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I'm back, again lol

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Hi! It's me Luther if anyone remembers seeing me around, though I go by Grant online nowadays lol. Not sure whether I should change my name here. 😛

I've been in the doll hobby since 2008 on and off... Off the vast majority of the time... 😛 I seem to come back to the hobby every few years, then lose interest and leave again... XD Even thought of selling my DD a few times... But I'm back again! And on a strict no-buy this time LMAO, instead I'm using dolls to get creative making tiny things, so I think I might be here a while this time.

Right now my only BJD is DD Sasara, who will have been with me 10 years this November! 😱 (I will need to do something nice for her 10th birthday!) At some point I would like to get her an MDD little sister, and maybe a character doll or two, but that's all. I don't want nor can I justify the cost of a big doll family. 😂

My DD/vinyl knowledge is extremely outdated so you might see me asking some noob things lol.

Gotta include a recent Sasara pic of course, she is so beautiful!!!


♥ My baby girl: Sasara Kusugawa ♥

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