi - "You've been studying abroad for 7 years, right Tsu-chan?" Setsuna - "You really catch on quick to nicknames, Haruhi..." Tsubaki - "Indeed. I left England back in 2013, so, this makes me your big sister! I also have the oppai to prove it." ---- Haruhi - "Is that how aging works in this world? But I'm over 200 years old... this can't be right." ---- I'll leave you girls alone to get to know each other. I'm sure Tsubaki is tired from her journey here. Tsubaki - "You're leaving already, Mama?" I have a present for you later, Tsu-chan. Since it's a welcome home gift, I'd love for it to just be us two. ---- Tsubaki - "Oooh! A present! I'll be looking forward to it." Play nice, children ~ ---- Some Time Later: ---- Tsubaki - "So how long have you both been staying at Mama's?" Setsuna - "It's been about a week for me." Haruhi - "And just over a month for me." ---- Tsubaki - "Well, I'm glad that I've come home to you two. Before it was just me and Mama, which was nice, but sometimes it was a little lonely." Haruhi - "You won't be lonely with us around! Isn't that right Se-chan?" Setsuna - "Of course ~ we're your family now. Did you have any sisters during your time in America?" ---- Tsubaki - "Oh man, yes! It started with about 14 of us and now there's over 100! It was fun to meet them all. However, it's really nice to be back here too. It's a lot more pink than I remember though." Haruhi - "Isn't it great? I really like it." ---- Tsubaki - "Oh, do you guys like Hello Kitty?" Haruhi - "The cat on Mama's curtains?" ---- Tsubaki - "Yeah. I used to collect these, perhaps you two could help me collect more." Setsuna - "These are cute." ---- Haruhi - "What if I started an even bigger collection than you!" Setsuna - "Haruhi, this isn't a competition." Tsubaki - "I appreciate the spirit ~ but we can share these now." ---- Okay, my errands are complete. Are you all getting along? Haruhi hasn't cast any spells or summoned 50 more girls to make Tsu-chan feel more at home? Haruhi - "That's a good idea..." Setsuna - "Haruhi, please don't." Tsubaki - "We've been getting along swimmingly, Mama! I think we'll be thick as thieves faster than you can say meow." That's good to hear. Once again, I'm really happy to have you back with us Tsu-chan, I hope you won't get too home-sick. ---- Tsubaki - "Aww, Mama. I'll miss everyone so much, that goes without saying, but my home is here. I've missed you as well." How about a group photo to commemorate this special day of Tsubaki's return to us? ---- Setsuna - "That sounds like a lovely idea." Haruhi - "Let's do it!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- ---- ---- And because words can't describe how grateful I am that Tsubaki was able to return ~ here's a selfie of us together! Here's to many more shenanigans, these girls are growing in number fast.
  11. recently my Amane doll had a broken ankle joint. when I tried to remove the part I cant seem to get it out. is azone custom dolls parts not removable?
  12. Hello all! I have a small doll collection (a couple of Takara dolls, a Moxie Girlz and several EAH). And one of my first dolls was an Azone Hybrid figure of Nagato Yuki. Here she is wearing her uniform and some lingerie (don't know if doll nudity is allowed in this forum). She has a soft butst 27BD-F05N obitsu body. I posted her pictures in lingerie so I can ilustrate my problem a bit better before going into more detail. Yuki has been with me for 4+ until the other day her legs fell apart during a modeling session. The problem was a broken hip joint. I managed to take the broken pieces out of her torso and glue them back together. Here is the result of the operation: Despite the look of the pieces, they are pretty solid and I tested putting back them along with the legs, but without reassembling the doll. The legs and the joint seem to work. But there is a problem: How do I put the hip joint back in the torso?
  13. Cazzie_Bliss

    Haruhi Gains a Sister!

    First off I will apologise for the lighting - I really need to get a lamp or something! Will work on it for next time ~ x But for now - please enjoy! ---------- Haruhi - "Ok, the summoning circle is complete. Now I can return home." --- Haruhi - "Although, I do think Mama has grown attached to my presence, just as I predicted. Do I really want to leave?" --- Haruhi - "I'll go get a snack to help me decide." --- ??? - "This was the way... right?" --- Haruhi - "That was a good cookie." ??? - "..." --- Haruhi - "What! What?! Who are you?! I demand you tell the Great and Omnipotent Haruhi who you are!" --- ??? - "Nice to meet you Haruhi, my name is Setsuna. Could you kindly tell me where I am? I was just about to go to bed..." --- Haruhi - "What realm are you from?" --- Setsuna - "I was living in Belgium before I came here, and Japan before that. So... this realm?" --- Haruhi - "They have my kin in this world too? I see..." Setsuna - "Sorry, what are you mumbling about? I can't hear you." --- Haruhi - "Setsuna! You are in the realm of Mama's house ~ it's warm here and pleasantly pink!" Setsuna - ".... Mama's... house?" Haruhi - "Exactly! She summoned me by accident and allowed me to stay." --- Haruhi - "However ~ I was working on heading back home and you shew up instead. My calculations couldn't be wrong a second time. Are you a familiar?" --- Setsuna - "No, I'm just Setsuna. I'm sorry for disappointing you, Haruhi. Is this a dream?" --- Haruhi - "I'm afraid this is very real, Se-chan." Setsuna - "Already so casual." --- Haruhi. I see you've found our guest? Haruhi - "You knew about her?" I'm afraid so, and I know about your plans to return to Audenn. Nothing slips by my nose. --- Setsuna - "I'm afraid Ms. Cazzie asked me to pretend that I had been summoned. I think I broke your circle when I went to sit on it. I've actually been planning on moving here for a couple of months now." --- Haruhi - "Mama! You played a cruel joke on me..." I did it for your own good. Do you really want to leave, Haruhi? I treat you well and give you free food and clothes. I was hoping with the addition of Setsuna, you would be happy to no longer be alone and stop trying to run away. --- Haruhi - "I... I wasn't really going to run away..." Then what were you trying to do? --- Haruhi - "I just wanted to prove to myself that I really was omnipotent. I wouldn't actually leave you, Mama. I really like it here." I'm glad to hear it, and now Setsuna can keep you company. --- Setsuna - "That's if you don't mind having me around, Haruhi. Ms. Cazzie asked me to move here as your sister, I would hate to be the one to end up alone." --- Haruhi - "I'm sorry for being so selfish, Mama. Bringing Se-chan here was really nice of you. The Great Haruhi will accept your gift." I'm not sure you should call Setsuna a gift. She doesn't belong to you. --- Setsuna - "I'm fine with it, Ms. Cazzie." Haruhi - "No! You need to call her Mama, Se-Chan. She says she doesn't like it but she actually really does." Excuse me? Who told you that. --- Setsuna - "Mama it is. Thank you for welcoming me into your home after two months of arrangements." Haruhi - "Yes, thank you, Mama! Now I get to know what having a sister feels like ~ " Well, you'll be gaining a new sister very soon, so enjoy Setsuna while you can. --- Haruhi/Setsuna - "What?"
  14. Cazzie_Bliss

    Haruhi's Arrival

    I was peacefully enjoying my day when a visitor arrived. ------- ??? - "Excuse me." Wuah!!! Where did you come from?! --- ??? - "You mean you didn't summon me?" Summon you? Eerr... what do you mean? ---- ??? - "Hmm, perhaps the coordinates were calibrated incorrectly." Coordinates? Who are you? ---- Haruhi - "I am the great and omnipotent Haruhi! I am beyond human comprehension! My cuteness is merely too much for many mortals to handle! Bow before me ~ !" .... Am I dreaming? ---- Haruhi - "My point exactly. If you didn't summon me as your magical familiar, then that can only mean that you are *my* familiar." T... that's not how it works, Haruhi. This is my house... I am certainly no familiar. ---- Haruhi - "But... the summon is a one way trip... at least until I have the chance to recharge my arcane." Do you want to stay here? However, I'm not your familiar, and neither are you mine. Do we have an understanding? ---- Haruhi - "Fine, but it's only a matter of time before you fall for my charm." Sure, sure. ---- Haruhi - "So, what should I call you, non-familiar?" Cazzie is fine. ---- Haruhi - "Understood. Mama it is." W... welcome home, Haruhi.
  15. Cazzie_Bliss

    I Made a Dress

    From the album: Haruhi

    I had a bunch of this material left after making PJ bottoms for my upcoming Smart Doll - so decided to make Haruhi a dress! It's a shame the weather has started to take a colder turn (at last) but I'm super happy with how this turned out! I think Haruhi appreciates it too x
  16. KonekoHigure


  17. Pichi

    Obitsu 40 Mod?

    Has anyone ever attempted to sand down the knee joints on the 40s? I want the doll, but every time I look at owner pics I can't make the purchase because of the knee joints. Please post pictures, links or let me know if you think it's possible!!!
  18. KonekoHigure


  19. Dollymoe

    Custom paint obitsu 21

    Hi! everyone ! I have a new custom paint obitsu, there includes handmade wig bi color! i hope you like it!!! You can follow my custom anime dolls and more here
  20. So my first vinyl doll, a Pureneemo Emotion with a standard eyehole-less Parabox head in white skin, is on its way to my place. And as I was sketching ideas for her, I thought... well, why make her boring? So I thought about what I could do with her. I really love the Smart Dolls with vitiligo... But they've bothered me for a while, as have most vitiligo dolls. Why do they only ever have a splotch on their face? The Barbie Fashionistas girl is the only one I've seen besides OOAK dolls that have it anywhere else on the body. And also never near the mouth, where I've noticed most people get it pretty prominently. It's always just one over the eye. So I've decided my Neemo deserves better. When I first get her, I'm probably not going to be able to do much, so the left image is a tentative design I'll be giving her while I get better at faces and doll modding. For the vitiligo mod, I'll be masking her body in specific places with tack or masking fluid, while she's assembled, then disassembling her entirely, finishing up the masking so that it's seamless, and then spraying her down with a deep brown vinyl dye. I'll then be using a dilution or acetone to get her palms and the soles of her feet to a proper, accurate color - this has always bothered me about black dolls, too. I haven't decided if I'm simply going to paint her eyes on or modify the head to feature eyeholes and a sculpted mouth. I'd really like her lips to be nice and full. The skin pattern above is just a tentative design and will probably be changed - I'd like it to stay true to the typical patterns you'd see on a real person, even though it's impossible for two to be the same. I was able to find a vinyl dye that will work on both the plastic and vinyl parts of the Pureneemo, so no visible joints should be mismatched with her body color... But if, after some testing, I find that the plastic won't match the color, I may just incorporate all the visible white plastic into her "spots". I also have a pack of extra hands, so hopefully I can get all her extra pieces to match each other. Very excited for my girl, and if she works well, I may start selling dolls like this. edit: I'd like to state for the record that I am neither POC nor do I suffer from vitiligo and this is not me attempting to be woke. I just think it'd be cool to do. If you believe I shouldn't be making a POC doll if I'm not POC, well... Noted. But I can't change myself any more than you guys can.
  21. KonekoHigure


  22. KonekoHigure


  23. Boyashiro

    The Angels are home.

    Both girls got ere on the 11th of May, kind of funny coincidence. I was too excited to take proper box opening pictures this time, as they are my first vinyl babies, but no doubt I'll grab a few more in the future. For now though here's a saucy shot of the girls settling in. So far they don't have set characters or even proper names, though I'm not sure if I'll even bother with that this time. They get loads of nicknames to make up for it like Miss Squishy (AP Soft skin is da best, honestly) Beach girl and Pale girl. And for all the huge amount of personality that they have, I'm having waaay too much fun trying on different wigs and eyes, getting them to play different roles. Does anyone else have dolls that strongly variable like that?
  24. So i was possing my doll for a picture today, and this was the second time ive ever taken her out of the box let alone pose her for a picture, and i noticed that her left thigh came off, i didnt think much of it since you can push the it back on, but i noticed that the piece that came off wouldnt go back on... then i look even closer and it looks broken. (i dont know i could be wrong since im a noob to vinyl dolls) could anyone help please?? if she is broken do they sell these pieces separately or would i have to buy a whole internal skeleton ?? (https://ibb.co/PjW3HZ6) thats the link to the image
  25. there's an artist i follow who typically makes custom DD/MDD hands (with painted nails and that sort of thing), but from a recent post of theirs on instagram it seems they may start making 1/6 scale hands intended for azone as well. since azone are based off obitsu bodies anyway, does anyone know if custom hands intended for azone would work for ob24 and similar bodies? it'd be really cool if i could pick some up for my parabox girls. (´∀`)♡
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