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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone, I am so excited to join this community!

I have always liked and collected 1/6 and 1/4 BJDs for just over 10 years, started as porcelain art dolls owner, and ended up as resin BJDs collector when in 2014 I got my first resin doll.

In 2018, after firstly collecting few Azone International Ex Cute dolls,  I approached the vinyl dolls community by adopting two Smartdolls. It's such a big change but it's a good change: I've never own a 1/3 sized doll before - the big change! - and I've started fallen in love with vinyl dolls and I've learned so much about them - the good change!

My Smartdolls are now re-homed - super lovely but I couldn't deal with so *big* size! Personal opinion but perfect doll is 40/45cm tall :)

Anyway,  I'm now totally into Azone/Obitsu ones: Petit Iris Collect and Ellen Series ❤️

I’m looking forward to talking with other collectors and learning more about the hobby. I'm happy to meet you all!

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