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Doll Height vs Character Height

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This is just my random musing on official character height vs doll height.  I completely understand that Volks isn't going to make a new body for each character to match official character stats, that would skyrocket the price of each doll.  But, the other night, I took this photo:


I thought it was kind of funny that Louise is so much shorter than Rei, even though Louise is older than Rei.  Rei is 14 when we first meet her in Sailor Moon, while Louise is 16 in Familiar of Zero.  So, I decided to Google the official character heights.  

153 cm.

Both Sailor Mars and Louise are 153 cm in their respective series.  

Louise probably should have been a DDII back in 2009, but I get that Volks wanted to make her shorter.  It makes sense, given the available bodies at the time, but it feels a little frustrating, now that we have such a variety of DD bodies.  Given that Saber (official height 154 cm) got a recent DDS version that better scales with DDIII Rin
(official heigt 159 cm), it'd be nice to have a taller body, for characters like Rider Medusa or the Lancer class version of Saber, who also seems to always ride a horse.  (I know, she's Altria now, but I'm so used to calling her Saber.)  

Anyway, I'm not that concerned with Volks (or Smart Doll or Obitsu/Azone) getting the height 100% accurate, just wanted to share some ramblings on the topic, and see  if anyone else has thought about this.  


Oh, and my research has found that Evangelion character height is about as consistent as the Evas themselves from episode to episode.   

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Mega Negi

I guess they picked the smaller frame because Louise is one of the shorter characters in ZnT. All of the Sailor Moon girls are roughly the same height except Jupiter and Saturn (and chibiusa), who doesn't currently have a DD release. I guess Volks is more concerned that characters within a series are the appropriate height relative to one another as opposed to characters from different series.

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