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Hello everyone!

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Hi! I have collected all kinds of dolls from market barbies to smartdolls over the years. I'm especially fond of azones (1/6 size) and Pullip dolls. My dream is to own at least one bigger azone (1/3 size). I would also like to own a Dollfie dream one day. A complete DD. I do have Snow Miku head (from Mandarake) and a DDS body, but they belong to two different dolls. Volks is a difficult firm to buy from. Many things are limited, and that hassle with Paypal... Luckily there is Mandarake! I like to experiment, sort of. My doll characters are build from more than one type of doll. (For example Rio has Snow Miku head, obitsu 50 body and smartdoll hands.) Bare with me. XD

Oh, and by the way, as I have ZERO social media accounts, I'm not posting much pictures. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure of it's even possible. (Did I just reveal my age? Quite possibly. Well, let's live with it.) I also own a Burmese cat who absolutely has to be a part of everything I do, so pretty much in every picture there is a Beast Titan hovering on the background.

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