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Changes to Obitsu body?

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Hello everyone!

I just saw this posted on the Obitsu blog:


It sounds like they're changing the material of several parts:

- Chest & abdomen from soft to semi-rigid to prevent the vinyl warping/denting, and also to provide the doll more consistent color

- Upper arm, forearm, thigh, shin, and can from rigid to semi-rigid to increase poseability, make it easier to swap parts, and change hands


Azone also has a notification up on their website, saying this will affect their dolls, too:



Really curious to see how this works? (Also, will it eventually affect Angel Philia?)

I believe Obitsu also does all the casting for Smart Doll, so I wonder if this has any impact on them... 


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Hmm seems very interesting. K2 mentioned there were rumors about a new body. Yes, chest and abdomen could more rigid just like dollfie dream´s are, so the frame can not break. Spinal frame in Tsunemi broke a repaired and glued it but it is just temporary. (I have Tsunemi 2 vears)

Also I am curious if they do some little visual updates to 60 cm body. But that does not seem happening I guess, this seems more like a metrial changes. 60 cm body is nice but few small updates might be appreciated. Like for example the shoulder. For me, obitsu 60 cm is nice but in comparisson to smart doll and dollfie dream seem little bit outdated. Mainly the feet - they need an update mostly.

Just hope that theese changes are not only to those double jointed lines. It seems lik 60 cm is discriminated from otehr models by Parabox. There could be two options: a, give 60 cm body double joints or b, do slight updates not only to material but also to design mainly feet, shoulders maybe knees and pelvis joints.

Very interesting news. :)

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Oh, I think this is generally good news, since one current issue with their bodies is that the arms and legs yellow much faster and more noticeably than the torso. However, the soft vinyl of the abdomen that allows warping also allows for some poses that a DD can't pull off, like curling the knees up and resting the head on the knees.


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There doesn't seem to be any explicit mention on the links above, but these new body parts should be backwards compatible with older skeletons, right? The same mould, just with a different material being used?

Which would mean it would be possible to use an old soft torso with new soft limbs and end up with a very flexible body to play with? As long as you're not fussed about yellowing, of course

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There is an explicit mention on the links above that the new parts are backward compatible.



"Like the frame's structure and body's outward appearance don't change, existing outfits and replacement parts can be use as is.
Of course, new shell's parts can be put on the old frame as well."

In fact, I don't understand this use of words: the "old frame", as the "old frame" doesn't change at all and is the reason why it's backward compatible in the first place.

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