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Smart Doll Clothes And Shoes Stores

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I am a new SmD owner and looking for recommendations for where to find clothes and especially shoes that will fit my girl, so I was hoping we could start a directory of known stores. There is of course the Smart Doll store itself but I don’t pay that much for my own shoes to be honest, I’m sure they’re worth it I just have other priorities... So I’d appreciate any help coming up with a list of reliable vendors. 

Smart Doll - Clothes and Shoes

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My girl has a long wish list already! I got one of the Shabby Chic patterns from Requiem Designs to do as soon as I'm not drowning in schoolwork. @onion16@


Also, I forgot I would not be able to edit posts yet so as soon as I can I will edit the top post so things will be more streamlined and easier to find. 


ETA- Apparently I can edit, just not the top post? I am a ditz and need to reread that part of how this forum works, sorry!

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On 10/15/2019 at 8:09 AM, Yumeiro said:

A directory would be handy, yes!

For stores that cater to Smart Doll, I've personally got experience with:
rRabit (clothes and shoes)
DGRequiem (patterns)

Tobias Malfoy has his own website store now: www.tobiasmalfoy.com

Just in case the Etsy one doesn't hang around...

Edit: From a recent comment on instagram it appears he intends to maintain both stores.

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