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Hello! I'm Al!

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Hello everyone, I'm Al and I'm quite new at keeping dolls. I got my first doll recently - An obitsu body with a parabox Chara head. She's very small and I love her very much. I painted the face myself and it was so much fun! I'd love to do it again soon!

I'm looking for some anime-styled eyes that fit my chara head, but no luck so far :( I'm also looking for some clothes, but i'm very anxious about something i get not fitting. Other than that, I love dollfie dreams! They're out of my budget for right now, but I definitely want some in the future.

I'm super new at everything, so please correct me if I say something incorrect! I love to learn the in and outs of things!!!!


This turned out kinda ramble-y but it's nice to meet everyone!


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Welcome! I've never had a Parabox Obitsu, but they seem like lovely dolls!

Have you tried Etsy for eyes? I haven't bought anime styled ones from there, but the ones I have bought look nice in my resin dolls. 😊

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hey!! welcome to the forum!! i started with the same base, parabox body and the chara head (although I got the factory faceup), maybe i'll try my hand at repainting her! 

i know it's somewhat difficult to navigate, but if you can do so, taobao has lovely items! my girlfriend and i just made a huge order (where i purchased some resin eyes for a my aileen doll dragon, maybe they'll have some for your obitsu daughter??)


Anways, welcome!! hope to see you around <3

spencer, he/him, doll dad to pero (DDH01) :classic_love:

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Welcome! I mostly buy all my doll clothes on Etsy or Instagram! Have you checked Instagram? 

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